Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint Review: Cure For Joint Pain?

Every professional sportsman has an experienced trainer that guides him. Being an expert is the result of the work of an entire team.

A real coach is a researcher, a trainer, a doctor when needed. The program that we will review today is a real help to those who want to become experts.

What is The Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint?


Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint Review: Cure For Joint Pain?


This review focuses on the group discussion that describes the elements that the two trainers use in order to correct the upper and lower body capacity, power, resistance, and elasticity.

The viewers will learn what strategies to apply and how to adapt their strategies to the type of issue that the client that they treat has.

The program covers 11 hours of videos that describe the hip and shoulder anatomy, plus some exercises meant to develop the clients’ resistance to injuries, and thus get better results in physical training. 

At the end of the course, will be able to complete your pack of exercises and techniques with new and effective ones.

Tony Gentilcore, is the co-owner of the Cressey Sports Performance. He is also a trainer in Boston, MA. He collaborated with numerous professional and even beginner baseball players, helping them acknowledge, prevent or treat the shoulders injuries that are common to sportsmen. He also has a great experience with non-athletes that suffer from shoulder injuries from the gym.

Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint Review: Cure For Joint Pain?

Dean Somerset is a specialist in post-rehabilitation exercise. As a physiologist, he worked with great professionals that suffered surgeries, cardiac problems, and all sorts of congenital issues. He is skilled in mobility and training for those who only feel the need to exercise and keep themselves in shape as well.

A Review on the Importance of the Program

A Review on the Importance of the Program After completing the entire course, you will e able to acknowledge, prevent, and treat some common injuries. You will know what technique suits each client. Here is what you should expect:

  • This guide will teach your clients to overcome the most common shoulder problems more easily
  • The program will help you consolidate your evaluation and agenda plan. You will obtain quicker results and use more efficiently yours and your clients’ time
  • It also makes you acknowledge issues that you had no idea about before and see if there are moves that work for you or not
  • Teaches you new techniques in order to update and upgrade your exercise package
  • The guide will provide you and your clients with real-time results, which will make your clients trust you and your techniques
  • You will learn what exact exercises to use for a certain type of problem and that will save you time and counterproductive tries
  • Combine evaluation, flexibility, power, and practical guide application
  • Stop guessing exercises whose effects might or might not appear and determine the exact workout that your clients need, according to their issues.

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You might ask yourself if you have to be a professional coach in order to obtain the product. You shouldn’t worry about it. Thus, you should have an idea of human anatomy too and apply correctly the explained techniques.

You will be able to watch how to apply the exercises that Tony Gentilcore and Dean Somerset embodied in their guide. There will also be practical videos along with theory.

Tony Gentilcore and Dean Somerset with one of their participants in the seminar

Do you need to determine, adjust, and intensify the strength of the two most prevailing used parts of the body? Buy the program. Not only you will learn interesting theory, but you will also be able to see real results from your clients. 

More precisely, the most important tips that Tony Gentilcore and Dean Somerset give in their Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint program are:

For the Shoulders

A Review on the Importance of the Program

The key points on how to recover post-injury trauma and what exercises to apply for your shoulders:

  • Guidance on how to use unifying and motionless evaluations in order to improve your exercise scheme
  • The ideal methods of coaching a top professional player, along with personalized requirements, and also the flexibility limitations determinants
  • A review on how human breathing works
  • How to use breathing to improve the overall balance and flexibility of the superior body

For the Hips

Tips on how to recover from hip injury and how to train efficiently:

  • Reviews on how to conclude the ideal posture, depending on the individual’s body building
  • Tony Gentilcore and Dean Somerset teach you how to integrate strength analysis in order to observe the client’s needs and thus obtain immediate results
  • Distinct methods that help the hips’ mobility and strength to progress, and how to adapt the level of difficulty of the training

Maybe you fear you might get hurt during the training that The Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint seminar proposes. You shouldn’t, as there is no side effect to it.

However, if your review is not positive, and you did not obtain the desired results, you can get a refund. After you buy it, you have 60 days to decide if whether the program is useful or not and keep it or ask for your money back.

The Most Important Features of The Program

The Most Important Features of The Program

With this program, you will learn new exercises and how to adapt them to your clients’ needs. Plus, you will see video demos. At the end of the course, here is what to expect:

  • You will learn how to breathe correctly in order to influence the strength of your shoulder and decrease the risk of injury
  • The program will show you how to double the hip distance of movement in real time
  • The videos show Dean & Tony applying their theoretical techniques on their clients
  • The guide will teach you new squatting and dead-lift methods in order to improve the old ones
  • The viewer will achieve interesting information on how to be an exceptional coach
  • The Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint is equal to 1.1 CEU of the NSCA. This should be a big plus and make you buy the product.
  • All the professionals that used this video product and those who joined the seminar are the living proof that the Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint is useful and interesting. It does bring positive results
  •  You can watch them from anywhere since they are available on any of your devices. As a bonus, the creators of the course have left their email addresses. So, if you have any questions regarding the program, you can send them an email and find out what you need to know.

The Pros

The Most Important Features of The Program

This guide has many positive features that must be mentioned in this review:

  • This course is approved by NSCA CEU. 
  • You can watch the videos whenever you like and however you like. 
  • The course can be downloaded on your PC, or maybe put them on a DVD, or even watch it online.
  • The testimonials and all the photos that stand aside them are the biggest evidence of the effectiveness of the program. 
  • Free-risk. If you don’t feel like the guide is useful to you, you can ask for a refund. You have 60 days at your disposal, enough time to decide if you need the pack or not.
  • It is well explained, easy to follow and understand
  • Clients chose to post on their Facebook profile the great experience that they had with the two co-authors during the seminar. You can be one of the lucky people that enjoyed a live session in the seminar but make it quick, as the places are limited.

The Cons

The Most Important Features of The Program - The Cons

As for the cons, there are few, but you should know them:

  • The guides are destined for certified professionals. Those who want the product should at least have notions about the human body anatomy.
  • Don’t expect immediate results.
  • The course is only available online. There is no precise data regarding the physical version of the course. The two authors plan on creating a paper format of the course as well
  • If you have internet issues, it might be hard for you to complete the program. , but no precise date is available yet.

To Conclude

Tony, Dean, and an experienced trainer at the end of the seminar

In general, the Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint is an excellent asset for those you wish to progress professionally and also want to recover from injury. It is mostly created for professional coaches.

Those who work with athletes or people who suffered a serious shoulder or hip trauma must have it. Still, in order to obtain results, you should have an idea of how the human body works.

The two authors and trainers speak a user-friendly language, very easy to follow and understand. They explain with patience and use real examples with every method that they use.

It shouldn’t be difficult to apply their techniques yourself. The theory is accompanied by videos that show the exact moves that you should make. It is definitely a must try that will bring you precious, useful, and applicable information. Try it out!

The Most Important Features of The Program

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