What Causes Joint Pain, and How Can You Prevent It From Happening?

Pain Prevention

Have you been struggling with joints pain and other complications related to your joints? The human body is made in a very delicate manner such that every body part has its own function and thus works in a specific way. The joints are some of the most important parts of the body.Highlighted bones of woman

Sometimes we engage in activities that either improves our health or worsens it. There also a number of things that we do not do and as a result it causes various complications in our body. Did you know that some of the complications that we experienced can be easily dealt with. Irrespective that joints complications arise from various causes, they can be easily prevented or treated. Joints pain is one of the most disturbing complication you can experience in the body. Once you have joints pain you are not able to do anything. It is also important to note that flexibility is very important in this case.


5 Best Stretches for Reducing Joint Pain

Did you know that your joint pain problem could go away by just stretching? It is basically body exercises and getting your body fit. Flexibility is a remedy to a number of problems especially those that are related to your body muscles and joints. Here are the best stretches that you can do today and relieve the pain in your joints.


  1. Wall Plank

It is a perfect stretch to reduce all the pain around your elbow and shoulder joints. It is also a simple stretch that does not require much of your time. Here is how to do it. You will have to stand close to a wall with your legs apart. Then place the palms on the wall and the arms should be extended. Once you are in this position, you will let your body rest slowly on your hands by leaning forward slowly.

Man at the wall in the gym Make sure that the body and your arms are in a straight line as you lean forward in such a way that your elbows will be bending as you lean closer. Once you reach the wall will your nose you can stretch back and do it once again. You will a discomfort on the elbow and shoulder.


  1. Cobra

It is a very important stretch that will help you relieve back pain and at the same time help you to get fit. It is an exercise that you can do on daily basis to get your back fit.

Man on the Mat practicing yoga Here is how to go about it. Lie on the floor flat with face touching the ground. Let your arms stretch along the body. Stretch your legs as well so that you will touch the floor with the tips of your toes. In that position make sure that the legs are close together. Move your hands with the face in the same position so that they will touch the ground as the elbows move around close to the ribcage. Use your back and the stomach to lift your chest and the shoulders while pressing your legs on the ground. Lift the head as well. Once the chest and the shoulders are lifted to the maximum, take a deep breath for some seconds. You can repeat this process again and again.


  1. Butterfly

This is well known to relieve hip pain. To perform the stretch, you are advice to have a blanket or a clean and soft floor. Sit on the floor with your back and shoulders straight upright. Stretch your legs straight on the ground and joined together. With your legs and toes together, pull the legs with your knees inwards towards your body in such a way that the knees will form a diamond. The back should be straight. Once you have pulled the legs to the maximum, breathe out to rest all the body weight on the legs and knees.


  1. Supported Warrior

It is a simple but a very important stretch that will help you deal with your knee joint pain. You must be patient to do the stretch as instructed. You are supposed to stand close to a wall and place your hands on tithe hands should be placed at your shoulder’s height. Then put your left foot forward such that the toes will touch the wall and position your elbow as though you are trying to push the wall. Move the right leg slightly behind you. This should be done slowly bending the right knee towards the floor. Then hold your breaths at this position for about 15minutes. Slowly move your right leg to straighten is as you bend the left knee. Your knee should not go past your ankle in this case. Hold your breath at this position for about 15 minutes before you switch to the other leg.


  1. Shoulder Pain

This is well known as rear arm lift strap which is a stretch that helps you to reduce the pain on your shoulder joints. Here is how to go about it. Stand on with your feet stretched apart. You should do this holding strap on one hand.

Man with pain in shoulder Move your arms towards the back and pull your shoulders so as that you can grasp the strap in your own comfortable way. Join the hands so that there will be an opening on the chest and the shoulders will move closer to each other. Take a deep breath before adjusting your shoulders to the normal position.


Top 10 Tips for Treating Sprained Joints

Many people find themselves in such cases and are unable to find the right remedy or way to fix the problem. When you have a sprained joints or muscle then it is difficult to do anything since the joint or the muscle is completely weakened. I other cases, people find themselves handling the situation in such a bad way making the problem to worsen. To prevent this, here are the top 10 tips that will help treat such a condition without worsening the condition.


  1. Use Of Ice

Use of ice is one of the most important steps for treating a sprained joints. The main purpose of the ice is to prevent pain and also reduce swelling which can cause more complications to the joint.


  1. Compressing the Joints

Since a sprained joint is always as a result of stretched ligaments, the joint is unable to maintain is normal position. You can compress the joint by us of a bandage to keep it from swelling or other complications.

Man Wearing Knee Brace


  • Resting the Joint

Cases of sever sprain will lead you to walking with crutches. However, in many cases severe sprain can be prevented. It is also part of treatment. Minor sprain cases can be treated by resting the joint.


  1. Take OTC Medicines

This refers to the over-the-counter medicines that will help to relieve the pain. They also help in reducing the swelling as the ligaments recover.


  1. Checking of Blood Circulation

In most cases people use the bandage to compress the joints and forget about the blood circulation. To make sure that there is quick and effective recovery, keep checking the bandage to make sure that is not too tight to prevent blood circulation.

  • Epsom Salt
  • Turmeric
  • Garlic
  • Arnica
  • Find a Doctor

In case the sprain is so severe it is always advisable to seek doctor’s treatment.


How to Stretch Out Sore Muscles

Body fitness and flexibility are important in the health of a human being. Sore muscles are known to bring a lot of complications too many people. The biggest challenge is that very few people do know the right way to treat them. In case you have sore muscles, you can be sure that there stretches that can help in relieving the pain.

  • Assisted Stretches. This refers to the type of stretches done to people who are not strong enough to do the stretches for themselves. This is where someone who knows so much about the stretches helps you to pressure your muscles.
  • Doing stretches for your calf muscles. These are very simple stretches that will help you get your calf muscles in order.
  • Leaning on your sides. It is a type of stretch that will help you get better especially around the hips and the legs. Stand straight then trying leaning on the side to help you press the muscles. Your feet should be together then you lift the arms on your head.
  • Foam rolling. It is also called the “self-myofascial release”. You are supposed to use a lacrosse ball or a foam roller to pressure specific joints in your body.

Yoga instructor helps beginner

Should You Do Stretches Before or After Workouts?

Many people have had many questions concerning stretches before or after workouts. If you are wondering when to do it, then here you go. Stretching is an important aspect that is meant to help you improve the performance of your body and the flexibility at the same time. Stretching before you go for your workouts is the best thing to do. When someone is about to start working out, in most cases the muscles and the joints are very compact such that there is minimal or difficulties when moving the joints. Stretching before workout will also help prevent your body from injuries. These are the type of injuries that might arise as a result of sudden pressure on the muscles.


Types of Stretches

Here are some of the different types of stretches you can perform before you start your workouts. They include:

  1. Dynamic Stretch-These refers to gentle but repetitive movements of the joints like arms swinging.
  2. Static Stretch-They are continuous stretches that you do until your body suffers some mild discomfort. Once this happens, then you hold on the same position for about 30 seconds.
  3. Proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF)-This includes different type of stretches. However, one has to include relaxing and contracting the muscles.
  4. Bouncing Stretches. As the word suggests, they involve bouncing movements.


What is Mobility, and How Is It Important?

When we talk about mobility when are referring to the ability of the body parts to move in an easy and flexible manner. This means that your body muscles can be able to move at very wide ranges.


Importance of Mobility

 It is very important for a person to be mobile. Mobility training is also important to make sure that your muscles and body joints can move through the required range.

-It helps one get flexible enough hence preventing injuries.

-Muscles and joints can be able to develop in a better way.

-Mobility also helps one get a better posture.

Apart from the importance of mobility that one should know, there is so much that you can learn about mobility. There are different mobility training moves that you can make. These are moves that will help your body in attaining the best mobility ability. They include:

  • Ankle mobility
  • Hamstring mobility
  • Scapular wall slides
  • Groin mobility drill
  • Internal hip rotation


Best Bodyweight Exercises for Getting Fit Safely

There are a number of bodyweight exercises that will help your body get in the right shape and fitness. These are some of the best and safe bodyweight exercises you can do.

  1. Bear crawl-This where you are required to bend downwards and place your hands to the ground. With your back flat, you can try moving on all the four.
  2. Pull-ups-It is a common bodyweight exercise that is known to help people get fit. You can use a tree limb. Jungle gym and pull your body upwards.
  • Jump Squat-Begin by standing with your feet and the shoulders apart. Squat to halfway and then jump as much as high as possible. You can land then jump again.
  1. Backward sprintThis is where you are supposed to run as quickly as you can backward as many types as you can.
  2. Crab walk-This is almost the same as bear crawl but the hips should be slightly bent.

Young strong woman in sportswear


What Causes Joint Pain?

When we talk about joint pain, there are a number of people that really complicate people. Many people find difficulties when determining the cause of join pains, treatment measures and the prevention measure for the effect. However, there are multiple causes of joint pain which are worth understanding. This will help you understand how to keep off these factors and deal with them.


  • Bleeding within the joints tissues

This is rather a serious condition that one should take care. If it is not treated in time it can easily lead to future complications. In cases where there is internal bleeding within the joints tissues one may experience pains.

In most cases, the bleeding is brought about by the rapture of tissues such as the ligaments and other tissues in the joints.


  • Infections

Infections are also major causes of joints pain of which you should be careful about. In some cases joint pain may be a manifestation of a certain infection but the patient may not notice in good time. If this happens, then the infection may slowly progress to dangerous stages without you noticing. Some of the infections that are known to cause joint pain include arthritis. It causes the inflammation around the joints that is the source of pain. The other infection that can cause joint pain is cancer. However, this happens in extremely very rare cases. Sexually transmitted infections also do contribute to joint pain. Infections such as gonorrhea and chlamydia have symptoms that can easily lead to joint pain.


  • Repeated Joint Dislocation

 When one suffers repeated joint dislocation it may cause long term effects on the joint which are the cause of joint pain. These are effects that may result to rupturing of tissues or ligaments.


  • Physical Traumas and Injuries

Once you suffer traumas and injuries to your joints and muscles you are most likely going to experience joint pains. You can avoid these type of injuries from objects.


  • Hemophilia

This is a very dangerous and inherited condition. It causes inability of the blood to clot properly. It is also known to cause joint pain. This happens since there is insufficient blood in the joints or other effects.

Here are some of the symptoms of joint pains.

When one is about to experience joint pain they will in most cases be accompanied by some symptoms. These may include the following:

  • Nausea
  • Headaches
  • General body weakness
  • Feeling lazy

In conclusion; it is important to note that flexibility is an important factor in our lives. One can be fit and avoid certain complications in the body by only remaining fit and flexible.


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