The Ways in Which You Can Improve Your Basketball Game

We would all love to play like the pros when it comes to basketball but then again, all that needs you to have some input and practice. Well, would you like to know some way that will help you get your game up?

If so, welcome to the improve your basketball sector, here I will discuss what to do and how to do it to make sure that when you are done, you have some skills that you can at least brag about.

Part I: Dribbling Exercises

When you start playing basket ball, the first thing that attracts you to this is the way that the pros control the ball without even looking at it. They just run with it while looking at their target or the other teammates. This is the thing that makes most of them famous.

To do dribbling properly, you need to know the following things about it

  • Have a correct posture that will allow you to dribble without losing the ball.
  • Learn to dribble without looking at the ball; just use your instinct and the feel of your hand to know where the ball is at all times.
  • Switch the ball from this hand to the other and back, this will enhance the coordination that is needed if you want to be able to tear through the defenses of the other team.
  • Try dribbling with two balls, one in each hand and when you have mastered this one, you can now go to the next part.

The Ways in Which You Can Improve Your Basketball Game

Part II: Shooting

Shooting is a skill that you will have to develop by following the famous BEEF+C shooting method or technique.

B- This one stands for balance and when you shoot; you will need to have the perfect balance that will enable the accuracy of your shot to be enhanced.

E- Keep your eyes on the basket when you are shooting. This will help you get the shot straight in because the hands can judge the distance according to the way that you see it.

E- Keep your elbow tucked in when you are shooting to get power and accuracy.

F- Following through with the ball means that by the time you have thrown, your hand should be like someone reaching for something on a shelf in a jar.

C- This is concentration and the ability to be aware of what is going on around you. You may be an accurate shot but you need to know that when you are shooting, n one is near enough to block your shot.

Part III: Defense

When you are playing basketball, you need to know how to prevent the people from the other team from shooting. That one will mean that you will have to learn the defensive moves that will enable you to be effective.

  • Have a stance that allows you to block without fouling anyone. Your arms should be up and out and your feet should be widespread a bit to make sure that you are stable in case the other player plows through you.
  • Try learning the shuffle step that allows you to move sideways effectively.
  • Use your feet to block but not to trip someone who is on a roll.
  • You don’t have to jump, just raise your hands and then use them to cover his sightline to the basket, it works.

The Ways in Which You Can Improve Your Basketball Game

Part IV: Teamwork and Strength

When you are training, your team needs to know that they can depend on you not to be selfish with the ball. They need to know that you can be able to cover your positions and the positions that surround you. Exercises in the gym can also help you gain enough energy.

In Conclusion

When it comes to basketball, you will have fun and you will enjoy yourself tremendously, just be sure to practice and be good at what you do and then you can begin to have fun with your skills.

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