7 Best Exercises That Keeps You Fit During Perimenopause

best exercise for perimenopause

Perimenopause is a phase which ushers in the menopause. It is a period where a woman ceases to menstruate for a whole year. This is due to hormonal changes, majorly estrogen. The perimenopause period ends after a year of the absence of menstruation.

As the estrogen levels go down it brings in sleepless nights, hot flashes, mood swings, accumulation of fat in the belly and also the high risk of heart problems. Low bone strength and muscle problems also come in. Exercising is the best thing you can do to compensate for the lowered estrogen levels.

Let’s take a look at these 7 best exercise for perimenopause that will keep you healthy during this period:

1. Water Exercises

Swimming or biking in the water is some of the light workouts recommended during this period. They involve your vital muscles and joints helping to strengthen them. These exercises also boost up your heart activity helping alleviate problems such as heart attacks. They are also good at avoiding weight gain which could worsen the menopause symptoms. Water exercises relieve you of any stress and improves your mood.

2. Strength Training Using Hand Weights

As the estrogen levels dip your bones and muscles get weakened resulting to high risk of osteoporosis. Strength training is the best thing to help build up and strengthen your bones and muscles. The bones and muscles are very important in our lives they help support the body structure and also allow for any movement to perform tasks.

With low estrogen levels, your body metabolism goes down, and this is very risky for the general body health. The heart rate goes down, and there is uncontrollable weight gain. By doing strength training regularly, you help boost up the body metabolism and the heart rate. This is very effective at burning up the fats.


3. Yoga

Relaxation and relieve is all you can ask for with the disturbing menopause symptoms. Yoga poses help you to keep fit and exercise your body muscles and joints. It offers relief to joint pains, irritability, and fatigue. As you concentrate on your poses, the workout gets your mind relaxed improving your mood and concentration.

4. Squats

This is very effective for building up the lower body bones and strengthening the muscles. It is the best recommended lower body workout. If you need to concentrate on you lower body then this is the way to go.

Squats are good both for the muscles, bones, burning up belly fat and for body joints. Belly fat is very problematic when menopause approaches as it starts to accumulate very fast. Taking squats will help keep up the health of your joints and muscles.

perimenopause exercise

5. Dancing Helps

Imagine how dancing can be fun. Take dances like salsa, ballet or whatever you like. It helps enhance your flexibility which is good for the health of your bones and muscles by building them up. Dancing offers an option for people who easily get bored with other workouts. As you dance, you bring up the body activity which is good not only for keeping fit but also burning up the extra calories and for a good mood.

6. Join a Zumba Class at the Gym

If you are into Latin bits, then Zumba is your thing. It incorporates many dancing styles. Doing Zumba dances helps work up your muscles. This builds them up and allows for flexibility. You can also incorporate menopausal treatments along with the Zumba workouts for the improvement of your health. Moreover, the exercises work to help you lose weight.

7. Take Walks

Walks are the best way to keep up your health. In fact, they involve fewer efforts but do a lot in improving menopausal symptoms. Walks are an option for people who are too committed to the schedule for exercise classes.

Take Walks

Make efforts to ditch the lift and take the stairs or park a little further from the office and take a walk. You can also take a walk in your favorite park. Walks not only help the health of your joint, bones and muscles, they also help in your emotional health by taking away any kind of stress and the mood swings.


These perimenopause exercises should be done on a regular basis. These workouts are meant to improve your bones, joints, muscles and even strengthen the heart. By exercising the activity helps boost up your memory, sleep and your general mood which is greatly affected by the dipping estrogen levels.

When menopause comes in, every woman has it on a different plate. Try exercising as a lifestyle change to improve the symptoms that come with menopause and keep going. Perimenopause is the period where you have to make some important adjustments and embrace a healthy lifestyle.


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