Turbulence Training Review: The Best Way To Train For Fat Burning Mode?

Turbulence Training has been gaining ground in the Healthy Living spectrum. This is after it came out that most people have shown the desire to lose weight in the past. More specifically, many have the desire to get rid of body fat.

After countless trials and errors, “been there, seen that” may explain your attitude towards the mainstream workout plans because they are synonymous like the Mohawk haircuts!

This is a classic case of easy sprint turn into a nightmare marathon.

But, what if we told you that you have actually never been there! Cutting body fat is no easy feat.

A superimposed cut usually ends up with disastrous tidings such as burning as much motivation as it does to the fat.

And with all the conflicting messages, it’s only human to get confused. I mean, every Tom, Dick, and Harry claiming to be an expert, dozens of fad diets, and military training exercises.

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Weight Loss and Fat Loss are NOT The Same!

Many will start to think that this is a marketing ploy to sell some fake Chinese products. But it’s not. In fact, the closest we ever came to be a marketing agency was during the recent economic recession.

Looking at how badly we did, we are mortified! Truth be told! It was downright appalling!

But who said it had to be perfect??

On a serious note, in the course of your workout, you could be losing your lean, articulated muscle as opposed to losing the ugly body fat.


Turbulenece Trainning-Ditch the long, slow, boring and DANGEROUS cardio

To understand why and how this is possible and (more importantly) how to prevent it from happening, you first need to understand an important fact…

With all the confusion surrounding this issue, the amateurs are seeking to emulate the “successful” without recalling that everything boils down to individuality.

What works for them may not work for you.

Many continue to mistake weight loss and BF lose using them interchangeably.

After all, even cutting off your leg may as well reduce your weight!

When you are seeking to lose weight at the same time burning the Body Fats, we always urge you to carefully pitch your fitness program.

Simply performing cardio won’t help you in any way.

The reason being, the pounds you shed during cardio tend to creep back immediately after stopping. However, if you have the muscle mass to even the equation, then you are on the right path.

The standard ideal BF content in a man is 10% for the males while females are required to have a 15% BF content to optimally perform

Dieting sucks and vehemently so. We are not saying it doesn’t work but the idea is no fun. Neither does slaving on the treadmill the entire day offer a better remedy.

On the contrary, we all follow a diet at some point.

So let’s stop beating around the bush and fix the fundamentals that matter.

Classical healthy living pioneers led us to believe that in order to live a healthy lifestyle, you had to seek refuge in the gym.

The magic didn’t stop there; they went ahead to assure us that working your ass off in the gym was the only salvation.

But did you know that the benefits of intensive cardio are by far outweighed by the demerits?

You probably have spent countless hours in the gym only to leave with sore knees, foot pain and backaches.

That’s the sole intention of cardio exercises.  Leave you tired and lethargic without much to show.

In fact, scientists have uncovered even more shocking facts.

It all begins with your hormones.

Is this going to end well??

Incoherent workout on a treadmill triggers your body to hold on and even accumulate even more body fats.

Our bodies contain T3 which is the hormone responsible for burning your body fats.

Intense cardio triggers your body to suppress this hormone. This triggers your body to store more fats as opposed to burning them for one simple reason… your body requires fats to optimally function. You can’t drive without gas, can you?

Cardio also puts your body under immense pressure which leads to further complications like cardiac arrest and cancer.


In fact after cardio, like pregnant women with bizarre cravings, your body, too, will require tremendous amounts of sugar to replenish itself.

Desperate measures call for desperate actions. Many have found themselves wishing they could lose weight as quickly as they lose their temper.

Turbulenece Trainning-Ditch the long, slow, boring and DANGEROUS cardio

Unfortunately, that’s not the case.

One of the pioneers of the healthy movement Jim Fixx paid the ultimate price after following his own “magic bullet” cardio programs. He suffered a cardiac arrest. Moreover, after exercising using his program.

This article is not in any way meant to scare you. It’s intended to give you a better alternative to incoherent, military-like workout plans. 

With great pleasure, we have taken it upon ourselves to conduct this excellent review on the Turbulent Training program.

The program flies in the face of a slow metabolic which means more fat loss.

What the heck is that??!! You may be asking.

Well, turbulence training is a training program that takes into consideration a unique approach to building your muscles, losing weight and general fitness.

It’s not what you would consider mainstream programs but it is simplicity at its best.

The program advocates for a variety and “turbulent” dose of training which consequently makes your body burn calories and fats to boost your metabolism.

If you go to mainstream training, your metabolism will always reach a flatline.

Lose Body Fat the Realistic Way

Six pack is not a looming myth. You actually own it. It’s just beneath your skin awaiting unveiling. The only thing between you and your six-pack is the belly fat.

Whether you are walking, sitting or standing they use a lot of energy. Body muscles are the most intriguing tissues in the human body. They are the most metabolically active tissues in our bodies.

This is a concept that many workout regimes fail to acknowledge as it leads to astronomical burning of the BF.

A good Body Fat loss plan does not have to be hyper and full of false promises. Quite a number have succeeded, but the difference is that it has to be custom made.

 TT incorporates low intensity and high-intensity sessions.

Turbulenece Trainning-Ditch the long, slow, boring and DANGEROUS cardio

You can start with a 5 minutes warming session before you even consider starting working out. Eventually, you ease about 30% of the intensity as required.

Once you are halfway the 5 minutes, you increase the intensity by 50% and gradually shift into about one-sixth of the initial speed.

After 5 minutes you can shift to the high gear and hit approximately 70% of the speed. That is followed by 30% intensity for around 2 minutes. Repeat the same process for 4 to 5 times.

To finish off, top it up with 70% speed intensity and cool off with 30% intensity for 6-7 minutes.

Such a session for 20 minutes every day is an ideal package which does not require you to slave the whole on a treadmill.

Advantages of the Turbulence Training

  • It takes slightly over one hour. This means it’s ideal for almost everyone, even those with tight schedules.
  • Turbulence Training has been proven to burn Body Fats
  • Reduces body frailty while boosting your overall strength
  • The program allows for flexibility hence can be done at home irrespective of whether you have the equipment or even at a gym.
  • Research proven workouts and time efficient plan
  • Helps with fat burn along with muscle growth
  • No cardio involved
  • TT has been clinically proven
  • Helps women achieve a sleek, thin body

What is the downside?

This workout program is not ideal for individuals with CVD, chronic injuries or diabetics. For such an individual, it is always advisable to consult your doctor first.

The take home

Our lifestyles have immensely changed.  Junk foods are sold in almost every boulevard in our cities and it’s almost impractical to completely avoid them.

Our food, water, smog, and even the second-hand smoke have intoxicated our bodies impinging the overall well-being of our bodies.

This way our bodies have become leeway for many health issues like CVD and diabetes.

Such deadly diseases are as a result of our Body Fats. Our bodies accumulate fats with time.

Maintaining equilibrium between a lean healthy body and the amount of fat required by our bodies is paramount.

Turbulence Training is a well-thought-out program for anyone and everyone! As a result, it ensures you are in shape and lose fat without eating into your succinctly sculptured muscles.

It has been clinically proven, tested on human and proved to help in a myriad of ways. For this reason, we hope you find this review helpful.

Finally, We also wouldn’t mind if you spread the Gospel by sharing it your Facebook or Twitter.

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