Astrology Language Review – Should You Buy it or Not?

Do you believe that the moon and the stars align to your liking? If you do, then you must be familiar with horoscopes, predictions, and astrology language. Astrology is the pseudoscience belief, claiming that celestial bodies affect the mood, balance, and way of life of someone. If you are someone who is also interested in such, Your Astrology Language may help you.

However, how sure are we that astrology readings are real? The thought of relying on horoscopes may make us quite skeptical, especially with the number of scam fortune-tellers who claim to see the future through a crystal ball. However, Your Astrology Language begs to differ. In this Your Astrology Language Review, we will discuss whether it’s a scam or not.

What is Your Astrology Language?

Your Astrology Language is a website page created by Sarah Lee. It aims to help people understand the connection between us and the heavenly bodies. Also, the website has a store where you can purchase charms, guides, and even healing products you can share with someone.

Furthermore, the website makes use of your zodiac in reading your said destiny. But before we delve more into how the website works, let’s first get to know the mind behind this site.

The Founder: Sarah Lee

Sarah Lee studied Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology in the 1980’s. By using her knowledge, she established the Your Astrology Language website. She also hand-picked the product within her website, according to her readings and guides.

Moreover, she has evaluated and given expert advice to thousands of profiles, effectively making changes in numerous lives. Currently, she is helping people through her knowledge and experience in astrology. She also writes on her Astrology Forecast blog and guides every week.

Your Astrology Language: What Can You Expect?

When you first visit her page, Sarah offers an in-depth free reading service. You will need to provide your name and birth date according to your natal chart and personalities to help answer your X and Y’s in life.

The purpose of that is to review which one of the twelve Chinese calendar zodiac do you have. It will also inform you of your assigned animal based on the characteristics on the horoscope.

Moreover, your zodiac animal tells a lot about you and your elements. Sarah will review these, do her work, and make predictions about your fate.

In addition, Sarah will review how your elements influence your life experience—your work, health, dream, and money. She also analyzes your behavior and how you interact with everyone around you.

Understanding all these on our own can be difficult. That is why Sarah allocates time for that individual who is new to this concept to help them understand and read their own horoscope report.

Note that reading can take a lot of time because some things may be difficult to comprehend. Hence, you must also be patient if you were to use this program.

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Website Review

Together in this astrology language review, we will walk you through the website. If it is your first time visiting it, you will be greeted by a free reading program on the landing page. When you click ‘Home’, an Eastern Daily Horoscope will welcome you with the choices of the twelve zodiac signs.

If you scroll down a bit, you can see the ‘Discover’ area that will let you review your Eastern Zodiac Sign. It will also determine whether your Chakras are out of balance and how it may influence your ‘inner zodiac energies’.

A little further on the site, you will see the Astro Blog. This is where they post various blogs and reviews to help you understand more about astrology, zodiac signs, and astrology forecasts. Not only that, but this part also allows you to do your own review!

Near the end, you will see a sign about free reading and a daily horoscope sent to your email address. You can also see their recent posts, their affiliated links, and a search box. Moreover, you may receive your horoscope through email so that you can review it any time of the day.

Along with the Home page of the site, you can view the categories on the upper right corner. These tabs include the Blog, Shop (where you may see the product posts), Resources, and Daily Horoscope.

Although there is no other means of getting in touch except through their Facebook and Instagram accounts, their website is nevertheless easy to access. Moreover, it has an aesthetically pleasing approach to the astrological world. This is adored by thousands of users who leave positive reviews.

What To Learn From Your Astrology Language Imperial Zodiac Metal Rat Guide 2021 Edition Review?

You could have this 2021 edition guide only if you registered to be a member of the website. The following are what consumers of Your Astrology Language can learn from their Imperial Zodiac Metal Rat Guide.

Zodiac Compatibility

We know that forming a relationship with others is hard. Therefore, in this astrology language review, we will tell you how important it is to know how compatible you are with someone.

Members of Your Astrology Language have the privilege to discover the secrets of forming good compatibility between zodiacs. Hence, they also know what to do to keep the spark in a relationship between two people.


Another privilege of being a member of Your Astrology Language is learning how to align your zodiac’s flow of Qi, which is an invisible force of energy fields surrounding us and the universe, influencing us mentally and physically. With that, you are able to free all the limitless ability within you and attract everything that is meant for you, may it be title, money, or health.


Having the title of a member, you can get a personalized cycle of your zodiac sign throughout the years. Your Astrology Language posts both the unfortunate and fortunate cycle of your sign every year in terms of your health, money, and relationships with people. Hence, it helps you plan the things you should and shouldn’t do and when to make a major decision.

Soulless Life

Who wants to live a dull life? Your Astrology Language can help you cast out the gloomy energy living within you or with you. This guide will grant you a crunchy crack from your fortune cookie, knocking up the asleep life force inside you.

Additional Feature

When you have the title of being a member, you are able to join and win the lottery! They give an amazing set of numbers for you to gamble and try your luck.

Moreover, this helps you look after your well-being, letting success trickle along with your life. They also prioritize wisdom, inner reservoir, and inner peace.

The imperial zodiac guide 2020 will make you understand why all the misfortunes happen and prepare us to face or prevent them. All of these are to assure you of the good future waiting for you.

Money-back Guarantee

Another reason why this Your Astrology Language review was written is for you to know that Your Astrology Language offers a 60-day money-back guarantee! You can get your money back if you are not satisfied with the program.

If you are skeptical about spending money, you can check other users’ reviews and posts. You may try lurking around Facebook or any platform to know whether it is a scam or not.

Moreover, reviews will be written on any social media platform. You can review the posts in Facebook and consider them before deciding. Nevertheless, in our astrology language review, this website serves its purpose.Your Astrology Language ReviewsYour Astrology Language Reviews

Your Astrology Language: The Verdict

For those who don’t know, Astrology is the pseudoscience that studies the movements and position of celestial bodies and how it affects the mood, balance, and fate of someone’s life.

However, there are many self-proclaimed astrologers and fortune-tellers who scam people for money. Hence, we’ve compiled the features of Your Astrology Language in this review to help you understand whether it’s worth your time and money.

Your Astrology Language is a website by Sarah Lee that helps people understand the relationship between humans and heavenly bodies. Sarah Lee studied Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology, after which she utilized this knowledge to create Your Astrology Language. Her website also has a store where you can find charms, guides, and healing products.

What is useful?

It tells you the important factors that influence your choices and relationships:

  1. Compatibility

Astrology believes that each person has some specific traits as per their zodiac sign. Based on that, Your Astrology Language discusses the importance of being compatible with someone.

  1. Energy

In Astrology, there exists an invisible energy force called Qi. It is believed to influence us mentally and physically. Your Language Review is currently learning how to align your particular zodiac’s flow of Qi.

  1. Possibilities

Just like daily horoscope, the website informs you of the fortunate and unfortunate possibilities your sign may incur. These include health, wealth, and relationships.

  1. Strategies

Your Astrology Review claims to be able to provide you with methods and techniques to remove the negative energy within you or with you.

  1. Luck

As soon as you become a member of Your Astrology Language, you can join and potentially win the lottery. The website provides you with a set of numbers, allowing you to gamble and try your luck.

How to Access Your Astrology Language?

The first time you visit the website, you can avail a free detailed reading service by Sarah. You will be asked to provide your name, birth date, and personality traits to help determine your moods, balance, and fate of life.

Based on the twelve Chinese calendar zodiacs and your personality, Sarah will review your elements and predict your future in terms of health, wealth, work, and relationships. By signing up, you can receive daily horoscopes right to your mail.

Your Astrology Language Review: Conclusion

Your Astrology Language is not just another form of astrology website that tricks people through horoscope, just like pseudo-astrologers. It may seem like another fortune-telling scam that tricks you just like some scam that you may see on Facebook posts. However, in our review, this is not a scam. It is a reliable astrology reading site for you and others.

Furthermore, in our review, this website’s popular to many because it does prioritize not only relationships but also self-love, health, and healing. Moreover, Your Astrology Language is a professionally devoted website developed by Sarah Lee to help us understand how the alignment of the stars affects our destiny.

Sarah Lee uses her Feng Shui and astrology knowledge in changing lives. Moreover, Your Astrology Language offers a convenient way of checking your daily horoscope and discovering your fate.

This is far different from the usual astrology you’ve known. We hope that this Your Astrology Language Review was able to open your eyes to the possibility of how Your Astrology Language can be a help to you. 

Frequently Asked Questions About “Your Astrology Language”:

What is Your Astrology Language?

It is a website that can help people understand the connection between the universe and their bodies through Zodiac reading for your destiny.

What does Your Astrology Language do?

It helps people connect with their bodies and understand human relationships.

How can I access Your Astrology Language website?

You can access the website and avail a free reading by the founder.

Is there a membership fee for Your Astrology Language website?

There is a small payment for the in-depth analysis.

Who is the founder of the Your Astrology Language website?

Sarah Lee is the one who created the Your Astrology Language. She studied Feng Shui and Chinese astrology and created this website to help people improve their lives.

What are the reviews about Your Astrology Language?

The reviews about this website have been mostly positive. Reviews are written on Facebook or any platform that you can check.

Are the information from Your Astrology Language real?

Yes, it is based on readings of the birth chart. You may check reviews and posts to weather Your Astrology Language is a scam or not.


-It offers guidance and unleashing opportunities
-It provides insights on self-realization and transformation
-It has a money-back guarantee
-It requires no fee readings


-It needs an internet connection
-Its results may vary for each individual
-Its in-depth analysis is not available for free

Summary: Astrology is the pseudoscience belief, claiming that celestial bodies affect the mood, balance, and way of life of someone. If you are someone who is also interested in such, Your Astrology Language may help you.

Your Astrology Language is an online service that uses astrological signs to foresee the obstacles that one may face. However, how sure are we that these astrology readings are real? In this Your Astrology Language Review, we will discuss whether it’s a scam or not.


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