How You Can Develop Volleyball Skills Like Ivan Zaytsev

Playing quality in volleyball is not as easy as it looks. It takes a lot more than jumping into the air and hitting a few smashes. Scoring a few points in a round is okay, but keeping it consistent is the key. There are people who have worked years to get good at the game, and such are the people we look up on.

Ivan Zaytsev is a volleyball legend and a winner of the most valuable player award, multiple time and consistently. He is someone most of us would like to play someday. So starting right from today, how would you pave your path to become someone like him.

How Can You Play Like Zaytsev?

Playing like Zaytsev is no joke. In fact, playing like any national level player is no joke. Every athlete has a certain set of rules they follow in their training. These generally include routines, patterns, diets and a trainer. A trainer who knows what you can improve and what you are lacking. Basically, someone who has complete understanding and can judge you.

All these factors come in together to make a good athlete. Learning these from the player you want to be, could be your path. But let’s understand what are these exactly.

The Routine

Any athlete has a routine they follow daily to keep themselves up to the mark with the game. It is international competitive play, you cannot afford to miss a day and lose your sharpness. This daily set of exercises and moves they practice every day is their routine. Jogging, sleeping, outdoor activities indoor activities all come under this.

Even the meal times and the reporting times are routine.

The Pattern

Each player you see has a playing pattern. Every player you see has a pattern of playing. A trademark move of the player. They will always occupy a certain position in the court. There will always be a move played at a certain time in the game. A move when the ball comes at a certain position in the court.

volleyball serve

All these contribute to the pattern of playing the game of the player. These are developed over time and with the practice, they follow. Once you understand these, it is their weakness and could be your strength.

The Diet

The diet is what changes everything in every sport. For this is what determines your muscle mass, fat stamina, overall strength. It has always been 80% diet and 20% hard work. Athletes take special care of their diet to maintain a certain weight, BMI and metabolism rate

The Trainer

A trainer is a necessity. Without someone spectating your game and commenting on certain points in the game, you cannot improve. You need someone who would look at the mistakes you make and know the way to correct them. Besides, you cannot do everything on your own. When the will gives away, stick comes into the picture.

When you have someone looking at you and making you work, you will work. Unlike when you are alone. Skipping a few counts, a few sets or the practice altogether is going to happen. But not if you have a trainer.

But the trainers come expensive and charge a lot. So how are you going to get one? Don’t worry we got you covered.

Volleyball Magic

volleyball digging

Volleyball Magic is a guide that tells aspiring volleyball athletes how they can train to be someone as good as Ivan Zaytsev or the Zar. Starting right from the basics the manual has all the guides. It leads you until you become the champion of the game. Most important of which is maintaining consistency.

The guide is divided into 4 simple modules. Starting from the things you need to do off the court, the drills, the exercises all show to you in video tutorials. The second part shows you the black hat tricks. Something every champion uses but in such a way that it is never a foul or is never considered wrong, but is taken in the sportsman spirit.

The last part has the informational audio logs from legendary players and interviews of the champions and probably even all your favorite players!

So, start volleying like your favorite player today – pick a guide, and start drilling those skills down!

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