Make the Leg Cramps Go Away

Leg cramps come and go but sometimes they just bother you so much and you feel like there is nothing that works or you do not know what to do. Therefore, you will be happy to know that I have the tips that you can use when you are trying to make the leg cramps go away.


These will include stretch exercises and other methods that have been explored by many and found to be quite useful. So, without any more of the chitchat, let’s get to the good parts where I tell you what to do.

  1. Toe Flex

When you feel the leg cramps coming up, flex the toes upwards. Just sit on the floor with the legs straight. Then, reach for them with your fingers and pull them upwards. When you have held the toes properly, hold them in that position for several seconds like 20 or so.

  1. Heel Flex

Walk around the room on your heels to help make the muscles in your body stretch. That way, you can be able to stretch the calf muscles and the tendons to relive any pressure that might be causing you to have the cramps.

  1. Stretch the Calves Properly

The calf muscles will need more than just the heel flex to make them better and that is why you will need to have them stretched even more by the lunge exercises where you bend your knee slightly and then lunge towards that side.

  1. Massage and Heat

working out man

The legs can be easily accessed by both your arms. With little pressure and the right movements, you can be able to massage the legs back to normalcy. If this does not fully work, you can use heated towels that will be able to get the circulation back into work.

  1. Warm Shower

A warm shower will help you get the circulation back to the legs to help ease the cramps. While you shower, make sure that the water is hot or at least warm to make the muscles more responsive. That way even when you are massaging them, you will have an easy time getting them back to work.

Leg cramps are not that hard to deal with when you know what is to be done to banish them. That way, you will have a definitive guide that will lead you to the relief that you will be seeking.


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