ZOX Pro Training Review: Photograph Information Into Your Brain?

Information overload

ZOX Pro Training

Error 404; this is what my mind experiences when I wake up. As soon as you are awake, the conscious part of your brain begins to process the information. What you see, hear, smell and scent; everything is calculated, processed and stored.

We are currently living in what scientists call “Information Era” and are slowly shifting towards “Hybrid Era”. Because of the rapid evolution of computer technology, information is very easy to obtain. While some people still get information about the world in which they live by using TVs, radios, and newspapers, younger generations get all their information online.

However, we should never forget the polarity of things, that is, that there are always two sides of the same coin.

I will not deny the fact that the Internet made our lives a lot easier. However, it also made it worse, at least in terms of information. Since it is very easy to post and publish things and information online, and because everyone can do it, this means that there is an innumerable amount of information online.

Information concrete jungle

ZOX Pro Training

The more information you have, the harder it is for you to find what you are looking for. As the title of this review suggests, I want to take a closer look at why is it so hard for us to memorize the things we want. More importantly, I will try to present what can we do about that and how we can speed up the memorization process.

Firstly, let’s take a look at how our brains are bombarded when we are not online. Let’s assume you went out for a walk, or that you are on your way to the supermarket. As soon as you step out of your house, your awareness is heightened.

Whether you are a driver or pedestrian, you have to pay attention to the traffic. I really like the term “concrete jungle” because it perfectly displays the cities we live in. A huge number of people moving in every direction, minding their own business, doing their own things. And yet, they all impact you.

Your mind is in a constant state of awareness, calculating and measuring everything you take for granted. Just picture it: the traffic, the billboards, the crowd, the yelling, and chatting, and smell. All this is data your brain pays attention to, and this is just the obvious stuff.

Invisible cage for your mind

ZOX Pro Training

And you finally arrive home, exhausted and stressed out. Maybe your boss gave you a hard time, maybe the traffic was awful. You want to relax in front of your TV or sit in a chair with a laptop on your lap, check the social media or read the news.

While your body is resting (your heart, arms, and legs), your brain is still working. You switch the channels on your TV or maybe scroll with your mouse pad, thinking that you are skipping the unwanted content, but your brain records it; all of it.

So, now you probably think that remember everything, but unfortunately, that is not the case. You memorize the things you pay attention to, and you pay attention to the things you like. The rest of it is just some kind of “information junk” you don’t really care about.

But still, you need to see that content and make a quick decision about it, which is enough time for your brain to memorize it for a second. Nothing is ever truly deleted, and the remains of all the information stay in your memory in one way or another.

The older you get, the more data junk you have.

How to get rid of the data junk?

ZOX Pro Training

Unfortunately, you can’t get rid of it. This problem is caused by evolution, education and the modern-day lifestyle. However, you can “upgrade” your mind.

There are various product reviews concerning brain upgrades. Some take the dietary approach, some suggest “smart drugs”, while others recommend different techniques for improving your memory.

I believe in the process, going from point A to B, observing yourself as you advance and progress. Furthermore, I’m not really a big fan of the products and techniques that harm you in any way.

For that reason, I decided to write about the ZOX Pro Training, a speed reading technique. It is very easy to use, won’t harm you and is not age-restricted. It is an attempt to repair the damage caused by our education and modern day lifestyle.

 Learn More About ZOX Pro Training, And How You Can Learn At Lightning-Speed, Techniques To Photograph New Info Into Your Brain, And More!

What is ZOX Pro Training?

zox pro traning graph

ZOX Pro Training is a photography based learning technique developed by Richard Welch. It has over 35 years of experience in helping people to improve their lives. People of all age and professions use it, from young to old age, from students to business managers.

Thousands of individuals tested this program, left positive comments and reviews about it, and vouch for the program’s efficiency and result it provides. It will improve your life in a way you can’t even imagine.

  • It pacifies your mind and body, allowing them to preserve energy you wasted on things you weren’t even aware of.
  • Decreases stress: whenever you experience stress, your body loses potential energy.
  • Improves concentration and reduces distraction, saving you a lot of time.
  • This program also enhances your peripheral vision and eyesight. It contains exercises that help you see the things you couldn’t see before by expanding your eyesight.
  • Confidence booster. Because you memorize things more efficiently, you will feel safer and more powerful. You will know the answers to a lot more questions: remember that “Knowledge is power!
  • The need for sleep is lowered. Because your mind won’t waste on useless information, the need to refill your batteries is reduced.

Richard Welch on Mental Photography

Richard Welch on Mental Photography

ZOX Pro Traning is based on mental photography, an upgraded version of speed reading based on imagery instead of words. Here is the math behind it (numbers are provided by the National Education Association):

  1. An average regular reader reads up to 250 words per minute and forgets 90% of the information in 2 days.
  2. An average speed reader reads up to 1000 words per minute. The information will remain in memory for about 1 week, but then the numbers fall off dramatically.
  3. With ZOX Pro Traning, a person can read up to 25000 words per minute, and the information will remain for life.

So how is this possible? Well, it’s all about the science of mental photography. According to Richard, conventional education teaches people from a very young age to read things word by word. He argues that reading shouldn’t be a primary tool for learning because our eyes and brains are capable of imagery learning.

Instead of reading, a person can simply “take a picture” of the page it reads and moves on to the next page. Naturally, it takes time to relearn this technique, but it is possible to do it. According to Richard, we were born with mental photography learning. More importantly, it is a natural way of learning.

Who should get the ZOX Pro Training?

Who should get the ZOX Pro Training?

Mental Photography is quickly spreading throughout the entire world and will change it sooner than you realize it. Everyone who doesn’t accept this change will probably be left behind.

When it comes to who should buy it, well, basically anyone whose activities depend on constant learning of new information should purchase the ZOX Pro Training program.

Professionals and executives

Reading late-night reports and statistics can be very tiring. Those who are smart will go through the ZOX Pro Training and save themselves a lot of time and energy.

Just imagine yourself scanning through all the tedious data, and memorizing it without little to no effort. Moreover, that information will stay for life, and you will always be able to compare new data with old data.

I’m talking about improved decision making, productivity, photographic memory, time management, positive mental attitude and much more.


Having all the technical manuals in your brain is a dream for any kind of technician. You’ll work faster, more efficiently and become more and more valuable to your business. All this can only lead to greater things (like status, salary, promotions…)

Public servants (police, firefighters, military, doctors)

All the above-mentioned personnel finds themselves in a “life or death” situations. The ability to act quickly and efficiently is imminent, and with the help of ZOX Pro Traning, you will surely act properly every time.

These people are problem solvers, and if you are one of them, know that you can solve the problems rapidly without any risk for you or the person you are helping.


Don’t worry, I didn’t forget you! Every student would love to have a method or program to learn and study new things in a short amount of time; well, now you have it. Information remains stored in your brain for you to recall at any time.

Information will stay in your brain for you to recall at any time. With this program, you will complete your assignments faster and go to your exams without the fear of failing it.


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