Metabolic Cooking Review: Is It Better To Cook For Your Metabolism?

I used to be that kid who loves to hear people tell me that I look healthy. I felt like it was a compliment for my mom that she feeds me well to have come to that point. Everything was going so well until I entered middle school; I can still remember it as if it was just yesterday.

Instead of the usual constructive-sounding remarks I’ve heard, I was welcomed with negative comments followed by the laughter by most, if not all, of my classmates. At first, I tried to shrug it off but it turned into something worse than that. It dawned on me how one day won’t be complete without being humiliated in front of the class.

Everyone made me conscious of how heavy I was. Because of that,  I felt terrible with living in my own skin; my own body. I didn’t feel welcome at all when the only thing I get from everyone is their remarks about my physique. This went on until I reached high school.

Upon entering secondary school, I noticed how much I’ve changed in comparison with how I was as a kid. A wallflower that I am, I became anti-social and decided to be distant instead. Waking up, I started to feel like everything was touched with a tint of blue.

I was not that kid who was ready to face another day with smiles; I wasn’t that kind of ball of sunshine anymore.

It pains me all the time to stare in the mirror and notice how my skin bloats and sags at certain areas. The feeling of rejection made me sink lower than rock bottom. Thus, that made me feel as if I have the incapability of being respected and loved. Crying does nothing good but I did so anyway.

Metabolic Cooking

The Realization

It was when my very self-made me realize something. At first, I didn’t want to buy the fact that I needed to lose weight. At first, I felt dejected by myself since I’ve come to believe what they’ve been telling me.

Until I tried to turn this proposed change into a positive one then take it negatively.

I will make myself better and prove them wrong.

It starts today. I will turn their words as charcoal to fuel the fire of my motivation.

They are telling me this because they care for my health. I must care for myself.

In order to know if a certain technique works, I decided to rely on reviews I saw online. Here’s the thing: I thought it was that easy. I was expecting an easy fix but there were always temptations that were ready to break my train of determination.

As a sucker for food, I am easily tempted to eat. I convinced myself that it was a cheat day kind of time until I did that more frequently. Thus, pushing me further away from my goal. My relationship with determination was fluctuating; it was like some kind of insane roller coaster.

Despite my desperate attempts, I’ve grown larger than I was way before I started my expected diet routine.

To make matters worse (as if it’s still not enough), the destructive criticism has taken its toll on strangers that I cross paths with along the streets. That struck me harder than I thought.

It was the thought that not only is this visible to people in school, but also strangers are even pointing this out when they could just keep silent. Because of this, I decided to attempt changing again due to hurt, frustration, and anger.

Metabolic Cooking

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Metabolic Cooking

Karine Losier’s Metabolic Cooking

As I said earlier, I tried a lot of alternatives online but most of them can either be ineffective or it worked for only a short period of time. My goal has stolen a lot of money in my wallet too since I decided to buy books that I thought would help me.

I bought low-calorie recipes, tips to weight loss, and anything along those lines. I always looked for those kinds of recipes that would help me make really delicious food that won’t break my diet consumption but to no avail.

Although I couldn’t find the right one for me, I was still fueled by the criticisms I was able to get and that landed me to find Metabolic Cooking that was introduced by Karine Losier.

Karine Losier's Metabolic Cooking

As for someone who thought he had tried everything about diet and fail frustratingly, I was cautious and hesitant if this other method would work for me. Then again, how would I know if I don’t try everything?

Karine Losier's Metabolic Cooking

What caught my attention right away was the variety of foods that Karine Losier presented. I don’t know if I should believe the fact that I will be able to eat those meals that look like it might destroy my diet regime. It made me think that everything was too good to be true.

It was then and there when she pointed out that not all healthy, fat loss recipes should be trusted. Despite its very catchy names, they are offering you something that is the very opposite of what you want to be. They put more sugar and dressings in there; definitely, something that would push you further from solving your weight problems.

In fact, these kinds of books need to consider something else instead. It was in that very moment when Karine Losier introduced to me the Metabolic Adaptation Phenomenon.

Karine Losier's Metabolic Cooking

What’s Good With Metabolism

Metabolism is the process wherein the food that one consumes is transformed into energy. The rate of metabolism varies from each and every one of us. This can be classified into two things:

  • Slow Metabolism

This is often seen as a negative thing since weight gain is something to be expected. This means you have to keep track of your food intakes and calories at all times. You tend to become lethargic, as well. It’s also slow to lose but fast to gain weight.

On the bright side, slow metabolism can also have its own advantages.  In terms of energy, you only need to consume a small portion in order to get that energy to get you through the day. Studies also show that it increases life expectancy.

  • Fast Metabolism

Aside from being able to lose weight better, people with fast metabolism have a stronger immune system; this is because they have better blood circulation thus increasing the count of healthy white blood cells. Because of their normal functioning organs, the body receives the right toxins and oxygen it needs making their skin look more healthy, smooth, and rejuvenated.

The problem with a fast metabolism is the tendency to dehydrate and sweat faster. Sometimes, the food intake wouldn’t meet one’s energy requirements. Losing weight can also be uncontrollable. Vitamin deficiencies need to be taken note of.

Karine Losier's Metabolic Cooking

Enhancing Your Metabolism

If you’re having problems with losing weight like me, I was able to research through articles and reviews ways on how to actually enhance one’s metabolism. Here are some of the following:

  • Strength training

It is a given that during exercise, we tend to burn a lot of calories. In strength training, it builds up your muscles wherein metabolism is based on. The more muscle that you have, the more calories you’ll be able to burn up.

Being active and doing aerobics can also help boost your metabolism.

  • Water intake

A study states that drinking water – specifically eight or more – could cause your body to burn more calories. It is also to keep your body from staying dehydrated. Water will allow your body to process your calorie count.

  • Don’t deprive yourself of food

Usually, we cut calories in order to lose more weight. Unfortunately, this will cause one’s metabolism to slow down. You should eat the required amount of calories in order to boost your metabolic rate. Eating less than 1,200 calories a day will send a chain reaction to cause stress for depriving the body for its physiological needs.

  • Drink tea

It was observed that people who drink tea lose more weight than those who don’t, according to one study. This is because of the active ingredients and antioxidants found in its herbs.

Karine Losier's Metabolic Cooking


Truly, don’t judge a book by its cover. I’m usually one of those people who thought diet can’t coincide with delicious dishes. As long as you know what kind of ingredients to use, Metabolic Cooking is good for you.

I’ve come to review how I used to live my life and the struggles and hurdles I had to go through. I have been doing things wrong. The book contains recipes that are considered easy to cook within 20 minutes or less. This is helpful and convenient for me since I get bombarded with a lot of paper works; this can help you too when you are time-constricted.

Definitely, all the foods provided in the book was scrumptious, no doubt. It’s also packed with information on the nutrients present in a certain recipe! Unlike other recipe books that I’ve read, this one was easy to follow through.

Surprisingly enough, food that looks this tasty just requires ingredients that might be only an arm’s length away or a short drive to the supermarket; which is a good thing because usually when I see an ingredient I’m not familiar on, I usually stop reading then and there.

Since then, I haven’t tried any other ways to lose weight because this surely takes the cake. It surprised me on how much people noticed my weight size decline but still able to eat tasty dishes. As if it wasn’t enough, Karine Losier extends her help with a lot of bonuses that are relevant to your diet regime.

Crossing paths with her book, Metabolic Cooking, made me reach my weight goals. Testing the waters and risking certain actions did me good. Are you ready to eat and live healthily?

Karine Losier's Metabolic Cooking

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