Extreme Weight Loss & Toning Muscles: 101

People sometimes do not take good care of themselves and their decisions of making it right can be wrong. Losing your weight is definitely all fun and games and there are some hidden truths behind it all which are pretty ugly.

While you are concentrated on being skinnier you should also pay attention to your skin type, your muscles and how your body functions.

Weight Loss – Pros

One of the first facts that you must learn about your rapid weight loss is that you must be concentrated on reduction of calories combined with exercise. You should step on your scale, write it down and then make a good plan.

It can be a good start, especially for people who are extremely overweight but they should be supervised by a doctor so that it won’t harm their health.  Willpower will help you and it will boost up your confidence. You should reduce your appetite as much as you can it will help you in losing weight without being extremely hungry and it will improve your metabolism and health.

When you start dropping pounds you will feel the difference and your motivation will rise. Protein, fat sources (olive oil, coconut oil, avocado oil, etc.) and vegetables will help you a lot, and you will stay healthy. Find a great diet that fits you best. Also, you should start doing exercise so your body and muscles would be in a good shape.

Weight Loss – Cons

  • Your Skin

Oh my God what happened to my skin and muscles? What did I do wrong?” These are just one of the possible side effects of weight loss. Elasticity and strength of skin is lost from years of stretching, although you physically may feel much better you will not be satisfied with your appearance.

Weight Loss - Pros

It takes much more time for skin to renew itself because when it starts to sag the pores may look like they are larger than they once were and there are the possibilities of infections. Vitamin loss is also one of the factors and the intake of water and healthy vegetables can help you with, of course, exercising.

If you are not entirely happy about the results and you want your skin to look better as well as the other parts of your body, you can always consult a doctor or a plastic surgeon for tightening your skin or breast lift.

  • Your Muscles

When you start losing weight you start to lose muscle mass not just fat. Muscle mass is an important part of keeping your metabolism and bones healthy and they support your skeletal system.

It is also important not to be on a hunger strike because it can lower your metabolism and can cause stress and you will feel very weak because muscles need more energy to maintain themselves. When you lose your weight very fast your brain, heart, kidneys and liver are the ones which pull the most from the available energy source.

After that, your organs might be in danger – when you reach a point where you are left with very little fat or muscle, your body will start metabolizing your organs. These side effects can lead to serious problems such as heart attack, stroke and kidney failure.

Exercises And A Great Figure

One of the first things that you should know is that if more fat is covering your muscle, the less visible it will be and it won’t be “toned” and “defined” as you thought it will. So you need fat for your muscle definition but low levels of course.

Exercises And A Great Figure

Building muscles is important because it is good for bones and it will boost up your energy. You can start slowly with just long walks and going for a run and then continue with strength training and cardio.

Both of them are great for calorie and fat burning and they can be a permanent solution for weight loss. A mixture of heavy lifting, lighter lifting and good cardio exercises can lead to a great figure and muscle toning.  All in all, focus should be on training and a proper nutrition.

Just imagine yourself after achieving the goal that you always wanted and how your astonishing looks will boost up you confidence to the maximum! You should keep in mind that everything matters from the lifestyle you are living to what you eat and how much you work out. Protect your body and skin and you will be extremely satisfied.


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