Grow Taller 4 Idiots Review: How Many Inches Taller Will You Get?

In the world we live in 6 feet has become the new short. Anyone under 6 feet can consider themselves under the radar. AT 5’’2 I cannot deny height envy. It stalks me everywhere I go: At the supermarket shelves, at the overhead compartment in planes and even in my own home while changing the bulb.

And it doesn’t help when well-meaning people ask “can you reach that”? “Are you OK there”? Or “need some help with that”?

No, nothing can console me. Not even the fact that Pablo Picasso, the father of cubism, was 5 ft 4 inches tall and he created some of the best works of art the 20th century has ever seen.

Or that James Madison, Americas 4th president was 5 ft 4 inches and Mahatma Gandhi was just an inch taller but both were great statesmen contributing greatly to their respective constitutions and freedom struggles in their parts of the world.

Or that Yasser Arafat and I are comrades in height despite the fact that he is widely regarded by the international community as a true leader who worked tirelessly for the Palestinian nation his entire life.

And let’s not forget Ludwig van Beethoven who was 5 ft 3 inches and blind to boot but created the most beautiful music and Yuri Gagarin the Russian astronaut who stood at 5 ft 2 inches: Two great men who accomplished amazing feats during their lifetime despite incredible odds.

But for every short strong president who is revered for his contribution to American democracy, there is a taller one who was just as famous. George Washington was 6 ft 2 inches while the founding father of the United States of America, Abraham Lincoln was 6 ft 5 inches.

For every great general like NapoleonBonapartee who was also referred to as le petit corporal (he was 5 ft 6inches) there are taller generals like King Edward I of England otherwise known as long shanks. He was 6 ft 2 inches. His biggest nemesis, Scottish revolutionary leader William Wallace was a whopping 6 ft 7 inches.

The Stereotypes

Height has nothing to do with ability. Therein lies the bone of contention that has existed for centuries without being resolved. At the risk of stating the obvious inches do not make you smarter or the opposite.

Stereotypes abound about how short people are have nots in the world. For example

  • Short people have no friends
  • They are single with no prospects
  • They are the brunt of all jokes
  • They earn less

Nothing is going right

Taller people, on the other hand, have it all

  • They have beautiful girlfriends, fiancĂ©es or wives
  • They live happy fulfilled lives
  • They are respected
  • Have many friends
  • Earn a lot of money
  • Get promoted


Has everything going for him

To counter these stereotypes about short people, theories abound that good looking people are not very smart and height factors highly into good looks. Therefore some people believe that tall people are not smart either while we, their shorter counterparts, are endowed with all the brains. Almost like the creator was trying to make up for the deficiency in inches.

Well, I don’t believe that and neither should you. However, what if there is a way to achieve the longed-for inches; A way that you could attain your preferred height safely. Here is a real solution that will dispel all the myths and stories you have heard about height increase programs.

What this program is not

  • A grow a taller overnight magical program
  • Lies about growing exponentially tall
  • Unsafe and unrealistic methods of increasing your height

The scientific truth about height

Height weighs heavy on everyone's mind

It is important to note that once you have gone past the growth stage your growth plates are fused making it impossible for your bones to grow any longer. For girls, this happens between 16 – 18 years and for boys between 18 – 21 years.

Only 60% to 80% of our height is influenced by our genetics. For anyone still experiencing growth, you can use this program to maximize your natural growth and grow taller than your genetics would have allowed you to.

This basically means you and I could be taller than we are right now if we had used this program before we reached adulthood! But what does that mean for adults? Does that mean they cannot get any taller?

Well, it is impossible to grow taller in the traditional sense of the word once you hit adulthood but a quick review of the program shows you ways that can make you stand taller than you are now.

Grow Taller 4 Idiots!

You don’t have to stay stuck short forever! Click here to learn all the incredible methods and techniques you can use from Grow Taller 4 Idiots!

The program

Aptly named Grow Taller for Idiots, this program identified several self-inflicted things that make us shorter than we really are. It was created by Darwin Smith who spent his whole life hearing short jokes, short innuendo and being passed over because he is short. The creation of this program lifted a burden off his shoulder and led him to quit his job leaving a boss who always teased him about his height and starts his own online business despite the naysaying of his mom.

It tackles the very things that cause us to shorten our stature. These include

  • Posture
  • Weight
  • Exercise
  • Foods
  • Clothing

Does it work?

This is the main question that most people ask when they come across Grow Taller for Idiots. After all, the scientific proof cited up there and much more available says it is not possible.

194,000 people in 174 countries have tried and tested this resource and here is what some of them have to say

“Thank you for an amazing program” – Coming from genetics where both parents are Nafis Naido was skeptical at the beginning. But following the program saw her add 3 inches to her 5’’7’. She is now a happier 5’’10’.

“Was not short but wanted to grow taller” – Having been the same height as his best friend Mario Chin wanted to be the taller of the two. Using the program he has grown to 5’’10 leaving his friend Ben at their previous 5’’7’. Mario can’t believe it.

Taller is considered attractive

The popularity of this program has grown because Darwin does not perpetuate the lie that you can grow physically taller with fused plates. Instead, the program highlights the everyday things that take away your inches and that if rectified could have you standing taller!

Grow Taller for Idiots has the lowest refund rates in the industry because Darwin Smith’s methods are tried and tested. 92.6% achieved satisfactory results by following the program.

What you will learn from this program

  • The 3 most vital elements to gaining inches
  • The amount of sleep you need to reach your optimum height potential
  • 5 minute long quick fixes that will have you instantly looking up to 6 inches taller
  • How to gain height while sleeping using the best height increasing sleep position
  • The 15 minute exercise that will boost your height
  • How to sit properly to straighten your spine and gain more inches
  • Exercises that will stretch your body and elongate it safely
  • Monitoring your food intake to maximize your height potential
  • What 2 foods to eat during your last meal of the day that will help increase you height
  • How to stand in the best sunlight to make yourself taller
  • How to attain the right posture for increased height
  • Why diets decrease your height
  • What clothes, hairstyles and general appearance can do for your height gain
  • Weight training and height gain

The expense of growing taller

Programs like this usually come at a hefty price because growing taller is on every short person’s wish list at some point or another. Options include

  • Surgical growth procedures which can cost as much as $40,000- $250,000 and are very risky not to mention painful
  • Supplements that you will notice after a month do not work yet cost you $200- $1000


  • A program that has worked for over 190,000 people and counting which costs you much less. A one-time buy that will last you for a lifetime.

But what if I fall into the 3.8% who asked want their money back for one reason or another? Reviews from the customer who wanted refunds to reveal that getting your money back is not a drawn out, difficult affair. Rather it is prompt with a courteous inquiry about what you did not like about the product.

The refund process

The system comes with a 60-day money back guarantee but Darwin takes the refund process a little further. He recommends that you buy the program and see how it works. If you are not happy within 8 weeks of buying it you will receive your money back to the last cent.

And even if it works and you do not like it for any other reason he will give you a full refund as well. In addition, you get to keep the Grow Taller for Idiots system that you had purchased as his way of thanking you for trying out the program.

As professionals, they will not divulge your credit card or bank statements so no one will ever know you purchased the resource; unless of course you have raving reviews about it and can’t keep it to yourself. Payments are made through ClickBank’s order form which is considered the most secure and trustworthy online method of payment.


If your height has been an issue for you your entire life isn’t it great to have an option to change the way things stand?

Grow Taller 4 Idiots!

Start using Grow Taller 4 Idiots today, and you’ll know the best methods you can use to grow taller!


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