Erotic Weight Loss System Review: What’s The Sexiest Weight Loss Way?

Modern day life has many advantages, no one can deny that. But when you pull the rope to one side, the other side falls in the mud. Our current world accelerates with each day. We are all chasing our goals and dreams, doing everything we can to achieve them. But we have to pay for that cost.

We have less time to spend time with our friends, the people we love. Many of us sit in our offices at our desks. Some of us also sit in our homes, use laptops and smartphones. And the worst thing is, we don’t eat properly. No time for breakfast, no time for decent lunch. And when we come home from work, we usually eat TV dinner.

How the world is getting heavier

That burger does look delicious, doesn’t it? But what it does to your body isn’t a pretty site. It clogs your arteries and your heart has to work harder to get the blood flowing. Your body fats keep piling up, you get more and more weight. And not that good muscle weight.

And it’s not just the looks we have to worry about. Our health is taking more damage than our looks. Heart diseases, strokes, diabetes, cancers… And the list goes on. It affects our lifestyle, slowly. Soon you aren’t able to climb up the 15 stairs without stopping to catch a breath.

But, the world is what it is, it is fast and chaotic. And if we wanna keep up, we too have to be fast. But we don’t have to be chaotic, we can be ordered.
“Mens sano in corpore sano”; if we organize our body, we will organize our lives.

The popularization of weight loss

Thankfully, more and more people are starting to take care of their bodies. And for various reasons. Some just want to look good, some just want to be healthy, some want both. Personally, I like to look good and be healthy. And we all do different methods to achieve that perfect body we want.

  • Physical activity. There are various types of physical exercises, from practicing in the gym to yoga. This is the least obtrusive method of losing weight.
  •  Diets. Eating less processed food rich with sugar, salt and calories will help you lose weight. Furthermore, eating more vegetables and fruit also helps.
  • Exercise/diet combination. This is usually the best way to lose weight. Eating healthy food that corresponds with specific exercise often give the best results to the healthy and good looking body.
  • Drugs. Some people use pills and supplements to decrease their appetites, shrink their stomachs. Personally, I dislike this method. I’m not saying it doesn’t work, it just doesn’t seem natural to me.
  • Surgeries. In some cases, people become desperate and undergo surgeries like gastric binding or gastric bypass. I’m not a fan of this method, not because of the risks (it is a surgery), but because I think that there are better methods to lose weight.

Struggle for power in weight loss business

Just as any other business, weight loss doesn’t fall short of marketing scams and tricks.

For some reason, humans tend to exploit everything. Most start their business with good intentions. They want to help people, share their ideas with others, cooperate. And as soon as they get everyone’s attention, they abandon their original goals and intentions.

Soon it is all about them and not about others. It is about power, money, popularity and a brand. This applies not just to weight loss business. It is a pattern seen in politics, public service, art. And then the mainstream media want their piece of the cake.

They get paid to put good reviews on this product, and bad reviews for that product. And I’m not talking about some kind of conspiracy and against individuals who have good products. This is just business, that’s all there is to it. And we all know it’s the truth.

But there are some great products out there. They just don’t get enough advertisement space in mainstream media. I’m talking about people who put everything they know about their product but don’t have enough money to pay for marketing or some celebrities to advertise their product.

And I don’t know about you, but these things annoy me. For this reason, I decided to dedicate the rest of my review to one of those individuals, Olivia Strait.

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Who is Olivia Strait?

Erotic Weight Loss System guidelines

She claims that we have been led astray by mainstream media and infomercials like Beachbody, Plexus, and others. Moreover, she argues that their programs cause more damage than good. Furthermore, she found some research papers which argued that avoiding food with sugar and salt can actually cause medical and esthetical problems.

She has spent 25 years in the fitness industry. But despite her experience in the fitness industry, her constant training and diet, she was diagnosed with stage 2 hypertension. She was considering quitting the profession she loved because there she is, telling people how to lose weight, and there she was, diagnosed with hypertension.

Until one day, her dear friend Marcela showed her secret and erotic method on how to lose weight. Combined this method with her own ideas on how to lose weight, Olivia came up with the simple, easy, and erotic idea on how to lose weight. She named it Erotic Weight Loss System.

What exactly is Erotic Weight Loss System

The Erotic Weight Loss System is designed to fit everyone. Moreover, it contradicts everything your fitness told you about exercise and nutrition.

Most of all, this system is not about exercising yourself to death, which is quite unusual, considering that most programs are all about exercise. Furthermore, it doesn’t require any specific (and usually expensive) diet, nor it has a mile long supplement list you that you should buy. And it gets even weirder. Finally, according to Olivia, if you follow her methods, you will have more energy the next day already.

Here is what the Erotic Weight Loss System offers you:

  • You will get specific meal plans that will energize you. If you follow this plan you will also lose weight. Note that this is not some strict diet where you are cannot eat food that has this amount of sugar or that amount of salt.
  •  You will learn secrets and techniques you will never hear from your fitness trainer or nutritionist
  • Also, this product contains step by step techniques and methods that will teach you how to lose fat overnight.

What is so erotic about it?

So how can you lose weight while sleeping? The secret is, you sleep naked. That’s right, you heard me correctly!

Here is how it works, going step by step.

  1. You eat Brazilian exotic food before you go to sleep. What that exotic food is, we don’t know. But it is a fruit.
  2. After you eat your exotic fruit, you go to sleep. But before you lay in your bed, you take off your PJ’s or nightgown. Seems like that shouldn’t be a problem, right? Most of all, your husband will like it!
  3. Follow the Erotic Weight Loss System meal plans. You will also get advice on which exercises burn fat. But more importantly, no more high-intensity training and exercises

Now you understand what is so erotic about it!

But what is this program really about?


Most of all, this system is about lowering and getting rid of the extra cortisol level that’s in your body. As I’ve already mentioned in this review, our lifestyle is slowly destroying us. We are constantly under pressure and stressed.

You must meet deadlines and do your job, relationship problems, constant exposure to the negativity that is all around us, from our streets to the rest of the world. Mixing all this together, you get stressed. And guess what you produce when you are stressed, you produce cortisol.

Amongst many bad things, cortisol causes weight gain. You see where this is going.

So, you start with sleeping naked. According to Olivia, sleeping naked actually reduces cortisol level. The way I look at it, when you sleep naked, you feel liberated, like there is nothing holding you.

Also, you learn the secret of the exotic fruit. Combining this exotic fruit with naked sleeping, you will lose weight and get energy simultaneously. Many scientists, nutritionists, and fitness trainers agree that there are many kinds of fruit that help lose weight. Sometimes, when you diet too hard, you end up gaining weight precisely for this reason.

Also, no more strict diet. The thing is, people who follow very strict diets are usually frustrated. And do you produce when you are stressed? Cortisol. So you avoid all that delicious food you like, and you think that you are losing weight. But the reality is that you are gaining it.

Consequently, if you exercise on the high-intensity level, it is highly probable that you will produce a lot of cortisol.

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