10 Unconventional Workouts To Slim Your Waist

Perhaps you have recently had a baby and you want to get back to your pre-pregnancy size, or your skinny jeans are fitting a little too snugly these days; whatever the reason is, if you are looking for a way to shed pounds and trim your waist, you are going to want to start exercising.

However, while you know that exercising is a must to tone and slim your waist, going to the gym and using the elliptical or taking a pilates class just isn’t your cup of tea.

Well, fortunately for you, there are ways that you can trim your waistline that are a little more unique than hitting the gym or taking an exercise class. Here’s a look at 10 unconventional ways to lose weight, to trim your waist – and they really work!

1. Go for a Walk

But not just your standard walk. If you want to trim your waistline, you’re going to want to step up your walking game.

Yes, any type of regular walking is great for your health and can help you shed pounds, but if you really want to see results, go for three short, fast-paced walks a week and two longer, slower walks. You’ll lose up to five times more belly fat than you would if you took a standard, moderate-paced walk every day.

2. Grow a Garden

You’ll reap more than vegetables or beautiful flowers when you start gardening; you’ll trim your waistline, too.

Gardening requires physical labor, like bending, pulling and digging. Every time you partake in these physical actions, you are working out. So, working that patch of land will not only yield a beautiful landscape, but it will give you a more toned waist.

3. Have a Dance Party

Dancing for weight loss

Dancing can help to improve your muscle tone, increase your strength, improve your cardiovascular health and keep your weight in check. So, if you’re looking to tone your waist, turn on your favorite tunes and feel the groove.

4. Pull Out the Vacuum

Would you believe that cleaning your house can actually help you get into shape? Well, it’s true!

Pushing the vacuum forward and back works out your abdominal muscles; scrubbing the floor while you’re on the hands and knees workouts out your core; dusting those hard-to-reach shelves can improve your flexibility and tone your stomach. The harder you clean, the more trim your waist will become.

5. Hula Hoop

Hula hooping has become the latest craze in the exercise world, and for good reason; it works out your core, builds muscle tone and can burn some serious calories. To see serious results, use a weighted hula hoop that is specifically designed for exercise.

6. Play on the Playground

Head to your local playground (when kids aren’t there, of course,) and use the equipment to your advantage. Swing across the monkey bars; climb up the slide; pump your legs on the swing: all of these physical activities will do wonders for your physique – and you’ll have fun, too!

7. Play with Your Kids

If you’re a parent, playing with your kids isn’t only beneficial bonding time; it can also help you trim your waistline. Chase after your little ones; play games like hopscotch and tag; dance with them; run an obstacle course with them. Even just picking your kids up and walking with them will help you tone your waist!

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Unusual workouts for weight loss

8. Laugh!

Laughing not only improves your mood; it can also help you lose weight! Every time you laugh, you’re exerting your abdominal muscles, so go ahead and have a hearty laughing fit several times a day!

9. Hit the Pool

It’s no secret that swimming is a great way to lose weight and tone your muscles; however, you don’t have to swim like Michael Phelps to see results. Simply playing in the pool (flips, anyone?), or standing on the side and lifting up your legs can do wonders.

10. Home Improvements

Have a bathroom you want to remodel, or a bedroom you want to redecorate? Home improvements will beautify your house and give you a good workout, too. Every time you swing a hammer, reach up to paint a ceiling or a wall, or lift a heavy piece of furniture, you’re working out those muscles and trimming your waist.

If a trim waistline is on your agenda, give these unconventional exercises tips a try. You’ll be surprised by the results – and you’ll never step foot in a gym!


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