Diabetes Destroyed Review: Is It Really Possible To Cure Diabetes?

Diabetes Destroyed Program 

What Is Diabetes 

Diabetes is a sugar management problem or condition which comes up when your body fails to produce enough insulin (which is the hormone responsible for absorption of glucose from the blood) or fails to utilize the hormone which is responsible for the breakdown and usage of glucose/sugar in the body.

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In this review, we base our opinions about this product on the reviews left by the customers and users of the program. General consensus indicates that this eBook will change your life.



What Is the Diabetes Destroyed Program

Diabetes Destroyed has been the most successful programs as compared to the previous scams that were perpetrated by untrustworthy individuals. It is one of the most applauded programs ever created to combat the problem of type I and type II diabetes which has some really undesirable symptoms.

The authors and creators of this program designed it to combat the disease by use of all-natural methods. These methods are relatively new and very unique.

The researcher whose name is Ricky Everett suffered from the same crippling diabetes that he is so successfully combating. After years of research and dedication, he gives us this pdf format book program that promises to help you get back on the horse in just 4 weeks (28days)

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The Main Genius Idea Behind It

One of the two authors who wrote the book, Joseph Borden, explains exactly what the problem usually is with type I and type II diabetes patients. When the patients take in fatty foods, they absorb free fatty acids which then are carried in the blood stream freely and quickly.

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The problem with these free fatty acids is that they go straight to your liver, pancreas and blood cells. This is not good because the chain of events will lead to insulin resistance and high sugar levels.

Acipimox and Its Uses

 Acipimox is the drug that was studied and brought into use by Joseph Borden and Ricky Everett in their book. It improves insulin production greatly but on the other hand, it brings with it a considerable number of side effects when used.

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This drug is very similar to Niacin, the usual drug given to diabetes patients to help them get better secretion of insulin and better glucose uptake. It’s all in this pdf eBook.

Sneak Peek into the Book 

This book delves straight into the heart of the diabetes problem and addresses the root cause of the complications that arise even when you try hard to follow the doctor’s instruction. It shows you what you can do when a certain complication arises.

The other topics that are contained in here include:

  • Foods rich in Niacin to boost insulin secretion
  • Diabetes anomalies
  • Production and secretion of insulin
  • The proper diet to apply

These topics and much more are included in the books which users have termed as insightful in the consumer reviews we have received so far. In the book, the research shows the right way to allow your body to fully absorb Niacin and get it to the organs that are supposed to produce insulin.

The Main Focus of the Book 

When you go into the program, you will find that the authors have focused on two major and very important things. By putting together the foods and regimen prescribed by them in the eBook, you will get the following:

  • Reversal of the body’s insulin resistance
  • Reversal of the diabetes symptoms in just 28 days (four weeks)
  • Improvement of insulin production
  • Destruction of the free fatty acids which are poison

You will also find:

  • A detailed list of natural foods that include meat, vegetables, and fruits. All these are the ones that are rich in the component Niacin that helps with the production and secretion of insulin into the body.
  • A detailed list of minerals you can use as supplements to boost the food you will be taking. These organic supplements are risk-free and geared towards assisting the body to absorb niacin as required and utilize it.

The Pros 

This book has many advantages and all of them favor you. Here is a list of why this book is on top of the charts in most consumer reviews.

  1. The Regimen Is Natural 

Most of the medications offered for the diabetes patients come with some scary and unwanted side effects due to the inorganic components within them. On the other hand, sometimes this bad side of these drugs may even outweigh their usefulness.

Fear not for this program is evidently not on the horror medicine list.

The components of the cure are all organic and include what you can see and evaluate for yourself. In this book, you are given a list of all the good foods you should eat.

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This food will include; the ones rich in niacin, vitamins, mineral supplements and vegetables.

As you can see, all of it is natural and you can forget about the life threatening side effects that are brought on by the other medicines.

  1. Concrete Research 

Joseph Borden and Ricky Everett did their research in order to ensure that all they did was in fact verified and proven to work. Ricky, who is a diabetic, applied the regimen to himself and the results speak for themselves.

Their research is real and can be found in the American Diabetes Association website. Their paper which was titled “Overnight lowering of free fatty acids with Acipimox improves insulin resistance and glucose tolerance in diabetic and non-diabetic subjects” can be found there and will explain the research behind the Diabetes Destroyed program.

  1. The Program is Problem Oriented 

During the research, the authors of this book decided to orient their focus on the root problem that most diabetes patients face today and they found out that by focusing on this, they had better results.

The program works in a very short time a compared to the scam programs elsewhere and this is because; the main target of the program is the problem itself. As they suggested, free fatty acids are the problem as they inhibit the secretion and production of insulin. By eliminating those, they have a healthy individual with no problems whatsoever in terms of proper bodily functions.

  1. The Program Is Not Short Term 

Most of the scams out there aim at providing remedies which are not top notch. They will offer short term quick fixes and end up masking the problems that one should be combating. That is why this program is so desirable.

By going after the root problem, you get a long term fix that will help you live better, live longer and avoid all the hustle that comes with inorganic medicines that harm your body.

  1. For All Diabetics 

All diabetics face the same problem which is insufficient insulin production or insulin resistance. These are the main causes of diabetics.

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Despite there being a prevalent mention of type II diabetes in the book repeatedly, the authors assure us that the remedy is for all diabetics.

The technique that targets the destruction of the free fatty acids which inhibit the insulin production and enhance insulin resistance works to ensure that all diabetics get their main problem alleviated.

  1. Cheapest Most Effective Program Ever 

American Diabetes Association has a list of statistics which show clearly that the average diabetic in America uses in excess of $13,700 a year to keep the condition managed. This is a huge amount of money compared to what you can spend on the program by Joseph Borden and Ricky Everett.

The guide is available at the price of $39 dollars and you can buy it from all major eBook stores. Whatever money you will spend on the diet and the supplements cannot even come close to half what you will spend years on the usual medicines that give you a quick fix.

The good thing about this program is that it has been used and tested widely and cannot be just a risk you take to see what happens. It is definitely going to work for you.

  1. You Can Have Ricky Everett Guide You 

Thanks to YouTube, you can be able to follow the guide correctly without any mishaps or mistakes. Ricky Everett has a website and a group of people that follow the regimen with him daily. The videos are on YouTube and can be of help to you as you follow the program.

  1. Get Your Money Back in 60 Days 

That is if it fails to work. I can assure you, you will not be getting back your money. This is because it works and not just the mild changes kind of works, no; it’s the fully operational and dependable kind of works.

This guarantee only goes to show that the program is risk-free and that you have nothing to worry about if you follow the instructions carefully. So, you have two months to test the program and see for yourself.

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The Cons 

Up to now, no one has complained about the authenticity of this program. It has enjoyed a stellar review by all who have used it. It actually does work and if there are any cons, they will have nothing to do with the program itself.

  1. You will need internet connections to get the book and all accompanying material. If you don’t have the internet, you will be at a disadvantage. Also when you want to view the videos YouTube, it will require the internet.
  1. If you do not follow the program strictly and properly, the effectiveness will be reduced. So, ensure that you are sure you understand what is required of you and stick to the program religiously. It will work if you do.
  1. It’s only available in digital form with no hard copies unless you download and print it yourself.

As you can see, the program itself is excellent and despite the fact that the book is only available for you to buy in the eBook pdf format, it works.

Quick Fact: The results from one person to another will vary because others will have more work to do than others. It is not necessarily 28 days only. It could take a few days longer but it will work. 

The Conclusion

This guide is so easy to comprehend and includes step by step tips that will not give you a hard time figuring out. Nothing about the book is complex and everything is arranged and waiting for you to start using it.

Their regimen is based on all natural components that are geared towards ensuring the corruption of your body organs by quick fix medicines is stamped out. The minerals and supplements that are recommended for you are also organic and safe to use.

When you go into this program, expect to work for the results, it’s not a magic potion that you will just take and get back to your better insulin producing self. You will have to follow the diet, the exercises, the supplements and the medication as instructed.

So far, there have been no claims of this being a scam and the book has proven itself to be more than just an eBook. This review has found no huge fault that we could pin on the program. We owe it all to Ricky Everett and Joseph Borden. Buy the book now and enjoy its benefits.


Diabetes Destroyed Review



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