Top 5 Workouts Only For Ladies – Get The Confidence You Deserve

Going to the gym as a woman is hard enough! The standards that women have to live up to in order to cater to the societal standards can be extremely exhausting.

Apart from making sure that you are paying attention to your body, the equipment that you are working with, your breath and your reps/sets, there are a hundred other things that women have to worry about that men just do not.

Top 5 Workouts Only For Ladies

You have to:

  • Dress up in something that won’t look bad when you’re all sweaty
  • Worry about having to wash your hair after the workouts
  • Make sure you aren’t making any ugly faces
  • Being conscious about your gym clothes
  • Staying hidden from the wandering eyes of men

And the hardest part?

How can you actually… work out?

You know how some of the machines work, but how can you put together some exercises to actually work your body out properly? How can you get that lean tummy, and sexy curvy body that you deserve? Most of all, how can you use all the fancy equipment in the gym that you pay quite a lot of money to get access to?

That’s where specialized ‘only for ladies’ workouts come in.

First and foremost, if you are looking for reasons to get your workout on, it helps you become healthier and have a full filling life. A body which gets consistent exercise if a body that functions well in its best form.

Other than that main factor, working out helps women especially in a variety of ways. It helps you be more self-confident, have a leaner and fitter body, increase your metabolism, improves digestion, reduces the risk for illnesses such as heart failures and cancer, reduces severe depression and anxiety, increases productivity and last but not least, makes your skin glow!

Top 5 Workouts Only For Ladies

Check out some of our favorite workouts for women below:

1. Unapologetically Powerful

Women are powerful, which is a universal truth that no one can deny. If you put that amazing psychological power to getting physically powerful as well, you will be an extreme force to be reckoned with.

Unapologetically Powerful is a book/workout course that uplifts women to be stronger than ever before. It targets women who do not have time to worry about what other people think of them and what they do. They want to be strong and as powerful as anyone can be in this world, and that is what they are going to do.

The author of this valuable book is Jennifer Vogelgesang Black who is a fitness trainer and a strength coach herself. It is important that this program is not only about sculpting a lean body, but also a body that is extremely strong and powerful.

While teaching you to be stronger physically, it also helps you be mentally strong. This includes eliminating the doubts you have on your image. Self-doubt can make you put out of shape a lot faster than eating cheeseburgers. Confidence is the magical power that brings the best out of you. This book will clearly help you on that journey.

Top 5 Workouts Only For Ladies

2. Female Fat Loss Over 40

There are two things that females have been brutally attacked for especially in this internet era where anyone can be anonymous behind a keyboard – they are weight and age. Female Fat Loss Over 40 addresses both these issues simultaneously.

Due to the social stigma, there are many 40+-year-old women who have given up on getting into shape. In every tv commercial that promotes weight loss products, you only see the young models who seem to have no excess fat at all.

Your body goes through a great many changes inside if you are a woman nearing or in your 40s. The hormone imbalances can cause you many side effects, which one of them being an extreme fat gain. Female Fat Loss over 40 is a book by Shawna Kaminski who has worked extensively with middle-aged female clients who she has helped lose weight successfully.

There are three special areas she helps in getting toned that a lot of workout manuals seem to skip over, which are shrinking the waist, firming up the legs (especially thighs) and toning up your arms.

3. Female Full Body Licious

Female beauty is something that has been adored since the beginning of time. It includes not only the pleasantness and the attractiveness of the face but also the entire body along with it.

Female Full Body Licious – A female formula for a flawless figure is a collection of exercise tips to women in order to help them look their best at all times.

The product covers every part of your body from top to toe, giving special attention to your problem areas such as your thighs, tummy, bum, arms and the backside. It also comes with a manual for dieting and eating well in general along with a success tracker to keep track on your progress.


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