Roadmap To Genius Review: How You Can Maximize Your Genius

I’m an average person you would consider as normal. Nevertheless, during my early life, I have dealt with academic issues. Not only was I not that good at school, but also my talking with other people was basic and never too deep.

To remediate this I received the help of my parents, family, friends, and mentors. However, this story is about how I decided to put hands on my condition and strive for a better life. The path wasn’t easy, but it totally paid off.

I hope to help you with this review and provide you with what you’re looking for.

My condition

I’m not a shy person, I like to hang out with friends, take a stroll, or just talk while I’m waiting in a queue. However, in the past, I might have been seen as one because when the topic of discussion diverted into serious talking like art appreciation or politics, I just paralyzed.

I couldn’t manage certain aspects such as remembering important dates or calculating simple math. Few news was difficult to understand and I always depended on someone to explain to me how everything was going and what the current tendencies were.

To be named “dumber than a bag of hammers” isn’t something a person wants to hear, I was called that and many more. It just seemed that in this era of a non-bullying awareness, they have somehow forgotten to remember that brilliance shouldn’t look to “dimwitted” people over its shoulders.

Roadmap To Genius

School Years

During Elementary School my parents took me to complementary courses that helped me with classes, this wasn’t particularly easy, but I could cope with it. Some extra homework and other activities were necessary to get the needed credits to approve every year.

When I got into Junior High School the things shifted drastically because of puberty, the extra lessons continued but harassment at this phase increased as well. I got into detention because I used to defend myself against bullies. Somehow I managed to go through this stage.

In High School, I took lots of remedial courses in order to get approved by a University. At that time nights were as long as the days. Summer was almost nonexistent because it was also destined for studies. I got rejected by a couple of universities which was disappointing until after keeping the hard-work, I got accepted by one.

Going after the big fish

I could say that until this moment, the school was relatively “ok” for me, I faced some challenges with certain subjects every now and then just like any other person. Throughout my life, I never made it onto the honor roll, and my grades were regular.

It wasn’t until I got to university where academic issues started to become more frequent. Study circles, mentorship and some all-nighters managed to help me with most of my college years. It wasn’t until the end of my penultimate year when things got heavier for me.

On top of that, I needed to get a job in order to pay the school loans. I got one at a start-up company, it didn’t require many technical skills but I struggled with a few things and was constantly asking for supervision and guidance.

This was my breaking point. I realized that in order to fulfill my last year in university I had to do something urgently, otherwise I couldn’t graduate and continue paying school loans.

Roadmap To Genius

Looking for a solution

I decided to use the holiday season in searching for multiple ways in which I could boost my capacity

  • Friends
  • Product reviews
  • Symposiums
  • Specialized media such as scientific magazines

They all helped in some way, but during my research, I stumbled upon Roadmap to Genius, a self-teaching method which allowed me to apply all the things I learn and put them into practice.

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Roadmap To Genius

Roadmap To Genius

Skepticism away

I decided to start looking for some self-help material. Looking for the needle in the hay that could help me not only go through school but also improve the hard and soft skills that I needed at work, and boost my social skills as well.

Now, I’ve been a person who, due to plain ignorance, used to stay apart from these techniques. I see how often people buy lessons to teach themselves piano and after a year they can’t read a music sheet properly.

I’ve also witnessed how others get a basic method to help them fix their own homes. Nevertheless, these methods require further material and specific tools. In the end, nothing works. But perhaps, it’s all because of the lack of two factors: simplicity and self-discipline.

The jungle out there

Many of the materials we can find on the shelves of some stores are either complex or unable to be adapted to our lives. There are many thick books with words that some might consider fancy or just babbling. On the other hand, there are also different articles sold by TV and the internet, all of them with uncertain specifications, confusing reviews, and payment methods.

There are many shark systems that prey on naive people who the only thing they want is hope for their problems and end up in fraudulent schemes that cost tons of money not only in the big run but also since the very beginning.

Leap of faith

It’s not until we encounter a hard situation when we think about how to do things differently. Fortunately, a friend of mine who happened to be my neighbor and had graduated from college 2 years ago, suggested me Roadmap to Genius by Savion Freud.

He’s someone I trust upon, a decent man starting his own business. I guess he got to see how I pushed myself in the search of a way through school and life. His comments about how he succeeded with this method cleared all of my doubts

Roadmap To Genius

Immediate results

Getting Road to Genius was really easy. Developed by Savion Freud, the whole deal includes not only a book and some audio which you can play wherever you find convenient but also complementary material that will hone many skills you didn’t even know you had.

From the beginning I got to see things change:

  • IQ increase
  • Memory improvement
  • Sharper concentration

I thought to myself “If this is the beginning, I can’t wait for what’s coming next”

Down to work

Now, as my last year in school unfolds, one of my top priorities is to combine school with Roadmap to Genius. This task is simply because of the simplicity of the method but also it was the result of the self-discipline that I learned during the holiday season.

My day-to-day schedule isn’t affected at all. In the morning and early-afternoon, I attend lectures and in the evening I got a part-time job. It’s in between these activities where I focus on improving useful skills.

If there’s something I learned is that, it’s up to us to make our lives better. There will be multiple excuses along the road but if we keep our eyes on the goal and we set objectives for its achievement, then we’re halfway there.

Roadmap To Genius - Down to work

Top performance

School now has turned into an enjoyable place, and whereas I still sit at the back of the conference halls or classrooms, now I participate during lectures with accurate inputs to whatever we’re discussing. And I even got the chance of joining extracurricular activities.

I’ll have to admit that even though I acquired Roadmap to Genius because of school, it has also developed other areas in my life as well. I no longer feel afraid of being fired from my part-time job. In fact, I’ve been promoted to team leader with the possibility of working full-time right after I graduate.

Also, I started to appreciate other topics such as art, economics and travel. All these experiences have added value to my perception of the world, and now, whenever I talk with my friends and family, they find an interesting person to me.

Roadmap To Genius - Top performance

Noticeable improvements

Now at school, I usually receive compliments instead of mentorship suggestions. Heck, I myself am a mentor now. My classmates and teachers point out several advances in me such as:

  • Enhanced creativity
  • Problem-solving abilities
  • A better self-esteem
  • An objective point of view

With all of this, I’m sure I won’t only just graduate from university, but I will do it with honors.

The method and you

Roadmap to Genius by Savion Freud is an adaptable method for your needs. Not only does it come with an engaging and easy-to-understand the reading material, but also it includes complimentary audio which you can take on the go.

The method goes with simple language and it’s adaptable to any lifestyle. It improves more than academic performance, with its help I became more aware of the importance of social intelligence and self-discipline. All of this combined can improve not only school, work, or relationships, but our lives.

I also remark how safe I felt to buy Roadmap to Genius because of the positive reviews, the professionalism of the process, and the specific information about how it works and what it contains. I contacted other people who got the same system and we share our reviews and learnings.

Sharing the vibe

Roadmap to Genius has worked for others before, and in this review, I state that it works for me now. However, the results don’t happen because of magic. The outcome depends on how much time and discipline you put into making things happen.

I for sure can tell you how after anxiety, this method became more than a lifesaver. It is a way in which you can help yourself achieve incredible objectives with simple steps. Trust is something we all need, and this method delivers.

The importance of proven methods: Roadmap to Genius

Although there are many intelligence boost programs, they are frequently the same from one to another. Some of them have flashy ads and portray themselves as miraculous, others are just new and lack the test of time.

We shall notice, however, the relevance of well-positioned material not only because of the money but also because of the time we will spend on it. Systems like Roadmap to Genius to ensure the downscale of knowledge and empower their users.

The importance of proven methods: Roadmap to Genius

Added value

Regardless of what point of your life you are now, Savion Freud designed this method to help us reach some of the more important aspects linked to intelligence:

  • Problem-solving
  • Selective learning
  • Adaptability to our surroundings
  • Continuous improvement of our activities
  • Out-of-the-box thinking

So, it doesn’t matter how big your dream is, but what the goals of your journey are.

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