Fast Plantar Fasciitis Cure Review: Quickly Get Rid Of Your Foot Pain

Treat my Plantar Fasciitis at home

Remember that time when you automatically walked, without even thinking of the next step? If you have Plantar Fasciitis as my mom did, then most likely you too, much like her, have to consider every step you take.

Up until some years ago, I had never imagined that such a condition existed and that it was caused by stress.

Fast Plantar Fasciitis Cure

I remember first how it took 2 doctors to diagnose my mom with Plantar Fasciitis, and then how their suggestions were quite extreme.

When my mom asked me and my siblings to look for alternatives, we all got to the task.

As I was asking my friends, they all recommended:

  • Strong medicine
  • Expensive surgery
  • Uncomfortable add-ons
  • Among other “NO” solutions.

Finally, I came upon Fast Plantar Fasciitis Cure, read some reviews, and discussed it with my mom.

She agreed to try something more natural that wouldn’t put her in risk of getting addicted to strong medicine or that, if done wrong, could be worse for their feet.

The first weeks

My mother is not the most disciplined person, and so she was struggling to follow up on her exercises even though she was in pain, so I decided to help her.

We did the exercises together for the next 7 days and I remember her going from agony while walking, to a slow, but regularly, paced walk that allowed her to go around the house with help.

It is very important to notice that, every point that Jeremy, author of the book, highlighted, we followed.

We were dealing with walking! Such a basic task, that due to stress had become unbearable for my mother who had been active all of her life.

As we went on following Jeremy Roberts’ advice, my mom was doing better and better, until she was able to walk again without pain for a while.

We only dedicated ourselves to the exercises of the eBook, I even did them myself and they soothed the muscles of my feet, which was quite a revelation for me.

Following up

As we went on with the Fast Plantar Fasciitis Cure guide, we couldn´t believe how, as little as 5-10 minutes a day, would provide hours of comfort to my mother’s feet, it was amazing.

So, the exercises went on, but also, we would visit a doctor every so often to check her progress.

The doctor was very happy with how my mom was improving, and so we continued.

After my mom had put the exercises and stretched into her daily habits I started talking to her about the other PDF eBooks that come with the Fast Plantar Fasciitis Cure.

With the Stress Guide, we started to notice some behavior patterns and reaction, from both sides, that was causing too much stress in our lives.

Once we were able to identify our main sources of stress, we learned how to be exposed to them without letting them get to us, which is pretty fantastic.

Together with identifying triggers and reaction, there was a very important part of identifying your environment and making it better. This is when we started to see most of the improvement.

Temporary relief

Jeremy Roberts identifies that Plantar Fasciitis is a psychosomatic condition. Basically, it starts with the mind and translates into our bodies.

However, due to this understanding, although the “most logical” way to address this could have been immediately going to the mind stuff, Jeremy goes to the physical stuff, here is why:

  • If you are in pain you can’t concentrate
  • If you can’t concentrate, you can’t act productively
  • If you don’t act productively, you don’t get results
  • If you don’t get results, you get frustrated

Fast Plantar Fasciitis Cure

So, Jeremy decided to start his book with exercises and stretches that relief the body from pain, temporarily.

With this in mind, is that the other bonus eBooks are included. The ones that stand out are:

  • Health and Fitness
  • Stress Soothers
  • Sleeping Solace

Going through this book and practicing their advice, actually, provides a long-term solution.

I am very grateful that about the massages, stretches, or exercises; but being able to see a change of mind within my mother, and with that relief that lasted longer, that was huge satisfaction.

Why does the extra material matter?

As mentioned before in this review. The stretches and exercises that Jeremy provides help to provide calm for some hours, but the real problem relies on stress.

Now, nothing will beat the professional aid of a licensed therapist to deal with stress but, as someone who has visited many of them, sometimes their approach is not for everyone.

After we managed to provide physical relief to my mom, we had to look into stress and why it was happening like this.

Being as private as she is, of course she never said the reason why she would stress as much as she did, but it became a life-changing journey once we started it.

We started with Sleeping Solace, another eBook you get as PDF for free when you buy the Fast Plantar Fasciitis Cure.

Sleeping and stress

Sleeping Solace is a combination of knowledge and sleeping techniques that aim to help people get longer and better sleep.

Lady having a Good Sleep

The thing is that, if you are constantly stressed, once you go to bed, your mind doesn’t stop thinking about that problem, it doesn’t rest.

The mind gets so engaged if we allowed it that, if we are completely worried when sleeping, we will dream of our problem, and there is no rest on that.

Lack of sleep generates stress on human beings, regardless of their gender of age.

So, if you are already so stressed that you have a psychosomatic thing, and you are not sleeping well. It can become a dangerous combination.

Until my mom and I went through the whole book, we really didn’t know that sleeping could improve in so many ways with only:

  • Adjusting lighting
  • Adjusting temperature
  • Adjusting the weight of the covers
  • Mindset before bed
  • The use of electronic devices before sleeping
  • Certain foods

Once we learned all of this, my mom decided to start changing things little by little, and now she is getting the sleep she deserves-

Dealing with stress

Besides lack of sleep, stress has so many different sources, it difficult to keep up. Unless there is one particular situation that is easily identifiable, stress sources are not that easy to tackle.

When we finally got the eBook for “Stress Soothers”, I learned a very valuable perception about stress.

“It is about how we CHOOSE to react to the situations, not about the situations”

And, with this perception, we started addressing my mom’s stress and mine.

First of all, it has a natural approach, and as mentioned before in this review, that was one of our goals.

There is no living on pills or other strong substances that can cause addiction. Rather, it has a more psychological approach to self-awareness.

If you only address the symptoms, that’s all you’ll change, but you won’t ever heal.

For some in need, this is good enough, but if you have an exit already in your inbox just waiting for you to read and apply in your daily life, then why not?

Identifying triggers

The most obvious sign for my mom that stress was the main cause, was that the pain of her condition was not constant.

As we went through the book, she started to notice how certain situations started to stress her out and how her body created a reaction that hurt her feet because of the tension.

We identified that things like:

  • Perception of her being late
  • Entertaining guests
  • People not delivering what they promised
  • Difficulties to find something immediately

These, among other things, triggered her pain, and because they were such common situations, she was just so used to it she didn’t even notice.

With the techniques pointed out in “Stress Soothers” she started dealing with these situations in a much better way.

That, combined with the exercises, has greatly contributed to long periods without pain for my mother.

It all works through different methods of being able to identify the triggers and have better reactions to the circumstances.

It is perfectly fine to worry about being on time. It is not fine to go into anger or distress because you will be some minutes late.

At the end of the day, getting stressed wouldn’t help my mother get there on time, nor would it change the perception of the people waiting. So, stress is not justifiable.


Fast Plantar Fasciitis Cure Review


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Health and Fitness 101

Another big discovery for us is that, in certain circumstances, some foods can generate stress in our body, and that worsens any triggered reaction.

For example, if you overeat simple carbs, such as:

Health and Fitness 101

  • Sodas
  • Bread
  • Pasta
  • Candy
  • Sugar
  • Pastries
  • Among many others

Fast Plantar Fasciitis Cure

Your body gets into a stress state because there is a lot of energy and fat to process. Now, if you do this once a week, the most, then your body will actually have time to recover and process everything in a calmer way.

But what we do with our body is constantly feed it with things we like, and sometimes those things we like might not be the best.

If we, as my mom and I did, constantly submit our bodies to these type of foods, then it starts releasing certain hormones that, in a normal process, will just work without being noticed, but under so much work, they generate stress.

Of course, this book comes with tips on exercise, and how it is good to actually relax the body and have a better lifestyle, but my mother didn’t really want to follow.

However, I have to say, most exercises there are aimed at strengthening your body in a non-stressful way, so it is actually easy to follow, but my mom was not having any of that.

The big lesson

As we went together on this healing journey, and seeing my mom improve immediately in the first week, we started to recap the things we learned and how this system actually helped in an unexpected dimension.

While the purchase of this eBook was made to deal with the pain that her conditioned caused her. The system not only helped with the physical pain but also with triggers and stress itself.

The big learning for us from the guide was to know how stress can be generated even from the food we eat, and no one ever told us before.

But if you think about it, it makes perfect sense, especially with the food part.

And also, the self-awareness part. Because, as my mother started utilizing the stress management tools, not only did her levels decrease, but she became more confident and easy to be around.

Friends at the boat

She was less stressed,because she was less stressed she was friendlier and more open to interact, because of the exercises in the Fast Plantar Fasciitis Cure, her pain was reduced for the most part of the day, so then she started to become more open and relatable.

Is this for me?

I will always advice to visit a specialist. Even though this guide worked wonders for us, it was because my mom was adequately diagnosed and her problem was not mixed with anything else.

Once you have already been adequately diagnosed, and if you:

  • Want to avoid strong drugs
  • Want to avoid possible surgery
  • Want to deal with the source, not only with the symptom
  • Want to improve the way you deal with life in general
  • Are really tired of feeling pain

Fast Plantar Fasciitis Cure

Then, by all means, take a step forward into a better life quality and get yourself this guide.

As soon as you buy it, all the material goes into your email inbox and you can get to it ASAP. No waiting, no delays.

I would advise you to not jump into reading all the books at once, but start with the first guide, and then, once you are done, start incorporating the others.

Final thoughts

Seeing my mother going through such pain was emotionally painful for me and my siblings. We thought that, if we had the chance to do something for her health, this was the time, and so we decided to take actions.

Mother and daughter exercising

She was strong, resilient, and still, to this date, practices her exercises. Not daily as she used to, but still she does.

All the pain caused by Plantar Fasciitis is avoidable and easily approachable. Jeremy Roberts created a method that works with the inner functions of our bodies, not with scam medicine or healing, that reduces both pain and stress.

Through him putting together all the knowledge of more than 20 health experts on this subject; Fast Plantar Fasciitis Cure is delivered for people like you and me, without complicated technicalities, or in-depth knowledge that is just a waste of time to explore.

This is easy to follow, comprehensible, progressive, a guide that aims for long-term results and better life quality in many other aspects besides the pain.

If you, or someone you love, has been diagnosed with Plantar Fasciitis, then maybe you should take advantage of the money back policy, buy the guide, and give it a try.

Commit to 1 month, and try it, really try it, measure your improvement, and write a review so that other people can learn about your experience.

In the case of my mother, it was all well. Yes, it took time, but that time was completely worth it when we observe the whole life improvement.

Remember to always look for the opinion of a professional, but also remember that your health is in your hands, and that, in the long run, if you don´t deal with the way you react to life, the pain will only change places, or stress can take other forms.

This is why I believe these books are a great option because they approach the problem in a 360 manner, and ultimately offer better relief of many things, then what a pain killer would.

I hope this review was useful to you. Decide to live a better life, free of pain, reduced on stress, and with improved relations.

Good luck!

Fast Plantar Fasciitis Cure


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