Fat Burning Bible Review: Does Your Gut Hold The Key To Losing Fat?

You go through your day eating meals – pasta, vegetables, fruits, pizza. One day, you stepped on the weighing scale, the numbers revealed,you gained nine pounds. You can’t fit in your favorite jeans. You get countless disapproving stares as you walk on the streets and receive snide remarks from friends or family. You feel you are losing your bearings and confidence.

Everything crashes down on you as you fret on your unhealthy habits of opening a box of donuts and consuming them all, eating the last slice of pizza, and requesting an extra cheese on your burger. You’ve got to turn yourself around and stop your gluttonous ways.

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No! I don’t mean starving yourself to death. There is surely a better way in losing those extra pounds, regaining your composure and to be healthy again.

Have you been frustrated lately? You’ve set yourself to reduce your weight but despite all your efforts, nothing seems to be working. You’ve read articles on the Net and sought advice from others but no solution presents itself to you.

Why? Where did you go wrong? So, you give up hope on being able to wear those tight jeans again.

It’s crucial that you have to be aware on the risks of being overweight. Going beyond your normal weight may result to any of the following health conditions:

  • Stroke
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Hypertension
  • High cholesterol
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Kidney failure
  • Liver problems
  • Gallstones
  • Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome
  • Neuropathy, and more.

Anthony Turner  was diagnosed with hypertension at the age of 38. He was weighing 390 pounds. The doctors told him, he only had less than 6 months to live if he won’t lose those pounds. He has been obese since childhood, weighed 140 pounds at the age of 10 and was almost double the weight at the age of 15.

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He sought professional advice from pediatricians to nutritionists.He cut down his food intake, removed unhealthy food from his diet, and replaced these with fresh organic meals. All of these didn’t work.

Why can some people consume a big amount of food but do not gain weight? Why is it difficult to shed the excess fats – even if you’ve tried various therapies? These questions was also in his thoughts.

Surprisingly, he was able to reduce 142 pounds in 90 days without the need to remove any of his favorite food.

”How?” you say.

During his research, he found a bacteria called Firmicutes, a type of bacteria in a persons’ body that leads a person to gain weight while Bacteroidetes helps a person to lose weight.

A study on 4 sets of twins was found to prove this claim where one was overweight and the other was healthy. It was found, twins who are obese had an increased level of Firmicutes, and a decrease of Bacteroidetes while the healthy group of participators showed a decrease of Firmicutes and an increase of Bacteroidetes.

This showed why some people gain more calories than others even if they consume the same amount of food. He also met Dr Forrest, a co-researcher of the study, who imparted knowledge that a high-fiber diet is one of the solutions to regulate the fat-inducing bacteria we call, Firmicutes.

This is a new breakthrough on weight loss and Anthony Turner wanted to reveal how he lost weight by producing a comprehensive, step-by-step and easy-to-follow weight loss book called Fat Burning Bible.

Fast Food Chains is a Door of Death

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Most Americans were identified to have the lack of consumption on high-fiber foods. Maybe because the society produces continuous amount of artificially processed meals. There is a heavy supply of fast food chains – on the go meals – which would satisfy your hunger but not your health.

I know, home-cooked meals takes longer to prepare but fast to consume. We do not have the time to be in the kitchen for an hour (or two) that is why most families would resort to eating in a restaurant or (yes, you got that right!) food deliveries.

High in Fiber is equal to a Healthy Lifestyle

So, what is this high fiber foods they have been talking about?

High fiber is recommended for you to be able to:

  • reduce the feeling of bloatedness
  • avoid problems on the digestive system
  • regain fatty acid production
  • lower Cholesterol Level
  • weight management
  • reduce hunger
  • increase stool bulk
  • increase the production of hormones – lipids and metabolism.

A study has shown that obese adults were more likely to consume less dietary fiber than people who were healthy.

The recommended daily fiber intake for women is 25 grams while men should consume between 35 to 40 grams.

High Fiber Foods such as: Avocados, Asian Pears, Peas, Broccoli, Artichokes, Black Beans, Brussels Sprouts, Berries, Coconut, Figs, Okra, Squash, Turnips, Nuts, Seeds, and many more.

You do not even need to discard certain food groups but all you have to do is substitute certain foods with natural ingredients for your meal. In this case, sustain a high fiber diet!

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About the Book
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If you’re in need of losing pounds, permanently and without any difficulty, in order to avoid health-related complications, Fat Burning Bible is highly recommended for you!

The contents of the book would contain:

  • A list of foods that helps you burn your fats
  • Recipes and meal plans that is not only delicious but easy to prepare for breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • A list of food that triggers fat-building bacteria to increase its’ production
  • Foods that are claimed healthy but is in fact, bad for your health

Healthy Cooking

The book, Dr. David Forrest Fat Burning Bible is done to be able to give insights to people who have lost hope in losing weight. Those people who have tried everything they can but failed to do so. I can guarantee that the book won’t fail you, in fact thousands of people have tried the program and was satisfied of the results.

An estimation of 27,783 men and women had written up reviews after using the method which Anthony Turner discovered to be able to lose weight fast and at the same time, maintain a healthy lifestyle by buying his book the ‘Fat Burning Bible’.


The goal of the book is:

  • To be able to impart knowledge on the role of certain systems inside your body; metabolism, bacteria such as the Firmicutes and Bacteroidetes
  • To give ways on how to hinder the production of excess firmicutes bacteria by carrying out programs, recipes, and meal plans.
  • To also be aware of certain ingredients that is reported as healthy by society but in truth, harmful for your health.

Who is Dr. David Forrest:
Dr. David Forrest has contributed significantly to the book, he was a researcher on the experiment which identified the two different kinds of bacteria; Firmicutes and Bacteroidetes – that make up a person’s weight loss and weight gain.

Sadly, the experiment was discontinued and he was threatened not to leak any information. He, then, collaborated with Anthony Turner even if it means disobeying the law.

He revealed using the technique with his wife and the couple lost a total of 42 pounds in the span of 60 days. His relatives have also reported the same drastic change on their weight.

Benefits from the book: 

1. Appearance

Losing weight would mean you can fit in those jeans you have been dying to use again. You would not have the urge to run away in front of a crowd because of being badly judged by your appearance. In fact, you might even receive compliments!

2. Improved Mental Health

A persons’ inner state is crucial in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. An overweight person would have a decrease in his confidence so it would be a big change if the person loses weight. Gaining confidence would help a person to be mentally healthy.

3. Time Consumption
Some of you would not have the time for physical fitness programs or cooking a healthy and time-consuming meal, the contents of the book would introduce you to an easier way to lose weight and at the same time, not hinder your work deadlines and spending time with family and friends.

4. Naturally Healthy
Don’t even think of using medications as a source to help you lose weight. Drugs, pills, supplements would later have huge side effects in your physical and mental state. Natural ingredients will be introduced in the book, foods that are particularly high in fiber that will help you start fresh but also give you a longer life.

5. More Savings
It has been found that people would go all through their time to spend thousands of dollars on numerous fake review programs, supplements, and therapies to lose weight which is why the book was created and only costs $37, in order for people to save those thousands of dollars and use it in the future.

6. Bonus E-Books:
When you purchase the book, there will be two free e-books entitled ‘Foods that Make You Fat’ and ‘False Friends’. These e-books would give you a more in-depth knowledge of the kind of meals to avoid and the reasons why you should stop consuming it.

The value of this program does not only focus on giving you a presentable and/or good appearance but it would be able to improve your confidence, the way you feel about yourself and your surroundings, to improve your outlook in life and be more bold on your decisions. Letting you to feel and be healthy in the right and natural way.


Reviews on Dr. David Forrest Fat Burning Bible:
A loyal customer named Monica Taylor from Little Rock Arkansas claimed how she has exerted effort to losing weight for years, and had tried different diets but was still disappointed with the results. She decided to buy the book and have lost 24 pounds in 2 months.

Trevor Berry from Portland, Maine is another customer who ate healthily, cut down his junk food and alcohol intake but would still gain weight. Eventually on the verge of starving himself, he decided to read and follow the steps on the book. Now,he has a flat stomach and regained his self-confidence.

Another review of the book from Kinsella of Newport, Rhode Island stated she was diagnosed with depression because of her weight gain – 190 pounds. She felt it was unfair how she would gain weight while her siblings does not, even if they eat the same meals and food intake. A friend of hers recommended the program which has made her lose 15 pounds in 28 days.

This is applicable to every age groups; young or old, even if you have been trying to lose weight for days or years. It would be life-changing and worth your time. In a study from the Journal of Health Economics, Obese men spends $1,152 a year in medical expenses, while women spend $3,613 a year.There’s some good news, I’d love to tell you, this weight loss program only costs $37. This would not only give you a healthy lifestyle but it will also help you avoid in overspending.


Yes, you heard it right! Fat Burning Bible written by Anthony Turner will only cost you $37 and there is a 100% money-back guarantee within 60 days. What are you waiting for? Buy now!


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