Surviving The Road As A Cyclist

Whenever you are feeling like getting out there and riding a bike, you will need to know that your safety is assured and that the bike is also in top notch condition. The safety rules are fairly simple but there is the fact that one will be bound to forget some things sometimes or you may not know that something was important.

This is a simple guide that will help you get the best out of riding a bike while assuring your safety.

  1. Check The Gear

Before riding out, make sure that the gear you have is in good condition and that everything is working properly. Make a day of it. Inspect the bike like an official inspector before you pronounce it roadworthy.

Check the tires, the air and the brakes to see that they are working properly. Then once you are sure that you can ride it without killing yourself or breaking something, go out and enjoy the breeze.

  1. Vest, Shoes and Clothing

These are the important things that you will look at before you ride out. The shoes have to be comfortable with no laces and if you do have laces, make sure that they are properly tied up to avoid any risky happenings.

A reflective vest is also very important to make sure that the other motorists on the road can see you. Another thing is the clothing. You will need stretchy clothes that are tight. At the same time do not tie anything to your waist like clothes for example that could throw you headfirst in case of something going wrong.

  1. Know the Rules and Signs

Riding a bike may be easy but being safe while you’re riding requires you to have the best knowledge about the rules of the road as they will save you and they will save your life countless times if you are clever enough to follow them.

Safety on the road is an issue that everyone should be considering before they start riding their bikes. Therefore, have knowledge of the road and the signs. Then, when you are riding, don’t just ride, signal other motorists to know what your intentions are because someone on a bike is harder to figure out.


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