Vert Shock Review: Is This The Best Way To Start Jumping Higher Than Ever?

Have you seen the movie Space Jam by Michael Jordan in 1996? You know the one with Looney Tunes characters with him. In the movie, there was this part that Michael Jordan jump beyond the free-throw line and was able to dunk the ball. Amazing right?

I was so amazed by that scene even I was still in grade school. Nevertheless, I know it’s make-believe but Michael Jordan is still one heck of a dunker. He was a former dunk champion in the NBA, a champion, and an MVP (Most Valuable Player).

He also had this company called Air Jordan that was inspired by signature moves in dunking.

Don’t you just wish to be that athletic? To be able to jump like your favorite player and dunk the ball. To make yourself proud that you can actually do it no matter what your height is? To be able to develop your vertical knee jump by 32 inches?

Well according to Adam Folker and Justin “Jus Fly” Darlington, here are the secrets:

Vert Shock Proven Game System

  1. Motivation

What is the point if you don’t have any goals to improve your vertical knee jump? So first things first, set your jumping goals realistically. Motivate yourself every day that you can do it and be able to achieve what you want in the end.

  1. Jumping Rope

Do this with your ankles together and not the skipping in running in motion. By doing this regularly, this helps strengthen the muscles you need to execute a vertical leap jump.

  1. Squatting

Just do some basic squats and stretching every day to enhance your core muscles at your back and abdomen.

  1. Calf Muscles

Try to develop and bulk up your calves. This is essential for vertical jumping.

  1. Weight Training

Go to the gym and try to train moderate weight programs. Do some leg curls and weight lifting.

  1. Practicing Your Jump With Arms

So for (4) four times a week, try to practice your jump so that you can see your progress. As for the arms, it’s for momentum purposes so start with your arms at your sides, bent at the elbow and as you jump, raise your arms above your head.

  1. Visualization

Sometimes imagination helps to improve athletic performance so go visualize yourself what you wanted to achieve.

With these secrets that you might find in your guts to religiously follow, success might be just in your corner. Furthermore, if you still need some validation that these tips are effective and reliable just check out FolkersSystem Vert Shock: Quick Start Guide and FolkerSystem Vert Shock Exercise Tutorial Videos.

If you are still not convinced that the Vert Shock program is fully proof and effective, then I am happy to share how it will work for you.

Why Vert Shock Program Is Special:

Vert Shock Clickable Image

  1. Safe

Vert Shock program is considered safe for all ages and experience levels. Plyometric training triggers the nervous system of the body into jumping higher. No heavy lifting is required to stop your growth. It’s the combination of working hard and working smart.

  1. Time-Saving

Cuts down training time, lots of energy and money and most of all injury-free.

  1. Great Body Conditioning

Cardio workouts, aerobic fitness, toning and strengthening of all muscle groups of your body. So what else can you ask for?

  1. All Things Are Considered

This means the results of all the things you work hard for. Physical, mental and emotional preparations are given so it’s up to you if your hard work will eventually pay off.

The impossible is now possible so better grab this worthy e-book for you to start jumping higher.

Vert Shock

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If you really want a perfect program to achieve your goals then check these out.

The Program Formation of Vert Shock:

Vert Shock Unique Movement and Patterns

  1. Pre-Shock Phase

It is the first week of the program. Out of the (7) seven days, you are required to work out for (6) six days and a day to rest only. This will make your body prepare for the following weeks and the vertical jump increase is about 3-5 inches.

  1. Shock Phase

Weeks (2) two to (7) seven featuring (4) four (6) six weeks of training. This is the major part of working out. Strength exercises and Plyometric training for your legs and core muscles are the focus.

  1. Post Shock Phase

Week number (8) eight and the final chapter. Six weeks of intense training sessions with only a day to rest. At this point your body must be sore and stiff, so remember don’t forget to warm up. All the training you have come through are now attached to your brain. Also at this time, your progress of increasing vertical jump is (9) nine to (15) fifteen inches.

So with these (3) three-phase towards vertical jumping, what else can you ask for right? Its almost (3) three months of training and routine that is world known effective.

About The Author:

Adam Folker is a Canadian basketball player who formerly played for the University of California (UC) Irvine Anteaters men’s basketball team. He was able to play for UC Irvine by an athletic scholarship program.

After college, he was undrafted by the NBA (National Basketball Association) in June 2013. Together with his buddy Justin “Jus Fly” Darlington, who is known as the World’s Highest Dunker, developed a program called Vert Shock.

They augmented a program for those who want to improve their ability to jump higher. Until then they have been busy spreading their knowledge through their e-books and videos.

Adam Folker is also a Certified Strength And Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) acknowledged by the National Strength And Conditioning Association (NSCA). He also works as a performance coach to a professional sports team.

About The e-Books:

About The e-Books

The e-books and videos are available on their website. These e-books and videos are available to men and women out there who have set their minds into dunking.

The e-books are a good read and the videos are entertaining. It is not exclusive only for the basketball lover out there, these are also for the one that needs to develop their athletic ability.

Specifically check out the (3) Three Program of Structure of FolkerSystem Vest Shock for 8 weeks: “Pre-Shock Phase”, “The Shock Phase” and the “Post- Shock Phase”.

For starters out there, here’s the e-book and video tutorial for you: “FolkerSystem Vert Shock: Quick Start To Guide” and the “FolkerSystem Vert Shock: Exercise Tutorial Videos”.


• easy website to find.

• can be easily accessed and downloaded e-books, PDF files, and videos into their website.

•  good quality for videos.

• clear instructions for videos.

• completely digital products to reduce costs and the interested party can save up.

• can be accessed through a personal computer (PC), laptop, mobile phones, and tablets.

• completely doable.

• instant access for those who want to buy a copy with valued privacy.

• gives a (60) sixty days money back guarantee.

• get amazing results after doing exercises and routines after (8) eight weeks.

• develops athletic abilities full proof.

• the workload of exercises is manageable.

• increase of vertically jumping of 9-15 inches.


• cannot easily be accessed by people who are not tech savvy or any knowledge in using the computer and the internet.

• can only be accessed through technology.

• time intensive exercise for those who are very busy.


Judging by the testimonials of people and some of the professional athletes, Vert Shock definitely works. For all the men and some women out there who have goals to be able to dunk and tried these program, it was a success.

I for one was amazed by these steps and phases of workouts that Adam Folker and Justin “Jus High” Darlington was able to come up with. These routines are intense, but for those who are motivated enough, it is very achievable.

I remember watching this video of Lisa Leslie, a former WNBA (Women’s National Basketball Association) who played for Los Angeles Sparks. She’s the first woman on WNBA to be able to dunk in a basketball game. Imagine that, a woman dunking. Who would have thought right? But it happened and it was already in history books.

She’s the first woman on WNBA to be able to dunk in a basketball game. Imagine that, a woman dunking. Who would have thought right? But it happened and it was already in history books.

I always imagine what’s the feeling of being able to jump so high like your flying. Don’t you? And with NBA games when players dunking over somebody with power and the emotional celebration afterward by the player and the cheers of the fans. The adrenaline rush of it, sometimes you just can’t get over it then you will watch it again

The adrenaline rush of it, sometimes you just can’t get over it then you will watch it again on YouTube. They have these Top 10 dunks of the year thing going on. Both kids and grown men tried to emulate these dunks.

So what is it about dunking and jumping higher over someone? It was beyond exhilarating! The moment you felt the explosion of power from your legs that you feel like flying. The extra seconds you are hanging in the air. It’s an unbelievable feeling. Awesome!

So you guys out there who have the ambition to jump higher, do checkout FolkerSystem Vest Shock e-books and videos. You can never go wrong on these.

About The e-Books

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