TreadLift Review: Transform Your Entire Body In Just Weeks?

Is this program just one more fitness trend? Will it give you the results that you were looking for? I will answer this and a lot more questions about this body sculpting product in this review.

Have you been going to the gym for a long time and still look the same? Maybe you are doing something wrong? And you will get the answer to these questions when I do an in-depth analysis of the features of this product.

The base of this product is short sessions that will be more effective. You will require minimal equipment as well. The two core equipment pieces are Dumbbells and Treadmills. These two combine to give the name “Treadlift”.

What is TreadLift?

It is an online program dedicated to fitness. It is based on the simple fact that longer workouts will not give you better results. Instead of a 60-minute session that sounds long and dreadful and, 30-minute session sounds easier and doable.

The product claims to assist anyone for cardio endurance boost, building muscles, and burning fat. One thing is for sure from the reviews and my experience that this program is certainly not for Beginners. It is more suitable for advanced and intermediate users.

After payment, you will get 36 extensive workouts, all these workouts have the duration of 30 minutes or lesser. The intermediate and advanced level users can perform these exercises with minimum gym equipment. It is also possible to adjust all the workouts according to your personal fitness levels.

All contents of this program are delivered through video tutorials, PDFs, and pictures for each workout. Also, there is additional information on adjusting the program as per your level of fitness.

All this and more info is available for members on the online portal. You will get a password and username that will allow you lifetime of access.

This is not just any other program; the originator of this program herself is an experienced fitness trainer. She is well versed in this field of body building and correct ways of weight loss.

Jill Coleman

Let’s talk about the creator of this program now, Jill Coleman. Jill is a qualified personal trainer and the founder of JillFit Physiques. She also holds a master’s degree in clinical nutrition and bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science.

She has over 19 years of experience in the industry of fitness and not just that. Jill has done a lot more like competing in figure contests, running half-marathons, and triathlons. She also writes articles on the topics of nutrition and fitness for OnFitness, Prevention, Women’s Health.

Then there is her own website where she often writes,, as a trainer to give out useful and effective tips to fitness enthusiasts. Her aim is to maximize the output of the workout that you do, get maximum possible out of it.

Jill Coleman believes in the philosophy that less is more. It is certainly possible that while working out you will reach a point where you get no results. This is where you will need the help of an expert like Jill.

Recognize that point and then use these tips to train intensely after that. Also remember to rest strategically, so that you will not be spending extra time on a 30-minute session. However, if you go for weight training exercises instead of boring slow cardio, you will get a fitting response from your body.

This is the basis of Jill’s program, which she claims is fully effective.

Inside the Program

When you purchase this program you will get access to the member’s area with a password and login credential. Here, you will find:

1. 36 Full-length Sessions

This package has workouts for a duration of 12 weeks, categorized according to levels and types. The schedule is set for a 4-5 days per week training with a different session for each day. Here is a breakdown of the entire program:

  • 12-BURN workouts to burn fat
  • 12-BUILD weight-training exercises
  • 12-BOOST workouts for different machines (cardio)

The weight-training exercise days have samples of some of the best strategies. They will assist you in getting stronger, burning fat and building muscles. This will include some cardio to muster fat from the hiding places so that you can burn it as fuel. There will be volume burnouts, body split training, heavy lifts and low rep lifts.

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For non-weight workout days, the program focuses on extensive cardio, like track sprints. The users can do this either on a treadmill or outside and to hasten the process fast but light lifting is added.

Each workout session has its own simple & clear printable PDF format ready to go. The online access is mobile-friendly, so you can bring your phone to the gym.

 2. Video Demos

This program comes with 65+ different weight training workouts, which are simple to do and do not require detailed coaching. More than 90% movements utilize a treadmill or dumbbells. For others, you could use a pull-up bar or pulley.

Your workout session does not have to be complicated and long to be effective.

But still, to assist you, all exercises have a video accompanying them to make it super easy for you. The videos are also mobile-friendly so take them with you to the gym.

3. 12 Week Calendar

Of course, you have access to a whole lot of workouts, but you also need to know what to do and when to do. Just so that it does not become overwhelming for you, here is a schedule that you can follow.

There will be no guessing, there is an outline for the workout schedule of each day explaining the entire process step wise. This program is for people who cannot give 6 or 7 days to exercising.

This is a hardcore program, as you body will require a level harder than the previous one in order to respond further. However, this is not a permanent solution. This is more like a short term commitment that will give you results accordingly.

Can you DO IT?

Nonetheless, if you cannot commit 4-5 days a week, give whatever time you can and get some results. Everyone can use the TreadLift program; yes you can also do it!

Are there any conditions? Let’s take a look.

You can buy this program if you agree to the following:

  • If you get easily bored. Beat those boring and monotonous workout sessions with 28 interestingly varying exercises. Combine intervals, circuit training and move from one exercise to another quickly so that nothing gets stale.
  • More effective & faster way. Change the thinking notion that you have to do long hours of work out for a changed body and weight loss. It’s not right! Just do the right ones effectively, less is more!
  • Intermediate & Advanced user. It is for advanced users, although the movements itself are simple, the weight training involves lifting some heavy weights.
  • Have a chiseled body. Yes, it is for you if you want an engaging workout routine and wants those killing looks for your body. According to Jill, the basic idea for this program came when women told her that their body does not reflect all the countless hours they spend in the gym.

Why can you NOT DO IT?

Even after reading all the reviews, if you are not sure if this product is for you or not, let me help you.

The TreadLift program is not for you, if:

  • You are looking for long training sessions. If you want duration instead of intensity, this is not for you.
  • Instant results with minimum efforts. It is certainly faster than boring, monotonous workout sessions and gives faster results. But do not expect a short cut; you get what you work for.
  • Zero workout experience. This program is not meant for you if you have never been to a gym before. This involves some heavy lifting and extensive workout that you just CANNOT start directly. A little prior experience would be great!
  • Working out for a certain competition or event. It’s not for professionals to attain a certain target; it’s more for an average person who wants an interesting workout session. The aim is to look hot, feel healthy, and particularly have a physique that tells that you work out.


You start with equipment, as I already mentioned above, you will require dumbbells and a treadmill for 90 percent workouts.

This program effectively combines resistance training with cardio so you can burn more fat, improve endurance, and boost metabolism. Chances are you might not be able to the program as it is at least while starting. So, it is better and recommended to adjust the levels according to your fitness.

This is a DIY program so all questions that might come up while exercising are answered in the program only. Also, note that you will get sore during these workout sessions and rest is good to recover.


Yes, rest before you get back to that workout, muscles need to repair themselves too. With the TreadLift program, you also get a 60-day money back promise. Your investment is risk-free, so no worries there!

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