The French Paleo Burn Review: Naturally Slimmer With No Exercise

As we age, our body’s capacity to adapt to the environment is entirely different from years ago. I can understand the difficulty it brings, my body’s metabolism is not as fast as when I was on my 20’s.

Losing weight is another problem most people face. Due to our body’s changes, the type of diets will never be as effective now.

Statistically speaking, more than half of the population starve themselves in order to lose weight. They would rather opt for a low carbohydrate diet without thinking of the disadvantages of it.

But, I was tired of using such techniques and found “The French Paleo Burn”. It has changed my life forever. I lost 10 pounds in a week, naturally.

About The French Paleo Burn

Carissa Alinat has envied women who could burn their weight overnight, just by eating once or twice a day. She tried it out for herself but failed miserably. When you age, certain routines will never give you the same results.

Through years of research, trial, and errors, she found a healthier alternative from such straining and unhealthy practices. This is where “The French Paleo Burn” rise, because of her connection to her French fiance, she learned their culture and way of life.

Every French she met possesses a toned and healthy body. So, she was curious to find out! And her weight drastically changed, naturally. All she had to do was change a certain lifestyle and be consistent with it.

There are two phases to gain the body you always wanted, these are:

The Rapid Paleo Weight Loss

This is the first phase and the main core of the program. Clarissa Alinat’s fiance has more than fifty recipes which will easily melt your belly fat in weeks. It will also cover the habits, most French women use.

Cultures and other beliefs are covered, which is a vital component in understanding the technique. Of course, the program will not stop you from eating the meals you want, it won’t starve you to the point of death.

It introduces the concept of consuming a certain amount of food, no less than the low carbohydrate diets you have used before.

Plateau Buster

The second phase can be described in one word, “no restrictions”. In France, people are most likely to not miss out of eating pastries each meal. On breakfast, lunch, and dinner, it is in their culture to have pastries and desserts.

The secret to gaining zero weight is by eating these pastries at the end of each meal. It is proven that the body’s metabolism is faster at the end of the day.

Your body is more like a car that starts up slowly and regains momentum. It will finally, exert more force during and at the end of each session.The French Paleo Burn Program

Features of Carissa Alinat’s “The French Paleo Burn”

The program will cover certain topics, the following are:

The French Lifestyle

In this chapter, the author will uncover the truth behind French people’s way to stay fit. Even if they have consumed big amounts of meals. Their healthy lifestyle revolves around drinking alcohol once a day and the amount of food can go to moderate and heavy.

Normally, we would think that kind of routine is fattening but wait until they prove you wrong. People think maybe it is because of their genes, but our body can create this through time as well.

Scientifically Proven Secrets

Do you want to effortlessly lose weight? Without even bothering how many calories you are consuming in your body? Well, in this chapter, you will find out that calorie counting is much more negative than positive.

According to statistics, the majority of the population who uses calorie counts are more prone to gain more weight than people who do not. These are the few scientific statements you will read in the book.

Correct Techniques

In this chapter, it will eliminate the techniques which the population says are effective. In turn, it will give you an alternative and most fitting solution in your problem of losing weight, fast. Fast as in a couple of weeks to months.

Through this, it is possible to get the bikini body, you have always desired. The techniques are easy to follow and do not take hours for you to execute.

Facts about weight loss

There are certain facts which will surprise you. Facts such as eating salads are not great for you in the long run, why? These raw vegetables, lettuce and other ingredients can have bacteria that can kill you. Sometimes, you will be diagnosed with thyroid or any cancer.

It is vital to know this information before it’s too late for you. People who believe salads are healthy are those who are not as aware of the disadvantages of it. So, in this chapter, you will know more of these facts.

Easy Soft Exercises

Strenuous exercises will not benefit you in the long term. These kinds of activities may harm your body – sprain, broken bones, etc. – or the internal and psychological effects.

The author recommends executing easy movements, exercise that does not make you sweat and out of breath. It was later found that these exercises make a person lose weight twice as fast than a person who uses heavy metals and barbells.

Body Clock

Each person’s body is different from another but we have a few similarities. Such as the right time to take your meals and work out. In this chapter, you will have a rundown of the advantages and disadvantages of executing activities at certain time frames.

You will also find out the extent of your body’s capability, the signs, and symptoms that tell you to stop and take rest. Too much on an activity can harm your health.

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What Do You Get?

The program aims to eliminate belly fat, naturally with no side effects. You will no longer feel the need to push yourself to your limits. No, it is not as complicated as executing strenuous exercises or purchasing expensive supplements. It is simply about changing certain foods which will aid your body’s regularity.

Other than that, the program benefits the users, in the long run, you will not have post cravings or your body gaining weight once again. It will effortlessly help you in obtaining the body you have long desired.

When you buy the program, you will also receive the following:

The French Paleo Burn Review: Naturally Slimmer With No Exercise

101 Cookbook

Cooking your own meals helps in burning your fat. This will be more effective if the ingredients you use are full of fiber and other vitamins. It contains more than fifty recipes that are healthy and tasty, this also comes with professional photos of the meals provided.

Now, you may think that you do not have the time to cook because of your busy life. But when you turn the pages, the prep and cook time is less than an hour. The ingredients are gluten, dairy and grain-free.

14 Day Meal Plan

The first few weeks may give you some difficulty in creating a dish of your own. That is why Carissa Alinat did not think twice but to prepare a 14-day meal plan for people in need of her guide.

In this book, you will be given a set of easy to find ingredients and instructions on how to cook this. You will never have a hectic and messy kitchen ever again.The French Paleo Burn Program

The Truth About Weight Loss

Losing weight is not all about exercise, fruits, and vegetables. Sometimes all you need is a positive outlook in life. In this book, it will give an overview of the secrets which doctors and professional trainers do not tell you.

It is scientifically proven, many people are still not aware of such revelations and it is time for you to share this information.

Did you know, most people cannot lose weight just because of the simple tasks they do in their everyday life? What might this be? Well, you will learn more in the book.

The French Paleo Burn Program

Secrets of Skinny French Women

French people are noticeably thinner and toned than Americans. The author has proven the reason behind this. The food French people eat is quite frankly, what Americans would think as unhealthy.

The book consists of interviews with different French women through the years of research. It will reveal the top twenty secrets which most French people use. And no, it is not as complicated as statistics or taxation, it is as easy as it can get.

8 Week Primal Movement Plan

This plan consists of more than ten videos which show easy exercises for you. You will not even sweat when you execute this a couple of times a day. These are an easy soft movement which normalizes your blood pressure and metabolism.

You do not need any equipment’s to execute these movements. In fact, you can do this at home, anytime and anywhere!The French Paleo Burn Program


The French Paleo Burn by Carissa Alinat has received praise and thousands of positive reviews. It does not only focus on weight loss but people become more appreciative of the cultures in France. In fact, professional French trainers recommend the program to their clients.

A review from Kent in Arizona believes in the habits and cultures of French people. She has lived in France and witnessed it herself. And just as most Americans, it was a huge culture shock to see the native people doing habits which we think as inappropriate or unhealthy.

Due to the sales increase in the mere months of publishing, many people have been raving for the program. Day by day, reviews from all over the world are sent to the website. People are so excited to share the results which are pleasantly surprising.

Carissa Alinat did not expect such reactions. So, she continues to publish more programs to aid people who continuously have a well-maintained and healthy body.

The French Paleo Burn is a program that will no doubt, help you in shedding the body fat you have wanted to get rid of, years ago. Time to click the buy button, and embark on a journey to success.

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