Dentist Be Damned! Review: How To Finally Say Goodbye To Dentists

Hi, everyone. I am writing this because Dentist Be Damned has helped us so much, I feel the need to share my experience with it, and maybe help you get a better idea.

Being able to take control of one’s oral hygiene is amazing, by doing some very easy things, you can stay away from the dentist because you will be healthier.

Dentists be damned! You have the power over it

If in this moment your tooth hurts, after you buy the book, you must start feeling better in less than 40 minutes (most ingredients are things almost all households have).

Short term benefits

After completely stopping toothaches, it also teaches us how to:

  • Take effective care of our teeth
  • Prevent common mouth diseases
  • Use healthier ingredients for our hygiene
  • Whiten our teeth without damaging our enamel
  • Among many more things!

Also, think of all the money you get to save. Going to dentist can be very expensive, now you can take care of yourself.

Struggle with teeth

I grew up in Texas, near San Antonio. Weather is warm and, as children, having ice-cream was our second most favorite sport.

However, when I hit puberty, my teeth starting to get more sensitive. It got to a sad point were, still being a child, I had to think twice before eating:

  • Ice cream
  • Things with lemon or lime
  • Teas or hot drinks
  • Beef

Beef! In Texas! It was all quite difficult, and my parents grew desperate.

Dentist Be Damned

I, adult, and my teeth

As I got older, I had to start taking care of myself, by myself. Going to the dentist became something I had to afford, no more parents’ insurance.

The first time I stepped into a dentist’s practice, I lost it when I learned the prices. I couldn’t believe I had to choose between rent or my oral health.

I was going through a lot of pain, so I had to loan some money from my parents to take care of this problem. But, I swore, never again.

Dental care

My solution, at the time, was to try and get a job with dental insurance, and I did. After some time, I was able to afford my visits to the dentist.

However, life being as it typically is, the company had to shut down and I had to create my own job.

It is exciting to be a freelancer like I am now, but not at the beginning.

  • Hustling for clients
  • Always trying to get the next gig
  • Time-consuming networking
  • Events with cold drinks
  • Insure myself

I had no real issues for around 2 years until I did and I was not insured at the time. So, again, I had to pay a fortune so my teeth could stop hurting.

I’d had enough.

Dental care

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From one friend to another

Once, I was having lunch at my friend´s parents’ house. As we were talking about our lives, I mentioned my dentist problem. My friend’s mother told me that she had a friend with amazing teeth and that she would get us in touch.

Days later I get a text from my friend with the number of a said lady (and regards from her mother). I decided to contact the woman and get some clarity. We scheduled a coffee later that week.

Of course, I had lukewarm tea because I can’t handle temperatures well, and she noticed.

It turned out she basically went through the same issues I was going through back then. One day, she heard of Dentists Be Damned!, and she had never looked back.

Dentists Be Damned!

After her raving review, and some other reviews I found online, I decided to buy it, see where it would it.

Immediately after purchase I got my guide and started getting onboard. It was so easy to read and well explained, I went through all of it in less than 3 hours.

Basically, Dentists Be Damned! can be divided into two:

  • Preventive treatment (key)
  • Corrective treatment

Preventive treatment

Dentists Be Damned! comes with a thoroughly explained list of things to look out for and how to avoid it. It contains home remedies that boost your dental care, keeping the dentists away.

Preventive treatment is the key point here. Dentists Be Damned! approaches the main issues:

  • Bacteria
  • Cavities
  • Halitosis (bad breath)
  • Whitening
  • Enamel

These, well put together, not only ensures you will keep your dentist away, but also that your teeth will be amazing.

Dental care

Corrective treatment

If the damage is done, then we will also learn how to revert it in time, before it’s too late and you have to visit a dentist.

Here, we learn how to revert:

  • Cavities
  • Basic root canal infections
  • Damage to enamel
  • Sore Gums
  • Among other problems

You will learn how to cure all these with over the counter ingredients.

The truth behind it all

In reality, keeping the dentists away is actually easy and cheaper than you think. Yes, it comes with sacrifices, but I find, for example, not eating so much sugar, better than going to the dentist.

It turns out that our mouth and teeth are actually very clever and strong. However, with our modern diet, we ingest things that hurt them, and we ingest them constantly.

Our mouths and teeth can handle almost anything that nature gives. However, as I said before, modern ingredients can hinder the health of our mouth and we don’t even know.

Dentists Be Damned! gets behind this truth and gives you a way to enjoy your food and take care of your food.

Dental care

Taking the decision

The program is amazingly thorough and easy to follow. You have everything you need in one place, and with all the clarity and answers.

I didn’t even have to use their 60 days money back guarantee. It is all so well, I even had forgotten about it.

All of this, together with amazing remedies for infections, and the guide of dental care, had me hooked to never look back again.

How does it work?

Throughout the guide, you will be walked through the mechanism of your mouth and teeth.

  • How do they work?
  • Where are all the nerves?
  • How do I affect my body?
  • What is saliva?
  • How do bacteria affect me?
  • Among many other things

All of this information together starts deconstructing all the myths we’ve been told about dental and oral hygiene. You can get the power of taking care of yourself back.

The first results

As promised by the author, my sensitivity, which was my problem, went away in a matter of days.

Yes, I have to keep a certain level of dieting every now and then to keep the results coming. However, it is not a huge sacrifice and, if I ever break eat bad things for my mouth, I have also learned what to do to prevent damage.

I am now able to:

  • Drink cold beverages without an issue
  • Reduce sensitivity to lime (keep reading)
  • Keep my teeth white and healthy
  • Hel my family!

The damage that I had done to my teeth through the years is quite irreversible. My sensitivity to lime comes from that damage. With this guide, I learned how to get around it.

The first results

Long-term results

First and foremost:

Clean and healthy root canal, and non-sore nerves. This is the holy grail for me.

How can one go about life with teeth in pain and without being able to enjoy whatever we want?

Also, I found myself:

  • Saving money from not visiting the dentist
  • Having a great breath
  • More confident to approach people
  • With no bleeding gums
  • Clean tongue

The money part is my favorite, just what you will pay for the guide would cover transportation of your visits to the dentists.

Basically, you get your money back in an instant.

Moving on

In the end, and after a while, I was able to become completely independent from the guide. Everything is so clear and well explained, you don’t have to live stuck to the guide, rather learn and move on.

The only time I go back is to give advice to friends who have problems I didn’t have so that they can take care of themselves as well. I am their “friendly dentist” now. Maybe I should start charging as well.

Dentists Be Damned! deals with the most common problems and how to solve them. If you have a severe thing, or after reading Dentists Be Damned!, you still don’t heal. Well, we all know the answer.

However, after all, is done, you can come back to the guide and make sure nothing bad happens ever again.

Focus on what matters

After all, was done, I started to lose self-consciousness of my mouth, teeth, and breath. This made me more confident to approach people and reduce my stress.

Now, with the teeth department covered, you also save a lot of painkillers and medicine. Now, all that money goes to things I want and like.

Listen, it is crazy how much money the pharmacy industry makes out of people like us. With this guide, you will get that money back to your pockets.

Final thoughts

Taking control of our lives is vital for success and growth. Your dental hygiene is part of that and you can take it back now.

This guide saved my life in so many ways, I still keep finding out more and more. Get rid of those:

  • Horrible pains
  • Nasty breath
  • Painful procedures
  • Expensive medications

And start living an amazing, pain-free, DENTIST-FREE, life.

Get Access To Dentist Be Damned Today And Learn What You Need To Do To Heal Your Teeth!


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