Hemorrhoids Saviour Review: A Cure To Save You From Hemorrhoids?

Allow me not to mince words. Hemorrhoids are hell. You are reading this review because you know this without a shadow of a doubt. The hell unleashed by a hemorrhoid attack requires a ‘savior.’ No pun intended. This review may have found the ‘savior’ you seek.

Today’s review is for a book called Hemorrhoids Saviour. Hemorrhoids Saviour wants to show you how to shrink your hellish hemorrhoids, stop the constant pain, incessant bleeding and uncomfortable swelling that comes with them. It claims that all this can be done naturally, without surgery, drugs or creams and in less than twenty-four hours.

Before we jump into the book, let’s make sure we are on the same page regarding hemorrhoids.

What are Hemorrhoids

What are Hemorrhoids

The lower rectum and anus have a series of veins and arteries. They swell when they get irritated. Hemorrhoids are swollen rectal and anal veins. They are also referred to as piles. Hemorrhoids are similar to varicose veins. With that in mind, they may also be referred to as the “varicose veins of the anus and rectum.”

There are two types of hemorrhoids. This distinction is made based on where the hemorrhoid is located. Either internally or externally.

Internal hemorrhoids are found deep in the rectum. You can’t seem them or feel them. The scarcity of pain-sensing nerves in this area contributes to feeling less pain. Most people are made aware of them when they experience rectal bleeding.

External hemorrhoids are located around the anus. They cause extreme pain. This is due to the presence of a large number of pain-sensing nerves compared to those deep inside the rectum.

What Causes Hemorrhoids

What Causes Hemorrhoids

The following activities have been shown to produce hemorrhoids.

  • Straining during bowel movements – The greater the strain during a bowel movement, the greater the pressure in the veins in the lower rectum.
  • Sitting or standing for extended periods of time – Sitting or standing for extended periods of time increases pressure on the veins in the anus.
  • Chronic diarrhea – The persistent urge to ‘go’ makes your anus quite sore. Adding to this is the irritation caused by an endless number of swipes with less than soft tissue paper.
  • Obesity – The rectal muscles experience greater pressure when one is obese. In addition, obese people tend to be low in fiber, drink fewer fluids and are less active. All these contribute to hemorrhoids.
  • Pregnancy – Pregnancy increases pressure in the rectal area and the pelvis. In addition, increased levels of progesterone courtesy of pregnancy weaken the associated veins causing constipation.
  • Anal intercourse – Anal sex irritates the anal sphincter and the anorectal canal. Your stomach muscles power your bowel movements. When a foreign object is sensed in the anorectal canal, the stomach muscles increase the amount of blood sent to the veins in the anus. The veins bulge as a result but always retract. Continuous anal sex keeps the veins bulging. When it comes to the anal sphincter, the constant anal action causes irritation to the skin around the anus.
  • Low-fiber diet – Fiber keeps you regular. A low-fiber diet leads to constipation. Constipation causes strain during bowel movements.

Hemorrhoid Symptoms

Hemorrhoid Symptoms

The most common symptom is bleeding. Others include:

  • Discomfort ranging from mild to extreme
  • Itching
  • Pain
  • Bumps around the anus

Rectal bleeding should not be ignored. Yes, it could be hemorrhoids. However, it is also a symptom of five serious conditions. They are:

  • Colon polyps
  • Colitis
  • Crohn’s disease
  • Diverticulitis,
  • Colorectal cancer

Hemorrhoids Saviour 

Hemorrhoids Saviour

Life can get complicated. Secretly we all wish it came with a manual. Hemorrhoids Saviour is referred to as the manual for the gut. A one hundred and fifty paged digital manual that presents a holistic permanent cure for hemorrhoids. Not only with this program focus on hemorrhoids, but it also addresses digestive disorders and complications that contribute to poor health.

Three sections make up this digital manual. Those sections are:

  1. Rescue Remedies
  2. Causes and Treatments
  3. Natural Supplements

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Hemorrhoids Saviour

1. Rescue Remedies

Included in this first section is information on the following

  • Natural treatments that work in a short period of time
  • How to reduce pain in twenty hours or less without the use of surgery, drugs, creams or medical intervention.

2. Causes and Treatments

The second section divulges the following

  • The root cause of hemorrhoids outbreaks
  • Unexpected causes of hemorrhoids.
  • The link between diet and hemorrhoids and how to tip the scales in your favor.
  • Whether herbs are harmful or provide healing relief.
  • Scientifically backed holistic treatments.
  • How to permanently treat outbreaks.

3. Natural Supplements

The third and final section includes the following.

  • Janet’s personal recommendations on supplements. Extensively tested and proven to work.
  • You’ll also learn where to get supplements at the best prices.
  • Finally, this section shares special discounts that you can use to minimize the impact to your wallet.

This holistic guide is written by a qualified healthcare professional. Her name is Janet Pfeiffer.

Who is Janet Pfeiffer

Janet Pfeiffer is a registered nurse. She is also a digestive health specialist. Her educational background is in Clinical Nutrition and Natural Therapies. Janet is also a former hemorrhoids sufferer.

Janet’s Motivations

Stomach troubles plagued Janet as a child. Anything she ate caused her stomach to react. They abated in her teens but fiercely returned when she began her professional career. Coincidentally, that career was in nursing.

Her nursing career gave her a front seat to the digestive system and all its intricate workings. She worked with colorectal and gastroenterology specialists. Unfortunately, one observation persistently hounded her. Majority of the patients were repeated visitors. Sadly, for the same issues. This must be causing them a grave financial burden not to mention the loss of time.

She made the following conclusion. Western medicine was great at managing symptoms. On the other hand, it was failing miserably, when it came to treating root causes and providing permanent relief. This failure sent her back to school to study clinical nutrition and natural therapies.

Chinese and Ayurvedic practitioners taught Janet. Her teachings exposed her to the inner workings of the pharmaceutical industry. She didn’t like what she saw. This motivated her to stick to her pursuit of a natural course of treatment.

Hemorrhoids Saviour is Janet’s gift to herself and to all those patients she saw one too many times.

What the Hemorrhoids Saviour Reveals 

What the Hemorrhoids Saviour Reveals

Reviews of this comprehensive health and wellness guide reveal the following great information.

  • Holistic science-based hemorrhoid solutions.
  • How hemorrhoids can be a sign of a greater complication.
  • Safe treatments that are 100% natural.
  • Foods that aggravate hemorrhoidal situations.
  • Foods that assist in the healing and prevention of hemorrhoid.
  • How to build a powerful digestive system that not only keeps hemorrhoids away but other digestive complications.
  • The right way to use the toilet that relieves pressure and pain.
  • How to determine the correct medicinal dosage when using natural products. Hint – the amount on the bottle is great for maintaining, not so much for treating an outbreak.
  • An effective device that makes surgery unnecessary.
  • Natural treatments that provide maxim healing benefits.
  • Exercises that aggravate hemorrhoids
  • Exercises that heal hemorrhoids and are also responsible for increasing sexual libido, stress reduction and improved digestion.
  • Stress – how it makes hemorrhoids worse and ways to counter it.
  • Popular herbs and supplements to avoid. Updated scientific research has disproven their claims.
  • How to avoid and naturally treat hemorrhoids brought on by pregnancy.
  • An essential element that must be part of eating more fiber and fruit and less processed foods for permanent hemorrhoid relief.
  • Whether drinking more water is an effective prevention tool.
  • The right way to use the toilet. This includes timing and the correct position to use.
  • Which hemorrhoid treatments cause more damage.
  • Why you should avoid enemas.
  • Effective Chinese, European and Ayurvedic therapies.

As you can see, there are a lot of revelations. This, however, is not the entire list. When you buy the book you will learn so much more.

Limited Time Offer Bonus Item

Your purchase of Hemorrhoids Saviour comes with a bonus item. The bonus item is a free email consultation. Ask Janet anything on your mind. Hemorrhoid related of course. She promises a comprehensive reply.

This bonus item is available for a limited time only. I strongly suggest you hurry before they start charging for consultations.


Limited Time Offer Bonus Item

Each year, approximately ten million Americans experience a hemorrhoid outbreak.

This holistic hemorrhoid treatment program will show you how to permanently treat hemorrhoids in the privacy of your home. It will save you money and valuable time. In addition, it will improve the overall quality of your life. This is done by enhancing cardiac and intestinal health.

In addition to the limited time offer of free email consulting, you’ll receive lifetime updates. This ensures you always have access to the latest cutting edge research and treatment solutions.

Janet is now hemorrhoid free. Reviews and multiple testimonials confirm that others have found ‘salvation’ too. This program is one hundred percent safe and free.

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