How to Get Healthier by Stretching, Dieting, and Preventing Injuries


We have all hear about the connection of beauty and a healthy diet. We all know that when you have a proper way of feeding and when you follow that diet properly, your body gets better and is able to absorb more nutrients and hence you become better looking.


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A healthy skin is a reflection that you are getting a proper diet which can help you live life better while having a great body which does not succumb to illnesses easily. Most of the people who work out have attributed their great features to a better diet and in this article, we examine the basics of dieting and how it can be done in the best way.

So, join me in learning some of the most important topics about the way to diet especially when it comes to today’s world which is busy that people forget they should look out after their bodies. We have left too much to chance and that has affected our ability to have better health due to bad eating habits. For example, when you know the connection between what you eat and what goes into your skin, you will have information about the following important things:

  • The diet that you take affects your skin because, for example, protein has amino acids that make collagen which in turn makes your skin strong and supple.
  • The food that you eat is always reflected in the way that your skin will behave later.




We are going, to begin with, the broad category of healthy dieting where I will feed you the tips to having food that is balanced, healthy and useful for your body.


Healthy Dieting

Healthy dieting involves a lot of effort but when you get used to it and make it your normal lifestyle; you won’t even notice what effort is going into making your body better. The following are just the most important steps in achieving a healthy diet that can go a long way in serving you.


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  1. Have Variety

Did you know that when you stick to one diet only, your body will be experiencing an imbalance of nutrients and that it will be stunted? Well, if you didn’t, am telling you, it is not a pretty sight to see your dieting friends looking like sculpted gods while you appear to be the runt. When you diversify your foods, you will have more chances of getting a wider range of nutrients.

  1. Go Natural and Fresh

We are so used to eating already cooked food that the only time we really get our hands on a fruit is when somebody buys some and gives you one. It is not good to forget the importance of a healthy bunch of fresh farm produce. These fruits are like the nutrient jackpot.


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Eat as many fruits as you can daily and you will see that reflected in our general health. Other foods like legumes and vegetables are rich in fiber and the natural house blended juices are the best.

  1. Whole Grains

Most of the flour products we get nowadays have usually been stripped of all their rich goodness which lies in the wholeness of it all. By taking away the ground husks and leaving plain white flour, you miss out on a whole new level of nutrients. When you go buying grains, make sure they are 100% whole grain. This will avail the contents of the product in its full glory.

  1. Quantity

When you want to have a healthy diet, get to know how much food is enough for you. People assume that by eating as much as they can, they are getting healthier. This is actually not the case. You may be giving the body less or more than it needs and either way you look at it, your body is not going to like the imbalances.

This is actually not the case. You may be giving the body less or more than it needs and either way you look at it, your body is not going to like the imbalances.

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  1. Healthy Fats

There are fats which the body has a hard time processing and there are those that blend and get digested well in the body. These include the oils found in nuts and fish. They are unsaturated and they have a high-calorie count.


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Because they contain omega 3 fats, they have a remarkably desirable change when it comes to the reduction of heart diseases caused by bad eating habits.



Should You Go On a Fast?

Well, most people fast because they are obligated by their religion or they believe in something spiritual or holistic which has the element of fasting in it. But there is more than just religious significance in fasting.

Here is how you look at it. Fasting has been in use for centuries to promote physical and spiritual health. We have the absolute fasts where you don’t take any food or water in the allotted time frame for the fast. Then there’s the one where they allow you to drink some specific fluids like juice or water.

People have different reasons for fasting and they include medical, health and spiritual enhancement. It will all depend on your motivations. Why are you doing it? Since we are talking about the tenets of healthy dieting, we might as well take a look at fasting in relation to dieting. In that regard, we will talk about intermittent fasting which as the name suggests, is an on and off an engagement that is aimed at a healthier body.

In that regard, we will talk about intermittent fasting which as the name suggests, is an on and off an engagement that is aimed at a healthier body.

  1. Leangains– This kind of fast happens for 14-16 hours a day and then you are allowed to feed in the remaining 8 hours of the day. When you are in this period, you will consume no calories but can be allowed to have black coffee, calorie free sweeteners, diet soda and other none- calorie foods. During this period, you shall have to watch what you eat and make sure it’s the right balance.
  1. Eat Stop Eat– This is where you fast for 24 hours once or twice in a week. During the fasting period, you can only drink the non-calorie stuff. When the fasting time is over, don’t eat a big meal to compensate, just get back to normal life as if you didn’t fast.
  2. The Warrior Diet– This is fasting for 20 hours every day. This program is good because it helps the body’s nervous system, boost energy and make fat burning easy.

The above mentioned methods are just some of the few that you can undergo. When you do fast, do so for a reason because it is important for you to benefit from a fast.


Top 5 Dieting Tricks for Busy People

In today’s world, everyone has something that they do that keeps them too busy. Career- driven people are all over the world and they barely get time to get anything done about their bodies which degenerate into unhealthy disease traps that hound them later in life. Here are the five best dieting tricks that you can use if you want to make sure that your busy life doesn’t take your health off the rails.

  1. Do short workouts– these can be spread throughout the day and can be as short as ten minutes each. All these workouts can make a difference especially if they are very specific in terms of what they achieve.
  2. Count your calories– this is the best way to keep track of how you eat because in this way you can know when you are going overboard. Consuming too many calories is harmful and having too few is also bad. Have regular and pre-determined portions.
  3. Know the contents of what you buy– by doing this, you can be able to keep track of what you eat to maintain a healthy diet. If it becomes a habit ingrained in you, you can be safe knowing that you won’t mess up.
  4. Have healthy foods– you should be stocked with good food which includes fresh fruits and vegetables. Nuts are good too and whole grain foods will ensure that you get all the energy without the side effects of a bad diet.
  5. A balanced breakfast– this is a very important part of your diet, it should be healthy and energy filled because it helps reduce cravings for other things like sugars which are not healthy for a working busy person.


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How to Stay Healthy Even When You Don’t Have Time

If you have a busy schedule that does not allow you to do anything useful about your health, you may want to know ways in which you can beat the clock and get yourself back into great shape. This is fairly easy and here are the simple steps you can follow.

  1. Water– This naturally occurring element that is the source of life on the planet as we know it will help you lose the extra pounds by making your metabolism faster. Consume from anywhere between 2.5-3 liters a day and you’ll see the changes.
  2. Fruits– These are the source of fat burning chemicals that will help you maintain a certain weight. Another good thing is that you can use it to replace dessert and state your sugar cravings.
  3. Eat more vegetables– These contain fibers, loads of nutrients and carbohydrates which lead to fewer calories hence weight loss.
  4. Eat whole grains– Keep away from white refined grains which have more carbs. Brown carbs are the best because they will not make it hard to maintain a certain weight.
  5. Plan your meals and watch the portions that you eat to ensure that you don’t stress eat or impulse-eat because these habits make it harder to track your progress.
  6. Include intense short work outs- During the day; you can have intense customized workouts that lead to faster weight loss. Consult which they are from trusted trainers and online gyms.


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Top 5 Injury Prevention Exercises you should be doing

There are two types of injuries that occur, that is, cumulative injuries and traumatic injuries. Cumulative injuries take place when you have tissue damage which occurs over time due to the posture in which you sit stand or train in.

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That is why you need to know how to prevent these from happening. By improving on the following things, you can be insured against these injuries.

  1. Flexibility Exercise– this one involves stretching exercises and light contortions that include aerobics and yoga-like exercises. By being flexible, there is no rigidness and bunching of muscles to form tight spots.
  2. Balance exercises– you will need to have really good balance to improve on posture and the ability to stay erect and in good posture in unfamiliar and difficult terrain and workouts.
  3. Speed exercises– when you are lazy and slow, you will not be able to prevent even the most simple of accidents from happening to you. When you have speed, it is easy to dodge or escape something that could have harmed you.
  4. Strength exercises– you need to maintain a certain amount of muscle tone on your body in order to keep yourself from becoming obese which has been known to cause hunching postures and other muscle problems.
  5. Agility exercises– muscle and limb coordination is very important in keeping yourself from harm because the reaction time matters. You may be falling and your ability to hold on or fall properly will save you from injuries. It will also make work outs easier.


Top 10 Worst Foods to Avoid

When it comes to the foods that one should not eat when trying to lead a healthy lifestyle, this list shows it all in detail and n summary.

  1. Processed Meats

Meats that have been processed through curing, smoking or salting and any other method, are not safe and increase the risk of colon cancer. These meats have too much salt, too much fat and cholesterol which is not good for your heart.  The nutrient content is also usually low.

Assortment of cold meats

  1. Margarine

Despite the claim that it is cholesterol free, margarine has Trans fat which has been known to cause damage to blood vessels and other coronary organs. It has an effect of taking cholesterol to a whole new level.

Butter, bread

  1. Soda

Soda has been known to cause pancreatic cancer especially after taking it for a certain amount of time. It doubles the chances of getting fatter and increases the chances of you dying from cardiovascular illnesses.

  1. Potato Chips and French fries

When you bake or fry foods, they have elevated levels of carcinogens which are the main cause of cancers in many people. These foods are not good for your weight either.

French fries

  1. ‘Low-fat’ processed foods

Despite the labels, these are not exactly low fat. They are processed by adding ingredients to make them sweeter. Otherwise, they are just bland foods made with unhealthy ingredients.

  1. Doughnuts

These have been known to contain Trans fat, refined flour, and sugar which are a bunch of unhealthy and really bad ingredients that you do not want to ingest anyhow. They contain too many fats and empty calories.


  1. Frozen Foods

These go through very intense processing and contain too much sodium and too many calories and fats. They are dangerous to your weight watching and cardiovascular systems.

  1. Ice cream

These have a very high amount of saturated fats that get deposited on your artery walls making it very hard to have a healthy cardiovascular system.

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  1. Mayonnaise and hollandaise sauce

These contain a very high amount of pure fats and oils that are always deposited in the walls of your arteries making it harder to breathe or struggle much. They increase calorie intake very quickly.

  1. Cakes, chocolate, and candy

Related to weight gain and always labeled as unhealthy, these are foods that you don’t want to take if you are all for the healthy lifestyle.

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How to Lose Fat from Your Waistline


When you want to reduce the waistline, here are three great ways that you can do that.

  1. Reduce calories intake– if you want to lose weight it is obvious that you need to burn more calories than you put in. you can run or exercise to reduce the number of calories. Taking good foods is also a good way to go.
  2. Avoid sugar and starch– this is because these are known to cause higher levels of insulin production and this is the one thing that increases your waist size. Also, don’t eat foods made of white flours that are refined.
  3. Get more Protein and fiber– these are the kind of foods that reduce cravings for more food. They make you feel sated and a protein diet is sure to ensure that you lose the weight and increase the energy.

Healthy Food

In conclusion, healthy living takes more than just eating the right foods, you also need to get regular exercise and be extra vigilant with what you eat. This way you can always stay on top of your game and be healthier. Avoid junk foods and unnecessary fats.


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