The Accelerated Fat Loss Bible Review: Are You Reading And Losing Fat?


Talking of body fitness, I do agree that fat loss is a challenge to very many people across the world. Today, there are millions of people in this world that are struggling with this. Thus ready to do anything in order to have a proper body, physically fit. Basically, we associate fat deposits in our bodies with health complications that at the end do pose a threat to our well-being. Diseases such as heart attack and high blood pressure are as a result of this.

My Own Story

Losing weight is always part of my New Year resolutions for the past three years now. What I realized is the fact that I do not manage to lose weight. That is, as planned when doing the review towards the end of the year.

Trying to stay committed and also doing certain plans over time but they all fail. Then comes this day that I stumble upon one of the greatest product, The Accelerated Fat Loss Bible. It is a 29 days program that helped me lose the very many pounds of fat that I have struggled over the past years.

Using this product is something that boosted my zeal for fat loss. It for sure turned things the other way round. I personally know that the guide came at the very time I needed it. In fact, I was almost giving up on this issues of physical fitness forever. I am glad that I came across this. Let us have a look at the lessons I grasped from the product that propelled me to write this review.

Lessons learned from the Accelerated Fat Loss Bible

Why slow and steady loss of body fats is bad for you?

The entire notion that when you want to lose fat then do it slowly and in the steady form. In so doing, then you are on the right track of physical fitness. I had completely bought the idea until I came across this great product that proved to me otherwise. I have always been wrong.

Yes, it is for sure a bad habit to lose fat in a slow manner and most of the time. The process may turn out to be completely unproductive than you ever thought of. Discussed below are some of the finding I came across as to why the slow and steady loss of fat is bad for you and me:

1. Kills your Metabolism

Based on research, slow and steady fat loss results in a negative effect on your metabolism. If you take longer, then the resting metabolism will drop the most as compared to the person who takes fewer days to lose fat.

You need to be aware that metabolism is essential for the generation of energy in our bodies. When the process is, therefore, slow, then weakness can be identified. Reason being, the body won’t be able to function well as designed.

2. Worse for your hormones

There is this myth in place that when you lose fat very fast, then there is a likelihood of injuring your hormones. I had completely bought into the idea until I was enlightened by this great product.

The study indicates that long-term dieters always suffer from lower testosterone of up to 78%. It proves the fact that you do not need to invest in long-term losing of fat if you want your hormones to be left unaffected.

3. Easy to gain back the fat

There are higher chances that when you lose fat slowly and steady, you end up gaining. Our bodies need to be stretched beyond their comfort zones for them to release the fat deposits. However, the slow and steady way will make your body adapt to the changes and hence no effect.

Fat Loss

The body gradually adapts and gets into the comfort zone. So instead of you losing fat, you add more. This is very bad and in most cases demotivates you to even trying other ways of losing the fat. A person likes appreciation and recognition most of the time. When not done, it becomes difficult to stay on the right course and path of fat loss.

The Accelerated Fat Loss Bible

The Accelerated Fat Loss Bible

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4. Kills ability to lose pure fat

From a study conducted in this field, the findings were crazy. Those people who adopt the slow and steady process of losing fat always result in an addition of fat mass. There is also a great decrease in the total energy expenditure to these persons.

You, therefore, find yourself struggling to lose the fat but no single positive results are recorded. That is how bad the slow and steady process is to your efforts. Be wise!

Accelerated Fat Loss Tips

This is yet a very important lesson that I was able to grasp from this awesome book. Equipping me with some of the key tips that can help you and me maximize the fat loss within the shortest time frame possible.

Remember that steady and slow fat loss process brings more harm than good hence we need to avoid it at all costs. Here are some of the key tips noted:

1. Calorie Shifting

I am sure that all of us have tried respecting the low carb diet. It is something that no one likes doing. Through this book, however, I have been able to know that through caloric shifting or cycling, you will be able to lose more than twice what you have been losing.

Calories Watch Out

Maintaining a low carb diet is likely to result in the slow and steady fat loss which as evident in the paragraphs above, not best for our bodies.

2. Cardio skips

I find myself in most cases engaging fully in the cardio activities in the name of fat loss. I only came to learn that through these activities, I tend to lose very minimum pounds of fat. The irony is that cardio activities are very intensive and take a lot of time.


Spending more than 6 hours a day and losing a ½ pound is not a smart move. It is, therefore, better to skip the cardio and focus on the other aspects of fat loss that are more effective. Avoid working hard, it is the time that you and I are able to work smart and achieve effective results.

3. Cheat meals

Yes, this is always the best part of the 29-day program. I personally use cheat meals in order to accelerate fat loss. I personally, substitute the cardio time and invest it in cheat meals. Guess what? The fat loss is very effective than I ever thought.

I am not an alcoholic person thus use chocolate most of the time as a cheat meal. The benefits of cheat meals include; the ability to ensure maintenance of muscle mass and at the same time enhanced fat loss through accelerated fat burning hormones.

Chocolate Bar

However, for effective results, take cheat meals at the right time or else, no evident positive results. The bad thing in this, you spend more than the required time to finish the fat loss program.

When you stick to the above tips, the entire fat loss program turns from a great struggle to something so enjoyable. The greatest tip to go home with, stay committed and honest to the above tips for guaranteed results.

Frequently asked questions: Fat Loss

Under this section, I was able to come across the questions that I have battled over a long period of time. Yes, the questions regarding fat loss. The author is able to handle the frequently asked questions in a professional way that helps me clear the doubts that I have.


Questions such as is there a perfect workout plan that will be fit for my busy schedule? I am I too old for the fat loss program? The best response to these questions is worth your time. Thank me later on this too.


Making a decision to buy The Accelerated Fat Loss Bible is something I never regret doing. It is one of the best tools ever come across in the field of body fitness. Studying the reviews from different persons gives me a motivating spirit that it is not only me who stands to be a beneficiary of this book.

When you are in possession of this great piece, then for sure, all the struggles that do come when you think of fat loss are a thing of the past. It is true that most people give up on the same. Personally, I was heading there until the book came to my rescue. Take time and look at the other reviews from the people across the globe who are beneficiaries of the program. You will never be the same again, that one I assure you. Knowledge is power, good knowledge is a sword to conquer our daily struggles. Seek knowledge.

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