Office Snacks Making You Fat – The Truth Revealed

With the development of the corporate working environment a lot of offices are already offering free food. This has become a rather common perk in the majority of them. However, eating on the dime of your employer may actually cost you quite a bit in terms of weight gained.

There is a study which was published in the journal Appetite that showed that the amount of snacks consumed is generally linked to the proximity of the snacks to the beverage stations. This means that if your snack is closer to the station for the beverage you are much likely to grab a bite even if you are not hungry. And, as you might already think, this is causing some pounds to stack up.

Now, it’s important to understand that living a healthy lifestyle is something that shouldn’t be interrupted. You can’t eat organic food today and switch off to the junk food offered in the office the day after and expect proper results. Well, you can, but it won’t happen.

With this in mind, there are plenty of healthy foods to eat even while at the office and you should thoroughly consider them at all times if you want to maintain your fine figure. You should also get your employer to consider an office snack delivery service with better-for-you options. Let’s take a look at some of the things that you might snack on while at the office and still maintain that healthy lifestyle and proper figure.

1. Nut Tutter and a Medium Apple

eating snacks in office - nut tutter

A study revealed that eating an apple prior to your meal is going to slash about 187 calories from the meal in comparison to other meals when you ate the apple beforehand. The apple alone is going to add up about 100 calories and pairing it with some nut tutter is definitely going to make you feel as fool as you’d want to be.

2. Low Fat Cheese and Grapes

As we explained above, there are quite a few healthy foods to eat while at the office that is going to deeply benefit your healthy lifestyle. With this in mind, red or green grapes with cheese is a certain delight and a satisfying snack.

Low fat cheese and grapes

Instead of munching on harmful junk food, you could take advantage of this particular combination and enjoy these 200 calories meal and 14 grams of proteins while at the same time maintaining the organic diet that you’ve been subjected to.

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3. Strawberries and Low Fat Cottage Cheese

Do you like yogurt? Well, you should understand that the one you are getting from the local store is as far from being an actual yogurt as it gets. That’s right – you are literally digesting a chemical combination that has no milk and no strawberries in it. Instead, grab ½ cup of low fat cottage cheese and a cup of strawberries to get the perfect snack that’s healthy and nutritional.

Strawberries and Low Fat Cottage Cheese

This meal is going to get you around 150 calories, 3.5 grams of fiber and 12 grams of protein while being as natural as it gets.

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4. Baby Carrots and TBSP Dip Dressing

Another solution for living a healthy lifestyle, this particular combination is also quite delicious. You can go ahead and try it out right away and see how it feels but we are quite convinced that it’s going to replace the unhealthy meals that you’ve been snacking on in the office.

Baby Carrots and TBSP Dip Dressing

With this in mind, you can enjoy this every day as it’s going to provide you with additional 170 calories and 3.5 grams of fiber which is going to be satisfying enough for a snack while keeping you full for quite some time as well.

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In any case, there are plenty of ways to maintain a healthy diet without being subjected to eating the fat inducing junk food in the office. If your firm doesn’t supply all of the above you can get them yourself. It’s likely to cost you a couple of bucks but the value you get is quite significant. Plus, you could also talk up to your managing head of department to get these things included in the everyday menu as they are likely to be very cheap.

Furthermore, this is going to allow you to maintain living a healthy lifestyle without sacrificing your productivity or professional time. We know that having to maintain a healthy diet isn’t always convenient, especially when you are on a busy working schedule. However, if you are going to stop for a snack in the office anyways, you might as well make sure that it’s one that’s healthy.

You are going to be surprised how well this is going to affect your overall performance and productivity rates as eating is definitely one of the most important things. Being loaded with proper nutrition is definitely going to boast your performance and it’s going to help you feel a lot better and fresh throughout the entire work day.


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