Quit Marijuana Review: Is This The Best Way To Stop Your Weed Addiction?

Marijuana, also known as weed, pot or Mary Jane is dried leaves, flowers, stems and seeds from the hemp plant Cannabis sativa.

This plant contains the psychoactive and mind-altering chemical, delta-9-tetra-hydro-cannabinol, or THC, and other related compounds.

Chemical Structure of Marijuana

Personally speaking, I for one used to smoke pot. I used to enjoy smoking a joint by myself or with friends. For both the old and young generation, it’s like letting loose and having some fun with a kick.

Others used it for stress reliever to the point that it leads to addiction. Left and right you will hear the debate of the good and the bad of marijuana.

Parents don’t want their kids to smoke it, politicians argued about it, musicians wrote songs about it, the medical world prescribed it, cancer patients and survivors devour it, drug cartels make a lot of money from it and some countries and states consider it a taboo.

Since smoking marijuana is considered legal in other countries and states, let’s look at the positive and negative effects of it.

Short-term effects of Marijuana:

1. Relaxation

There’s nothing nicer than plopping down on the sofa with the TV or radio on after a tiring day from school. Or if you are just hanging out in a basement with a group of friends sharing a joint and talk and laugh.

2. Creativity

Have you noticed why so many musicians and other artists blabbing about marijuana? Here’s the reason why supposedly when you smoke marijuana it can make you creative. It triggers the frontal lobe that is responsible for critical thinking and creativity.

Quit Marijuana

3. Pain relief

Aha, this is most of the cancer patients and those who are suffering in pain raved about. They called it the organic pain reliever.

4. Sleep

In a way this is true but the downside is it makes you lazy. Too much sleeping is unproductive.

5. Appetite

As a former user, this one I can attest is true. I used to have crazy cravings after I smoked one. It’s like binge eating to the point of being a glutton and a sloth, not a pretty site at all.

Quit Marijuana - Appetite

Long-term effects:

1. Nutrients

Studies show that marijuana has antioxidants that reduce damage to our cells.

2. Lower average BMI

Smoking marijuana makes you really hungry and well some studies show that marijuana users have lower BMI’s and smaller waistlines.

Quit Marijuana - lOWER aVERAGE bmi

3. Low sugar count for diabetics

Some study found that cannabis consumers had lower fasting insulin levels than their non-consuming counterparts.

4. Age Defying

As mentioned earlier, marijuana has antioxidants that protect us from cells damages as well as DNA damages.

5. Increased quality of life

I think it’s just a matter of perspective. It’s not like that you just puff marijuana, your life will magically change. It’s already an addiction if you rely on smoking marijuana every day just to make your life bearable.

For some, this worked especially those who are coping with physical pain, post-traumatic disorders and heavily stressed out but with certain limitations.

Quit Marijuana

For some people these effects are helpful but we must think of the long run, how smoking marijuana will affect our health.

Is it worth the hassle of these effects or you can quit now and live your life with a clear mind, focus on your careers or studies, being productive and have better health?

Negative effects of weed:

1. Paranoia

I think this is familiar to all users. You smoke a little too much herb and all of a sudden you’re freaking out because you think you look a little too stoned for the public eye. You smoke a little bit, your anxiety level drops down.

Quit Marijuana - Negative effects

2. Disorientation

This is caused by the chemical THC found in marijuana. THC is psychoactive, so when consumed or smoked sudden disorientation and feeling weird may occur, especially those who are a newbie.

3. Palpitations

This is so true because I for one have experienced it. For up to three hours after smoking, my heart rate increases. This is not a good feeling at all, it’s like you are having a mini heart attack.

4. Mucus

Uncomfortable and continuous coughing with phlegm may occur after smoking marijuana. It irritates your lungs to the extent of having a difficulty of breathing. This causes your voice to have a scratch sound also.

5. Allergy

Some people may have an allergic reaction to marijuana. This reaction could be to the marijuana plant itself. For some, molds and mildews may trigger asthma symptoms, chest pain, or contribute to an allergy attack.

6. Headache

One of the bad effects of smoking a joint. Having a nasty headache after a binge smoke can give you pain. Too much smoke that irritates your eyes, throat, and disorientation is not good.

Quit Marijuana - Headache

There are just so many bad effects to count for smoking marijuana. Especially if the user is under the age of 16, who at this stage that the brain is still developing. Kids that smoke marijuana has a greater risk of changes in their impulses, attention span and a significant drop in their IQ.

Addiction to smoking marijuana is harmful as users felt hunger pains, sluggish or unproductive and insomniac because they cannot sleep without weed. There is also the roller coaster feeling of crashing and burning.

This will lead to feeling tired and depressed. Feelings and attention are being dulled, it’s not like you are not living day by day.

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The relationship between marijuana and psychosis is a hot debate topic these days. On one hand, some studies show that psychotic symptoms increase in people more prone to psychotic behavior.

Other studies show that marijuana may help ease psychotic episodes in schizophrenics. Some have also suggested that instances of marijuana use are so high among those prone to schizophrenia because they are self-medicating with the herb.

Quit Marijuana - Psychosis

So for those who wanted to quit smoking marijuana, I adamantly refer you guys to read or buy Quit Marijuana The Complete Guide by Seb Grant.

This book will help you quit the right way without withdrawals or sleepless nights plus a detox of marijuana at home. Detox is essential for marijuana users because the chemicals in weed stayed longer in our body.

Sometimes it takes months for users to stop smoking marijuana because of the THC cravings but a detox will weaken this urges and eventually stopped it. This time take control of your life and stop this addiction once. It’s time to kick the habit and start a marijuana-free life.

About the Author

Seb Grant, author of Quit Marijuana The Complete Guide offers an alternative and wholly natural solution to quitting smoking marijuana without withdrawals and sleepless nights and natural marijuana detox at home.

For just the age of 14 years old, the author has been smoking weed and didn’t stop until he was 27 years old. For the last few years, he was hopelessly trying to quit. Some people told him that weed isn’t addictive but he knows otherwise.

In the past,  he called himself the “alcoholic” of weed. But now he is a reformed man and proactive in his crusade to educate others to stop smoking marijuana. Seb Grant decided to create a program that helps others to do it.

About the Book

The book consists of 12 step programs explaining modern methods to help you quit smoking weed. This guide has helped a lot of people who have an addiction to marijuana and how to detox at home naturally from marijuana.

They also offer the Quit Marijuana Video Program, Natural Marijuana Detox and Life After Marijuana also by Seb Grant.

Now we know the positive and negative effects of smoking marijuana. In the long run, all that matters is our physical and mental health.

Pros :

♣ you can buy it in any bookstores near you.

♣ offers natural and modern methods to help you quit smoking marijuana without withdrawals and sleepless nights.

♣ have follow-up videos and books that will further help you in quitting smoking marijuana and detoxing your body.

♣ helps you kick your bad habit and addiction to marijuana.

♣a natural marijuana detox at home guides.


♣  none that I can think of


Quit Marijuana - Testimonial


It is fortunate we have this book that can help us kick our bad habit for good. And I am proud and happy for the people who successfully did it. We all hope that whoever has the difficulty of quitting, I do recommend this book for you guys.

It will help resolve your addiction and dependency on marijuana. These guidelines remind us that we are in control of our addiction and we have the power to decide to quit this filthy habit of smoking marijuana.

We appreciate Mr. Seb Grant for these wonderful guidelines, videos, and books. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us.

Hopefully, this review will help with the importance of quitting marijuana.

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