Pound Melter Review: Would You Want Those Pounds To Melt Off?


  • The program is based on a recent scientific discovery. The scientists claim that they have discovered a new type of fat inside, the human body. These cells have been named the dark fat cells.
  • The cells are said to have strong anti-obesity and anti-diabetic actions. According to the scientists, activating the cells in your body, significantly reduce your weight and the chances of having diabetes. The dark fat cells are burned inside the white fat cells. When activated in the body, the dark fat cells lead to a massive explosion of fat that you have been piling over the years.
  • The dark fat cells are only cold activated. This, in other words, means that by dropping your body temperatures by even a single degree, you can trigger a massive big explosion in your overweight body. With this activation of the dark cells, you can lose even 25 pounds in a month without going to the gym and without having to remove any food from your diet.

The program indicates that lowering the body temperature does not involve external activities of lowering the temperature. Some foods will automatically lower your temperatures when you eat them:

  • Juicy water lemons
  • Mint leaves
  • Coconuts
  • Milk

If these provisions are included in the diet in the right combination, they will naturally and safely your body’s temperatures.

The good amount of the foods in the right mix is proven to dissolve away significant quantities of fat

NOTE: You will not feel cold inside your body as you follow the severe diet plan. This is because you will only be lowering your body temperature by a mere half a degree and not a drastic drop

  • It does not matter what else you eat together with the cold foods. You can eat anything and everything else that you want to eat.
  • The dark fat cell, once activated, will be a fat burning machine that will melt all extra fat in your body.

With the pdf:

  • You will get clear directions on how to destroy the fat cells in your stomach
  • You will be taught how to activate the dark fat cells in your body
  • The program will enlighten you about the foods that you need to eat to bust those fat cells
  • You will be taught to maintain your new found state of health forever.

With the diet, you will be able to:


  • You will never have to go the gym to exercise ever again
  • You will be able to finish the aging cells out of your body and reverse the aging process.
  • The book will empower you to reduce your risk of major diseases
  • You will effectively change any health issues that you may be having
  • You will get a list of foods that you require to eat that are cheap and readily available
  • You will eliminate;
  • Supplements
  • Diet restrictions
  • Workouts Routines
  • You will experience amazing transformation and increase physical well-being
  • You will never have to worry about your poor health ever again.

Paul Sanders

Paul Sanders is the creator of the program. He is 53 years old, and he lives in Branson, Missouri Three year ago, he was grossly weighting. The doctor had given him 15months before he could suffer from a heart attack. He was pre-diabetic; his cholesterol level was around 450, 300 points more than what is considered healthy. Three years later, after engaging the diet, he is:


  • Healthier than he was three years ago.
  • His markers: Blood pressure, cholesterol, fat index, cellular indicator are comparable to a mid-twenties teenager
  • His risk profile for every deadly disease is all extremely low.
  • He eats at MacDonald’s five times a week
  • He has not used a gym for nearly two years.

A brief look at fat matters Fat matter one: Conjugated linoleic acid (LCA)

  • CLA is mostly found in fatty acid, naturally occurring in beef and aging products. It is also is known as the healthy trans-fat. The CA is believed to lower the melting point of the body’s requirement for burning fat. It is also found to prevent the fat cells from growing bigger by blocking the enzymes that facilitate growth. It is agreed that CLA increases the rate of burning fat.
  • Consuming CLA will help to lose 34 grams a day, which will lead to a remarkable decrease in the total body mass. Consequently, you will lose
  • You will lose inches on your body

Sources of CLA


The best source of CLA is fresh grass. Therefore eat a lot of grass-fed beef. You will get a good supply of the fat melter from eggs and sunflower.

Fat Melter 2: Calcium pyruvate utilization

Pyruvate increases your body’s use of fat as a source of energy. Normally the body order of the power is:

  • Sugar
  • Proteins
  • Fat

Pyruvate reverses the order. It facilitates the fat to be digested sooner than normal. This increases the resting metabolic rate, meaning that you will melt fat even in resting mode.

You will register a significant drop in weight, fat mass and body fat you can lose 30grams in a single day

Sources of pyruvate

Various types of cheese

The sources of pyruvate are:

  • Cheese
  • Red apples
  • Red wine
  • Red grapes
  • Yellow onions
  • You could also take a supplement (6grams a day)

Fat Melter three: Medium Chain Triglycerides

  • MCTs are fats that make up to 90% of your diet. For instance, they will be found in coconut. These fats are digested faster and much more efficiently. They are absorbed instantly after consumption, going through to the liver to be utilized for fuel and energy. The molecules of these compounds are smaller and therefore require fewer enzymes and energy to synthesize them.
  • MCTs have been proven to quicken metabolism and include weight loss.
  • The sources of MCTs are coconut oil and palm kernel oil. You can also buy them in the form of supplements. The scientists suggest that you substitute your cooking and baking oil with coconut oil

The claims


  • When you adopt this diet, you will never have to exercise again.
  • You will never have to follow any other restricted unfulfilling meal plan and diet. When you adapt the diet, you will be able to eat anything that you want whenever you want.
  • You will never have to take over the counter weight loss supplements again. The method advocates for all natural methods of weight loss and health management.
  • You will continue to eat as much of the sweet, creamy, delicious foods that you have always craved. The pdf does not restrict the consumption of any particular food.
  • You will lose up to 30 pounds of fat within 30days of using the diet without any prescription, medication or counting calories. The eBook promises that you will effortlessly lose the weight. You will enjoy the weight loss journey because unlike other programs, you will not be made to calculate the calories that you should be consuming and be done to feel guilty if you happen to drink more.
  • You will burn calories at a rate of up to 400 times faster than you ever could through any other method.
  • You will drastically reduce your risk of diabetes, cancer, heart diseases and stroke. The book promises to improve your general health tremendously. All your important indicators will improve, and his will consequently boost your chances of keeping all chronic illnesses at bay.
  • You will slow your aging process significantly by eliminating the age-causing free radicals. The eBook will empower you to combat the aging process from the roots. After you have eliminated the free radicles, it will be easy for the body to look and feel much younger that it is at present.
  • You will reverse the process of aging. You will age less than a year for every year. The result is that you will start to age backward.
  • You will experience increased energy more than any other time before
  • The diet has worked for people of all ages regardless of their current status of health.
  • The creator claims that the diet has already helped 88,616 people across the United States which is questionable because the program is all new.



  • Anyone can benefit from the program. You can engage
  • The prof at whatever point of losing weight
  • The program is easy to understand. The creator does as not use technical words or complex language.
  • The investment on the program is cheap as compares to many other in the market.
  • The program affords you freedom from being a prisoner of exercise and diets
  • Multiple benefits – you will lose the weight. You will also-also gain inner peace and boost your self-confidence.
  • No risk the program comes with a money back guarantee. Your money is in click bank, so you have nothing to lose.


Doctor with patient in clinic consulting

  • Doctor consultation: the program may be safe, but still, you need to engage your doctor before your commit yourself into the program. For instance, some of the foods may interfere with some of the medication that you are on if you have an existing health condition.
  • No bonuses – many of the products in the market come with free gifts. Gifts go a long way to encourage people to buy the product
  • Digital form – the program is only available in digital form. This is disadvantageous to those who prefer the hardcovers.
  • Some of the information in the book is questionable. For example, Dr. Sanders claims that every individual is born with brown fat. However, other studies show that brown fat is naturally occurring in one woman and in thinner persons who have low levels of glucose. Also, the amount of weight that the pdf claims customers can lose in a day is not recommended. It is not advisable to lose too much weight within a very short time.
  • The program will not help you to build muscle. Mules and only be grown through exercise and weight lifting. Lack of muscles not healthy for a body
  • It is also not appropriate for anyone with existing health issues and has to follow strict diets. The program must be undertaken with close consultation with your doctor.


  • Poor customer service
  • The first concern that was raised by concerned customers was poor customer service one customer indicated that when they bought the books, they realized that it was not going to meet their needs. The customer reported that he had since been trying to get her money back without any success.
  • Minimal results
  • Reviews showed that some users indicated that they had not registered the kind of success they had hoped for.
  • No research
  • There is no evidence of the investigation available to support the claims of pound meters. There are no studies whatsoever. There was a lot of negative information about the book in the review. Other issues that stood out are:
  • Some reviews felt that the program sounded too good to be true. If indeed it was possible to lose that much weight by just lowering the body temperature by half a degree, this breakthrough would be front page news all over the world.
  • Another concern is the so-called dark fat cells, have not been clearly understood to date. There is the absence of enough research evidence to show that the cells will lead to weight loss. The only studies that were done were in mice
  • There is no clear evidence that the dark fat cells will help you to lose weight. Although some studies indicate that lowering temperatures may boost metabolism, the studies are in conducive and most theoretical
  • Some people fat that the diet paid too much attention to weight loss and overlooked other health issues. How can it be safe to eat whatever you want?
  • Experts recommend losing 1 to 2 pounds a week which they consider healthy. The programs claim of a loss of 28 pounds is seen to be unrealistic and unhealthy
  • The other concern is the credibility of the testimonials given in the program. In fact, a certain review went as far as to claim that Paul’s photo of before the program is photoshopped. His head has been added to an overweight person’s body.
  • Another concern that the program is quite new, and only sold through affiliates who will earn commissions from the sales, the information available was not credible.
  • Since other program is not supported by enough scientific evidence, and also claims that you can eat anything that you want to eat, the program is most likely a scam. The fact is that some foods are unhealthy while others are healthy. Nobody can achieve their optimal health by eating anything that they come across.

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