101 Toxic Food Ingredients Review: Are You Adding These to Your Food?

Did you know that one in two people are currently now at risk of heart diseases? Or one in three women will become the victim of cancer? The risk is even higher for males. For them, 50% of the total male population can have cancer in their lifetime!

These are not just some made up stories to scare you. This information is taken from the studies published by the American Cancer Society (ACS) and from the American Heart Association (AHA).

But how come the situation be like this? People were not this much unhealthy even a century ago. Is the problem connected with the poor lifestyle or bad genetics? Apparently not, the problem is with our food.

The huge food industry is making you sick gradually. You and your dear family could be the victim of this vicious food toxicities. You could be taking more than 101 hidden toxic materials deliberately mixed with the day to day food. The so-called “healthy food” is killing you one bite at a time.

101 Toxic Food Ingredients

The best-selling author and famous sports nutritionist Anthony Alayon have told us about the dirty games that the monopoly food industries have been playing with our lives. With his life-changing, the filled-with-facts book can make you think about the food industry in a whole new way.

I know what you could be thinking, is it actually happening? This same question came to my mind too. But after going through his factful information, I could not but believe.

So, what could be the solution to this? Knowing and decoding the food nutrition labels for the actual story would be a great way to save yourself and the ones you love. So, this review is all about the toxic food ingredients and how this book helps you to learn the truth.

What’s the “101 Toxic Food Ingredient” about?

101 Toxic Food Ingredient is the whistleblower that is planning show the real world the “bully-like” behavior of the monopoly food giants.

Anthony Alayon has gathered up thousands of information about the toxic materials related to food. These toxic materials are deliberately being mixed with our day to day life. Some of the materials could be in our body for more than 2 years. So, how could we not know about them for all this time? They cause almost the same diseases that are too much common in our society.

The book almost unveils the mask of all the regular foods that are killing us. The toxic materials are everywhere, in our sweeteners, food colors, preservatives, oils, even in our drinking water. Yes, you have read it right, in our drinking waters, the very basic need of any human being.

101 Toxic Food Ingredients Reviews

After you’ll buy this book, you’ll know about all the toxic materials that are mixed with our food. Only then we could make ourselves strong against the vicious plan of the monsters pulling the strings to make us die slowly!

101 Toxic Ingredients You Need To Avoid To Live A Healthy And Thin Life

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What Would You Get from the Book?

The book covers certain facts on some common food that we eat every single day of our life.

The Artificial Sweeteners: Ain’t that Sweet Anymore

We all love the diet sodas, they would let us have the taste colas without the harm we could get from sugars. But these diet sodas have chemical agents like Aspartame, Saccharin, Mannitol, Sorbitol, Hydrogenated Starch Hydrolysates. By the name, they might sound really harmless. But they could cause some severe damage to our body.

Insomnia, dizziness and weight gain are quite simple results of the chemicals. They could also lead you to seizures, visual problems, Diabetes, Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s.

Truth About Artificial Sweeteners

The food companies are making a label named “diet” and we all are drinking them like some holy water from the heaven.

Not only the diet sodas but also cereals, pudding, fruit juices and even in baby foods have chemicals like these. Currently, there are more than 9000 products on the market that use these harmful contaminations and not a single person bats an eye about it!

It is time you switch to much healthier, natural foods. At least think about your loved ones.

The Truth Behind Artificial Coloring & Flavoring

People love colorful foods. They think they add a different vibration on the dining table. But these artificial colors and flavors could do tons of harm to us. The book talks detail about the red, green, blue dyes that are being used in almost every packed food in the grocery store.

The candies, chocolates, and kid’s food section is full of artificial colors and flavors. The kids love it and we are buying them these poisons.

The artificial colors could result in ADHD, ADD, itching and allergies, even tumors on lymph glands.  The book unveils it all.

Truth About Artificial Coloring And Flavoring

A good solution to this problem could be using only natural and fruit-based colorings. For example, if you want to make the food red, you could easily use the red beetroot. They will give the food even a better red flavor than those artificial chemicals. And the best part is they will not cause a tumor on your lymph glands.

Food Additives: The Silent Killer

Almost all the processed foods in the grocery store have this common thing said on the nutrient label, “Additives”. We never question what these additives are actually. The book gives a clever insight about the additives and their adverse effect on our health.

Some of these ingredients are corn starch, gluten, homogenized milk, yeast extract, dextrin, refined grains, and some white flours. What harm do they impose? Epilepsy, IBS, migraines, dementia. Amnesia, schizophrenia, arthritis, cancer, lupus, and anxiety are pretty common results.

Food Additives: The Silent Killer

And they are found in our favorite foods, from pasta to the beer. Even some non-consumable items a contaminated by these additives, like the lipstick, stamps, etc.

The book has a detailed list of all the foods having harmful additives. This might save your life one day. Because the more you would learn the more cautious you would be. And my suggestion would be to know as much as possible. From that point of view, the “101 Toxic Food Ingredients” is a lifesaver!

Preservatives: The Danger is Everywhere

Have you ever asked yourselves, “How could the processed food last that much longer without rotting?” Because the use these this magical ingredient named preservatives. These preservatives are potentially harmful. They just extend the shelf life for the products.

Truth About Food Preservatives And Cooking Oil

There are some common preservatives like Olestra, brominated vegetable oil, TBHQ, propyl gallate, propylene glycol, acrylamide, pyridine, BHA, etc.

Alayon thinks these preservatives are the deadliest. Once you go through the book you would understand how much harm they impose.

Bottled Water: Is It Safe?

The addition of fluoride in our water was first introduced in 1945. Water is a product that we never check for impurities. Although they are considered clean, it is the time we take a deeper look into it.

Fluoride could cause lowered IQ, arthritis, dementia, lowered thyroid function, bone fractures etc. The problem is occurring as a lot of fluorides are mixed with the bottled water that is found in the local markets.

Truth About Drinking Water

You would be surprised to know that the USA is the top country consuming fluoride every year. How could you get rid of this problem? Consider getting the rainwater or try to drink water that has no or less amount of fluorides.

More information about the water and fluoride can be read from the book.

Food Labels: Making You Blind

Marketer often uses the food label to misguide you and make you believe that you are buying something super healthy. They are tagging up a fresh label on half-rotten food and you would still believe that it is fresh as the label says so.

The fresh means that the food has never been frozen and you are getting it right from the farmers who cultivated them. But the actual scenario does not match that image.

The organic foods are actually fresh and do not contain any kind of harmful ingredient. They are examined and approved by the USDA and always maintain the organic standard.

Truth About Food Labels

Is it Worth It?

From the book, one can have tons of benefits. Let me tell a few of the benefits that you could get just by going through it. The ultimate benefit is far more than a finding of the foods that might harm you. This could be your weapon to fight the harms from processed food.

  • These harmful toxic materials could make you look aged and pale over the time. You could know what foods to eat and what to not. Make yourself look younger by eating fresh and clean foods.
  • You could help your body find the unwanted fats and know the methods of destroying them. Not only that but also know the secrets about activating the fat burning hormones.
  • Cleanse your body from all sorts of harmful toxic agents. This would help you get rid of the unwanted health disasters and show you a way of a serene and healthy life.


101 Toxic Food Ingredients can be the perfect resource if you want to avoid toxic chemicals from your dining table. The FDA won’t protect you, so be aware and protect yourself.

Anthony Alayon has tried his best to help us out here and make us question what we eat. The only way we could save us and our loved ones is by becoming aware of the contamination.

Most of the times, we fall victim to the marketing ploys. But you could help yourselves, just read the book and get enlightened.

101 Toxic Food Ingredients reviews

Click Here To Learn All 101 Toxic Ingredients You Need To Avoid Putting In Your Food To Maximize Your Health!

Click Here To Learn All 101 Toxic Ingredients You Need To Avoid Putting In Your Food To Maximize Your Health!

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