30 Minute Mass Review – Our Unbiased Analysis and Thoughts

Have you ever suffered from being considered skinny or weak? Has nothing helped you to get ripped? If so, then read our 30-minute mass review.

30-minute Mass is a quick and easy mass-building program that combines some of the most effective training and nutrition practices. Moreover, the system involves the tips to build muscles quickly, no matter how lean a person is. So, to see how it can be an amazing mass building solution, the 30-minute mass checks how the mass building system works, what is inside the system, and the pros and cons of the system.

30 Minute Mass review and its creator, Mark Webb:

30 Minute Mass The Creator

30 Minute Mass program is developed by Mark Webb, who is a fitness enthusiast himself. The program works without the use of steroids. Moreover, the program works by using different tips and tricks to trigger the muscle-building elixir in every individual. Below, we have mentioned step-by-step instructions on how this program benefits you.

Its main focus is on the use of anabolic hormones, which help in muscle growth, insulin, and protein synthesis. According to the creators, the steroids that people inject to get big muscles are already present inside each person’s body. Moreover, the 30 Minute Mass workout program unlocks this anabolic juice to unleash your inner strength.

30 Minute Mass contains several chapters that help users to use the steroid hormone in their bodies effectively. It also maximizes the hormone levels which support muscle growth.

Based on several 30 Minute Mass reviews, the program helps the users through important aspects of muscle building, like muscle-building foods, muscle development factors, tips to avoid workout injuries, and top mistakes to avoid.

Common Mistakes Addressed by the Program:

30 Minute Mass is a 6-week training that shares the tips and tricks of building muscles in a short duration. The program is developed by Mark Webb, who has targeted men who want to have an attractive physique. Moreover, the program assures muscles, strength, and sex appeal through the training sessions.

Mark Webb developed the program based on the Colorado experiment where unique training techniques helped a person gain 45 pounds of muscle in just 14 training sessions. The Colorado experiment used the mass building techniques of Arthur Jones. Thus, by combining these techniques with more tactics, the creator made the 30 Minute Mass program.

The 30 Minute mass helps the consumers change the way that they have been training until now. Although most people think that they are on the right track, it is easy to make mistakes that leave damage.

The first mistake which the program fixes are the training frequency. According to the creators, most people train far too much during a week while taking their body through a routine six days a week. However, constant training prevents the body from recovering and the recovery process is important for success. To build more muscle quickly, the Max muscle solution is 3X training.

Through 3X training, consumers learn how to do the right amount of training with time to recover. It takes only three days a week and allows the muscles to fuse back with the muscle fibers damaged during workouts. Although this damage is normal, however, the body needs to have repair time to build up the muscles.

Another major mistake that newcomer bodybuilders make is that they do many reps and sets that the body needs. Some trainers tell clients that they need to spend at least an hour in the gym; however, a marathon training session isn’t the key. In fact, it creates fewer hormones that help to build up muscle mass. That’s why the program focuses on Alpha Sets.

Alpha Sets aren’t a common tactic; however, they help the users push their body during reps rather than increasing the number of reps. It creates shocks in the muscles, which triggers muscle growth without becoming overly exhausted.

The third mistake covered by this program is the desire to count how many reps the participants take on. Obviously, Reps are important for any workout; however, many opportunities are missed when a person only focuses on the number of reps. That’s why this mistake is replaced by three-phase reps.

The three-phase reps break down the repetitions into a negative phase, a positive phase, and a static phase. While other programs focus on the weakest part of movements, the routine teaches participants how to get benefit from each stage.

The final mistake which many newcomers make is that they don’t go towards muscle failure. Some trainers say that muscle failure puts excessive strain on the body; however, that isn’t necessarily the case. To solve this problem, the creators help the users build a new steroid threshold.

Training to failure isn’t only crucial to the body; it is important to achieve muscle failure to avoid injuries or a lack of results. The program teaches users how to do this within a few minutes and create a response, something you have never seen before. “There is no wealth greater than health.”


What’s Inside the Program?

30 Minute Mass Package

The 30 Minute Mass program consists of different chapters, which have been mentioned below:

  • Tips to maximize muscle-building hormone
  • How to build muscles without weights
  • Learn about muscle-building supplements
  • Secret muscle building techniques
  • How to Avoid workout Injury?
  • Mistakes to avoid when building your body
  • Muscle-building food varieties
  • Importance of working out daily
  • Time-tested intensity hack for maximum muscles in minutes
  • Three methods to add testosterone receptors to the chest, shoulders, and upper back to grow the upper body.
  • The complete Nutritional menu for muscle building.
  • A secret warm-up hack to boost productivity in the gym.
  • Quick and easy pre-bed rituals to build more muscle during sleep.
  • How to build your dream body while eating all the foods that you love?
  • The barrier that keeps you from getting the best results.
  • Rare shortcuts to building more muscles.
  • The top six exercises which most people don’t know about.
  • The secret technique to master your body.
  • List of best supplement suppliers.

How to Use 30 Minute Mass effectively?

30 Minute Mass Clickable Image

30 Minute Mass structure program is an easy-to-use and quick program that taps into the in-built steroid gene which every man has and helps them to build their body effectively.

As mentioned before in the 30 Minute Mass review, users need to spend 30 minutes each day to get the maximum results. You can also use the program by adding it to your everyday routine.

30 Minute Mass Pros and Cons:

30 Minute Mass is a muscle-building program that has several health benefits and drawbacks. First, let’s look at the top benefits of the program:


  • Faster results:

One of the most impressive benefits of this program is that you start seeing results quickly. You will start seeing a muscular physique in just two weeks.

  • Helps Build Ripped Muscles:

30 Minute Mass program helps you to build an attractive and stronger body within a few days without spending too much time in the gym.

  • Guides to Right Nutritional Intake:

You will understand exactly what your body needs to build strong muscles.

  • It makes you into the alpha male:

30 Minute Mass gives you the features of an alpha male. The program helps you to gain the golden ratio of an alpha male. Moreover, it gives you a broad chest, a thin waist, and muscular shoulders.

  • Helps to gain muscles during sleep:

30 Minute Mass contains different techniques which help you to gain muscles, even during sleep.

  • No use of steroids:

The great thing about the program that you don’t need any steroids to build muscles. Moreover, the program makes use of the natural anabolic hormones in the body to build muscles.

  • Additional Bonuses:

You can enjoy additional bonuses along with the program.


  • The program is only available on the official site of the company.
  • It is quite time-consuming to go through all the chapters of the book.
  • The program requires consistency and hard work to see the results.

Is the Muscle Mass Program Legit?

30 Minute Mass is quite legit for several reasons. Firstly, the program was developed based on a scientific study of Colorado State University. Moreover, the creator of the program, Mark Webb, is quite well-known in the muscle-building world and known as Papa Oak. He tried and tested the program on his own body, which proves the legitimacy of the program. Other than this, scientific studies and evidence which support the 30 Minute Mass program have been shared on the official website by the creator.

30 Minute Mass Customer Reviews:

30 Minute Mass Customer Feedback

Overall the customer reviews of the program are positive. So, it is quickly becoming popular among the masses. Until today, there haven’t been any negative feedbacks and complaints regarding the program. Most customer reviews suggest that it is an effective muscle-building program for guys.

30 Minute Mass Price and Where to Get it?

30 Minute Mass program can only be bought from the official website of the company. It isn’t available anywhere else. You can make the program yours just by spending under fifteen dollars. 

You will only have to pay a very reasonable and affordable amount, which is relatively cheap in comparison to other fitness programs and plans. According to the analysis done by the product provider, the program would normally cost at least ten times more. So, you have to pay ten times less than the actual price. Unlike other programs, you’re getting around a ninety percent discount.

You have the opportunity of buying all five of the books by paying only the discount price and the shipping expenses. You have to pay once for the program. After that, you will have lifetime access to the program and its resources. While paying, you get the freedom of paying through various sources. You can either use Paypal or choose to pay with your MasterCard or American Express card. You can also pay using your Discover credit or your debit cards. Clickbank will be handling all your payments. It is a platform that makes sure that all your personal information remains secure. The company will never get to see your banking details.

One of the best things about the price is that despite being remarkably low, you can get a refund if you dislike the training. Also, you won’t have to give a reason. You simply have to inform them within thirty days of your purchase and you will get your refund.

When you pay this amount, you will get some exciting bonuses completely free. When you purchase the 30 Minute Mass program, you will also get around one hundred dollars worth of bonuses for free.

  • First Bonus – Hyper-Growth Shape Recipe Book – It features the growth shakes recipe book, which contains the best hyper-growth shakes recipe.
  • Second Bonus – Anabolic Grocery List – It is a complete guide to buy quick muscle-building groceries.
  • Third Bonus – Damn Simple Meal Plan – The program also contains a guide to help you make a bigger physique.
  • Fourth Bonus – Damn Powerful Mindset Guide – It will help you to learn about a 15-minute cerebrum overhaul to get complete control over the mind and get energy.

30 Minute Mass Money-back guarantee:

30 Minute Mass 60 day Money Back Guarantee


The creator of 30 Minute Mass provides a complete money-back guarantee on your purchase. Moreover, he assures you that you will get a complete refund if you don’t see any changes within the first few weeks.

You can get this money-back guarantee within the first 60 days of the purchase. So, to get the refund, just send an email to the creator.


In this 30 Minute Mass review, we have added the commonly asked questions by the users. So, let’s have a look at them:

Q1. Who is the 30 Minute Mass training program for?

Ans. 30 Minute Mass training program is for anyone who aims to build a muscular body faster. People who want to build a stronger physique but have no idea how to start can choose the program as a guide. No matter whether you are an expert or a beginner, the creator recommends the program for all.

Q2. What is included in the program?

Ans. You can easily purchase the product as a digital guide, which includes 30 Minute Mass Exercise Execution Videos, 30 Minute Mass Training Guide, 30 Minute Mass Supplement Guide, 30 Minute Mass Nutrition Guide, 30 Minute Mass Manual, 30 Minute Mass Quick Start Guide, and 30 Minute Mass Training Guide Machines only.

Q3. How long would the results of the program stay?

Ans. It all depends upon how properly you followed the program. Moreover, with a proper kind of diet and consistency, the results will stay for 1 to 2 years.

Q4. What will you learn from the 30 Minute Mass training program?

Ans. The 30 Minute Mass program will help you to discover:

  • How to double muscle growth in just 30 minutes.
  • The exact duration of rest between exercises.
  • The formula for massive muscle growth.
  • 3 Key muscle growth factors to get maximum results in minimum time.
  • Easy to follow the program.
  • How to train your muscles to keep them growing.
  • Accurate plug-and-play formula nutritional guide.
  • How to tap into the steroid threshold.
  • The best feast plan before workouts.
  • Top ways to build muscles during sleep.


In this 30 Minute Mass review, we have provided you all the information about the program. Moreover, through the program, Mark Webb wants you to get an attractive body and turn into an alpha male, which gives you a sense of security. It doesn’t matter whether you or someone close to you is an understudy – an occupied person, a voyaging chief, or an old man. Moreover, features like fast action bonus and money-back guarantee make it a risk-free program. So, get this impressive muscle-building grub today and transform your life.


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