4 Minute Fighter Abs Review: Uncover Your Abs In Only 4 Minutes!

Great abs are everywhere. We see them in magazines and movies. I think we’ve all wanted to get a six-pack ab. But most of us had just given up.

Some of us had gotten close on past attempts, but never really attained it. Some people are even spending most of their time in gyms doing vigorous workouts. They did all kinds of planks, cardio moves, and heavy lifting. But still, they stop without even losing an inch.

So, it seems like we’ve all made a conclusion that a six-pack ab is only for athletes and movie stars. But the controversial 4 Minute Fighter Abs workout program is telling us something so perplexing.

For just 4 minutes of abs workout, we can get that six-pack. Does this mean we have no excuses?

What Is The “4 Minute Fighter Abs” Program?

4 Minute Fighters Abs is a video-based follow along with fitness training program. When you buy the program, the downloadable video-based fitness program is sent to your email.

The program consists of a series of workout videos. The program can be performed by anyone regardless of age. There will be no equipment needed, thus you don’t need to go to the gym. You can work out in your own living room.

The program also guarantees to eliminate your stubborn belly fats without changing your diet. What’s more, it guarantees the fastest results. The maker of the program made a bold promise that you will be 100% satisfied. If you’re not, you can get your money back.

The program guarantees that you will have the same as of a professional fighter – thus the name of the program. So what makes this fitness program popular and puzzling to some? Keep reading to find out.

About the Author

The 4 Minute Fighter Abs workout program was created by Andrew Raposo. He is a North American Muay Thai Champion and a 2-time gold medalist in boxing.

Aside from being a fighter, he is also a certified personal trainer. He runs a training studio in Toronto. Other than this training program, he has also authored a few other fitness programs.

4-minute workout exercises that delivers fast result.

A Review of the Training Program

The program provides no dietary advice at all. So, if you highly believe that you need to diet in order to get that abs, then the 4 Minute Fighter Abs may only contradict your belief. Astoundingly, the program doesn’t even recommend a healthy diet. Rather, it says that you can achieve your dream abs without altering your current diet.

Andrew also says that even people with physical injuries can safely perform the program. But we still highly recommend that you consult with your medical professional first before doing the program. It’s always good to be safe.

You don’t need to spend so much time to exercise. Aside from not saying goodbye to unhealthy food, you also don’t need to take any weight loss supplement. All you need is 4 minutes of your time daily.

The program is said to work wonders for getting rid of belly fat. There are actually a lot of reviews available about the program. I’m sure you want to know how the program works.

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Quick workouts that stimulate your fat burning hormones.

What is Mysterious About the Program?

With many people wanting to have six-pack abs, pieces of advice out there are also overwhelming. And we’ve heard most of them. In fact, most of us have done them.

  • Doing high-intensity exercises for hours
  • Cardio, squats, and deadlifts
  • Having special diets
  • Taking supplements

Yet the program completely disregards all of the above. Isn’t this something quite mysterious?

How Does the 4 Minute Fighter Abs Work?

The training program presents its fitness concept by telling us that working out for more than 30 minutes is just as useless as having no exercise.

Our body produces a certain level of inflammation when we workout for long periods of time. A significant amount of inflammation will lead to a slow recovery. As a result, you’re less likely to work out at a higher intensity in the future.

The author gives us three reasons why we should avoid moderate to high-intensity workouts done in more than 30 minutes.

First, he explains that they slow down our metabolism.

Second, they disrupt the normal functioning of our thyroid glands which give off fat-burning hormones.

And lastly, they can damage our joints, leading to injuries.

The program promises a quick yet effective workout with no equipment. Each video in the program explains the concept.

He further explains that longer workout exercises produce inflammation. Without the right recovery technique, your muscles and heart could be harmed. You’ll be more prone to heart problems, diabetes, and even cancer.

Due to these concepts, Andrew designed each sequence of exercises in a specific way. This is to take advantage of our hormones’ fat-burning capabilities. Thus, we keep losing more fats around our belly.

The program is divided into three phases. Every workout rises up in difficulty as you move throughout the program.

Three phases of the program:

1. The Foundation Phase:

This phase flares up your metabolism and turns it into a fat-burning machine. This technique is used by fighters. These workouts are purposely designed to stimulate your T3 and T4 hormones which are responsible for metabolism and burning fat.

2. Ab Revealing Phase:

In this phase, your abs will start to be visible as your body fat lessens. The workout program increasingly becomes more difficult. This is so that you will never hit a plateau. Thus, you’ll completely get rid of those stubborn belly fats.

3. Final Perfection Phase:

In this phase, you’ll have to do some high-intensity fighter conditioning drills. They will get rid of every ounce of fat throughout your midsection. This is when you finally see great results.


1. Won’t take up so much time. 

The training program won’t take up so much of your time. If you can spare 4 minutes daily – which I’m sure you can – then this program is absolutely worth a try.

As I’ve mentioned earlier, no need to go to the gym, no need for any workout equipment. In short, this training program is well suited for busy people.

2. Suited for everyone. 

The program is suitable for men and women, regardless of age. It is said that people in their 50s and even 60s have tried the program.

Since the program doesn’t implicate high-intensity workouts, even people with injuries can safely benefit from these workouts without any harm. This is what the author guarantees. However, we’d still recommend that you seek advice from your doctor.

3. Well Supported Claims. 

The author has explained in the website the reasons why moderate to high-intensity exercises aren’t good for our bodies. We wondered if this is just his theory. So, we did some research. Here are some things we found out.

A couple of studies show how excessive high-intensity workouts lead to heart issues. Researchers have found out that people who engage in exhausting physical activities every day are at higher risk of early death. This is because of heart problems.

It is also a well-supported fact that high-intensity workouts can temporarily raise a diabetics’ blood sugar. It can also lead a delayed low blood sugar hours after working out. Thus, the author shows us some people who used to be borderline type 2 diabetic. Their blood sugar level has been normalized after undergoing the 4-minute workout program.

What Unique About The Program

1. Authored By an Expert. 

We believe that Andrew Raposo is qualified to produce a fitness training workout program such as the 4 Minute Fighter Abs. He is a CSEP (Certified Personal Trainer and Strength Coach).

As mentioned earlier, he is also a TBA North American Super Middle Weight Muay Thai champion and two-time boxing gold medalist. And he is a Fitness and Lifestyle Management Graduate.

2. Good Price. 

Based on many reviews we’ve done for fitness programs alike, what’s the big surprise is that the program doesn’t really cost that much.

3. 60-Day Refund Policy. 

If the training program doesn’t seem to work for you, you can request a refund. ClickBank is actually the one who handles all the payments and refund requests. So, no need to worry about not getting your money back.

Nevertheless, the author promises 100% satisfaction guarantee.


The 4 Minute Fighter Abs is a brief abs workout series that offers big assurances.

If you do basic abs exercises every day for many weeks, you’ll likely see results. But this fighter abs training is said to be explicitly designed to boost our metabolism, burn fats fast, and ultimately achieve the six-pack abs. Without any special diet, supplements, and equipment, the program is definitely worth a try.

There’s no reason why you can’t try the program. It doesn’t really require much investment. But just like any other fitness program, it can only be effective if you put your effort and commitment into it.

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