Are You Training To Be A Runner? Here Are the Things You Should Know

It does not matter where you are about to participate in or why you want to be a runner. Everything is the almost the same. If you are running for marathon or any other short distance races, you need to know what is required for you in the track.

I am here to talk to you about the things you should do when training to be a runner. The tips I am about to give you, you will know some of the things you have never known about running and your body when you are a runner.

There are numerous tips that will help you be a good runner. However, whatever these are the things you should do on top of that.

About The Knees

  1. If you are a runner, your knees are your assets

The knees are very important parts of the body of a runner. You may say that they are the driving tools for a good runner. Keeping your knees safe and health will help a lot in improving your abilities and keep you moving at the same time.

  1. Loss of Cartilage

Did you know that loss of cartilage is not in any way associated to your running? According to research, it is evident that running does not accelerate this case in any way.So, stop worrying and continue training for your next great run.

  1. You Have Lesser Chances Of Suffering From Arthritis

This will most likely make you feel safer when training for a run. According to research done for a long time, it has shown that runners have very low chances of getting arthritis as compared to those who are non-runners.

Running acts as a good exercise that helps to build the body and also avoid attack by pathogens in some cases.

Are You Training To Be A Runner

Dos and Don’ts

As much as you have some tips to make you better in running, there are a number of things you should never do as a runner.

  • Never ignore your pain-Whenever you have pain of any kind, it is best if you take action immediately to prevent any underlying problems.
  • Try training before you take your breakfast. This is more advisable since your body is still fresh and free of any interruptions.
  • Get used to start your race at a high speed to stretch your muscles.
  • Do not take too much rest.
  • Never skip warm-ups.This makes some type of inconsistency in the way your body reacts to exercises and fitness.


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