Show and Go Training Review: Get Ready For Your Ripped Body

Hey, everyone. I hope your search for answers is going well and this review can be useful to you.

Show and Go Training provided me with a productive alternative in my weight and fitness goals, that turned into healthy habits that now I don’t struggle to follow or repeat.

It was not an easy journey, trying to find something that worked for me, especially after seeing all those specialists, but I was not going to stop looking and trying.

Not everything must be exhausting training or dieting that completely shuts you off of everything, cold turkey, and then you go into anxiety or craving and lose control, etc. You know the drill.

Let me tell you something about my experience with weight, please stay till the end.

My journey with weight

Growing up, I was always very skinny. I was that friend that eats 2 pizzas and doesn’t gain weight. But that also comes with being too skinny, to a point where I didn’t like it and I wanted to change it.

When I moved away to college, of course, I started to party and was not so careful with my food. So I started to lose weight and get skinnier and skinnier. Because I was used to being skinny, I didn’t really pay attention until I got sick and had to move back home for health issues.

I went to a nutritionist and my goal was to have normal weight, have an average body.

So I started these diets and exercise regimes that did help me gain weight but made my metabolism slow.

Once, in the gym, I was trying to add weight to my reps, and I pulled a muscle. This injury stopped me from doing any exercise for 6 months and started with very light cardio for other 6 months because my injury, but the eating habits had settled in already, so I started to gain weight.

I lived in a very cold place, so the normal diet was high in carbs, I couldn’t exercise, spent so much time indoors, and well, I got heavy.

Trying to lose weight

Show and Go Training - Woman is losing weight

I wanted to have a normal body. I was not really looking to be completely fit, just normal, not supper skinny, nor fat. Average.

It seemed that I had set myself to an impossible task. Everyone promised me to be uber skinny, or get a Schwarzenegger body. I didn’t want that.

So, being as stubborn as I am, I tried and went looking for help again. I always found the same solutions:

  • Stop eating carbs
  • Eat lots of greens
  • Well, you should eat healthy carbs
  • But not always
  • Dinner is at 5
  • Dinner is at 6

Show and Go Training

I couldn’t believe people didn’t have other approaches, and how everyone contradicted everyone. It was crazy.

The tipping point for me looking for an alternative was when I went to a nutritionist, I told her what I wanted, and that I didn’t want to go heavy on carbs again, and she mentioned I was body conscious because I really didn’t need to lose weight and maybe I should look for psychological help.

Now, she was right, I didn’t look bad, I was not morbidly obese, but who was she to tell me how to react to my appearance, if I want to look average, It’s my choice, and I do need help, and that is why I was going to a professional, because I didn’t want to hurt my body.

I was very disappointed. I tried paleo, ketosis, other diets, and they worked, but again they added a lot of anxiety and pressure to my life.

I tried calisthenics, body weight, etc.

Show and Go Training

That actually worked, and I developed discipline, but due to the heavy diets, I was not seeing results.

Show and Go Training

I stumbled with Show and Go Training while researching for other methods online. I went through the website and read other reviews and got interested.

When I saw they had their money back policy in place, I decided to buy and try. Haven’t looked back since.

  • Affordable
  • Delivered directly and discreetly to my mail inbox
  • Money back guarantee
  • Bonus material to achieve better results
  • Ways to improve while traveling

I found a good match that adjusted to my needs and rhythm. I was working a lot, trying to make life right after uni, and I didn’t have that much money as well. So this was a great fit.

The guide is so easy to follow and understand, I never felt that I was reading an anatomy book or something like that. But rather, Eric Cressey, the author, delivers his knowledge through such an easy to read the book, it’s almost like reading advice from a friend.

When I decided to buy the eBook, I got the PDF in my inbox, and also a link to download a series of videos.

This was a true relief. After the injury that I suffered in the gym for not respecting the right way to exercise, I wanted to be sure I was not going to be immobilized by another injury again.

The videos are so well explained, easy to analyze, and follow, so then you can do exercise, get results, and highly decrease the risk of injury.

The importance of accountability

With the Show and Go Training, after you buy it, Eric also adds templates to track your progress and how well you have been doing.

I would always advise you to have someone else keeping you accountable for you exercising and following up.

But one vital thing is that you keep yourself accountable, and with the PDF template it is very easy to do it, and also you can see how you are improving little by little. How your reps increase, how your strength grows, etc.

So my motivation kept on. If I ever skipped a session (yes, I did, a lot), I always kept track but, because I was able to see my previous performance, I constantly decided to get back to it, not throw everything to waste. This was a life saver.

The bonus material

Together with the PDF eBook, and the templates. Eric adds extra books for free into your purchase.

Information is power, and I was willing to overpower this lifestyle that didn’t really reflect who I was inside.

The books that really made the difference for me were the metabolic conditioning program, and the one covering exercise modifications.

In terms of the Metabolic Conditioning Programs. As I underwent a metabolic change myself, I was well aware of how important metabolism is when it comes to reaching goals on weight and appearance, and health.

With this guide, I was able to put my body into a fat burning state, reach a reasonable weight, and keep there.

And the Exercise Modifications guide was such a blessing. My work pushes me to travel a lot, and I am on the road, or the air, quite often. Some hotels have gyms, some don’t, and not all hotel gyms have the necessary equipment needed for the exercises.

Well, with this small PDF, that I could take with me anywhere because basically, every electronic device can read it, I was able to learn how to do alternative versions of the exercises, getting the same results, or just to not lose those results gained so far and then, when I was back in the appropriate environment, I could just go back to normal.

It was amazing how these two added to my life and improvement.

Get access to Show and Go Training today by clicking this link, and you’ll soon be following the methods that real professionals use to lose weight fast, and gain a toned muscled body!

One point about metabolism

If you see an exercise or weight loss method that doesn’t address this, it’s a scam, run.

Metabolism is not a permanent thing, you can change and it does change with you. It is scientifically proven that metabolism speeds up in summer and slows down in winter. Just animal facts.

There are ways to activate it anytime you want, and slow it down as well. Both states are desirable for different situations, both can be good if used appropriately, but done under the guidance of someone who knows.

Great metabolism leads to amazing gains when it comes to weight or appearance, regardless of which is your goal. For men, using metabolism to your favor, and sleeping well increases your testosterone levels, which is traduced into more muscular gain, and of course a manlier appearance.

This is one important contribution of Eric’s program.

Modifying your exercises

As I mentioned before in the review, I travel a lot and this modification helped a lot.

Show and Go Training

I would have never thought of, for example, doing a pull up with a table, I’ll just leave that there.

Rigid training systems make it complicated to follow and set you up for failure because it is not easy to constantly be in an appropriate environment for things to happen.

Especially in this time and age, if things do not adjust to a fast-changing environment, they die. I needed an option to nurture my healthy habits and these modifications did it for me.

If only Eric would be so kind as to submit a modification to diets, then this would be perfect.

In a nutshell

Show and Go Training

Show and Go Training focuses on your strength. Period. What does this mean? You put your body under temporary stress, where the sessions are short but high pressure, instead of long but low pressure.

Because you are pushing your body to become stronger, muscle develops. Girls, don’t worry, in order for you to develop a bodybuilder body, guys as well, you need so much more than exercise and normal diet, you know this, let’s not get ahead.

So then, your body starts to develop muscle, and naturally developed muscle looks nice.

Now, because of its metabolic approach, you can get to decide on immediately losing weight, or using your over-weight to your favor and develop muscle, and then change metabolic approach and get toned. (What I did)

Or you can go smaller, and just toned, no big development. This will get you the body of a runway model.

So it’s your call how you want to start and where to start.

It is not easy, this is not a miracle approach or a scam. Show and Go Training offers a different perspective that works for people who have tried many mainstream ideas without much result.

Other benefits

Important for me to mention is how great of a job the videos are and their contribution to better results and reduced risk of injuries.

However, when one goes to a gym, you get these extremely buffed up guys, who tackle the machines like animals and expect you to do the same. There is no posture work, nothing. You see them heavily depending on safety belts, etc.

This is how Eric’s method works:

  • You get an exercise
  • Go to the video
  • Follow the recommendations
  • Imitate the movement
  • Focus on getting the right posture

Right posture ensures that pressure gets delivered in the adequate spots, that the muscles you are aiming for are actually developing, and that you don’t get injured.

So then, you get all the benefits of right action and prevention.

If you go on making exercise with bad posture, not only will you never see results, but you might be close to generating a permanent injury to your body. Stop.

Is this for you?

I would advise you to go through other reviews and make up your mind. But if you are ready to go to action, and don’t want to hear any more impossible things, just get to work, then this is for you. If you are:

  • Busy
  • Into becoming fit
  • OK with controlling food intake for a while
  • Can’t afford a personal trainer

Then this could work wonders for you.

Personal trainers can be very expensive and time-consuming. I mean it is their job and they will push for results, but still expensive.

If you want to be fit or average good looking, but you don’t want to become the strongest person on earth, then yes, this will work for you.

It is important that, whatever type of weight modification you want to do, you consider that dieting will be part of it, without a question. The important thing is knowing how to choose a diet and not fall in anxiety.

How does it work?

First of all, after you click the buy button and finish the fast process. You immediately get everything in your email inbox, so you can access your information or videos basically from anywhere in the world with internet. The guide, along with the other books, is in PDF, so virtually everything can open it.

Read it, choose which way to go. Follow the recommendations, watch the videos, and get going.

Remember to fill your tracking templates so you can actually calculate and measure your gains. This is an amazing thing, seeing your growth actually reflected in numbers.

I love how the method takes you through different periods of strength focus, so then certain muscles develop and rest, while others are being worked on, so then we have a 360 approach.

Because it goes through high and low-intensity cycles, you are also working joints, flexibility, and physical condition in general.

This is how I gained weight in a healthy way and gained an athletic look. By adhering to the system 2 months, I was already feeling light, better, more comfortable, and healthier.

Final thoughts

In the search of living better lifestyles, many people have different things to say and we can become overflowed with opinions and information.

If many people have different things to say, it is because being healthy has many shades, different approaches. Some people can handle spicy food, and it is healthy for them, some people eat spicy food and they end up laying in bed sick for 3 days.

Show and Go Training

Find what is yours, own it, and go with it. This method worked wonders for me that couldn’t benefit much from what apparently works for everyone else.

Good luck on your healthier life, and looking smashing. Give this training a chance.


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