10 Best Weight Loss Tips For Men You’ll Ever Need

Although you typically hear about women and their weight loss goals, many men are concerned with their body fat percentage as well. For most of the people, losing weight can be the biggest challenge of their life, however, it doesn’t need to be overly complicated. We snagged this weight loss tips from nutrition experts, weight loss coach and some of the professional fitness trainers around to help you get rid of unwanted kilos—and get the perfect shape of your body.

Here are 10 weight loss tips for men that can help you lose weight and keep it off for good:

1. Be Careful What You Eat

Men love to eat. It’s not that women don’t, it’s just that men tend to pig out more than women do. It’s fine to have an occasional cheat meal and splurge every now and then, but constantly keeping your calories high is a sure-fire way to gain weight.

Besides just eating less though, pay close attention to the quality of food that you are putting in your mouth. Instead of chowing down on doughnuts and fried chicken, chow down instead on some steamed vegetables and a grilled chicken breast. This is a much better approach to losing weight fast for men since the fiber in these foods will help keep you full and your metabolism elevated, while the doughnut and fried chicken will go right through you.

2. Learn How to Cook

Learn how to cook

Believe it or not, many guys actually know how to cook. Then again, there are those who don’t and have never cared enough to learn how. If you’re in the second category, I’d be willing to bet that you commonly pick up some Taco Bell or McDonald’s on your way home from work as well. If you simply knew how to cook, you could prevent this from happening. This doesn’t mean you have to make gourmet meals all the time, just food that is healthy and will give you the nutrition you need to lose weight.

Just keep in mind that although you don’t have to cook gourmet meals, it’s no excuse to pop in a pizza or fish sticks in the oven. Learning how to sauté some fresh vegetables or make some brown rice would be a fantastic start.

3. Lift Cautiously

Many men love to lift weights because they want to gain muscle. While there is nothing wrong with this, many times they are not careful when they are in the gym and often injure themselves. Make sure you don’t lift too much weight and always make sure you’re utilizing proper form with every single exercise. Proper form is more important than the amount of weight you can lift.

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When you’re lifting weights, you should train at about 70-85% of your one rep maximum. For example, if you can squat 300 pounds you should be training with a weight of anywhere from 220 to 270 pounds if your goal is muscle gain.

4. Charge up Your Workout

Weight loss tips for men

This can apply to anyone. If you’ve been doing the same workout for the past several months, you’re going to hit a plateau sooner or later. To prevent this from happening, always switch up your workout routine every 12 weeks. Try switching up the types of exercises or increasing the weight you are lifting once it becomes too heavy. Some other plateau busting techniques include dropsets and superset. Another technique is to increase the amount of volume in your workouts.

Changing around your cardio routine is also important since if you’ve been constantly running 5 miles at the same pace for the last few months, your body is going to get used to it. You need to ramp up the intensity. You can do this by incorporating HIIT (high intensity interval training into your cardio routine).

5. Don’t Snack at Night

One of the most important weight loss tips for men. Eating mindlessly at night is a great way to gain weight. Some people do this when they are watching television at night, but it really doesn’t make a difference in the scope of things. You need to avoid this mindless eating at all costs and a great way to do this is with one thing – self control. Just tell yourself that you won’t eat anything after you’ve already hit your calorie goals for the day and you’ll be golden.

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6. Watch What You Are Drinking

Watch What You Are Drinking

Many men like to drink their beer. And typically the heavier the beer (more alcohol content), the better it tastes. Unfortunately, this also means that it will contain many more calories. Even if you only drink a few beers at the bar with your buddies, the calories quickly add up. For example, a 12 oz beer contains around 180 calories, but let’s say you drink 5 of them. 180 x 5 = 720 calories!

If you like your alcohol then you might want to go with a lighter beer or with another type of alcohol – gin or tonic is great.

7. Follow a Workout Program that Works For You

You shouldn’t only be doing cardio if you want to lose weight, you should also be lifting weights on a regular basis. To make your workout program complete you should incorporate both of them and I also recommend including flexibility training into your routine. You should always be warming up and cooling down before and after your workouts as well in order to prevent injury.

8. Eat a Healthy Diet

Although this is pretty obvious, many people have no clue what to eat in order to lose weight fast for men. It’s common sense that you should avoid anything that is packaged or processed, but it goes a bit deeper than this. Be sure to include plenty of complex carbohydrates in your diet as well as adequate protein and healthy fats. Fruits and vegetables should also be in your diet, since they are high in essential vitamins and minerals that keep your body functioning properly.

How to lose weight fast for men

9. Watch The Sodium

Many people are consuming much more salt than they realize, but this can quickly make the scale weight jump up 5 or 10 pounds! Too much sodium in your diet will make you retain water and feel bloated, so be sure not to pour too much salt on your food and read your nutrition labels as well to make sure the food you are eating is not too high in sodium.

10. Stop Drinking Fruit Juice

Consuming fruit juices can quickly increase the amount of calories you are consuming without you even realizing it. I recommend never drinking your calories. So instead of drinking orange juice, eat an orange instead. And instead of apple juice, eat an apple instead.

Stop Drinking Fruit Juice

Drinking your calories is a bad idea because they will go straight through you and leave you hungry again a short time later. But by substituting real fruit for fruit juices, you get essential vitamins and minerals and you also get fiber as well, which will help keep you full and prevent you from overeating. Fruit juices contain almost no nutritional value, but real fruit does.

These are the 10 most effective and working weight loss tips for men. I am sure that if you follow this tips for few days, you will start to see the difference in your body weight soon. If you do try this weight loss routine, let us know the results by leaving your valuable comments. Cheers!!




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