Urgent Money Miracle Review – Worth It or Waste of Time?

You can Through several economic reports and articles, the UN predicts that the global economy will fall to 3.2 percent by 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic. The pandemic situation paralyzed the world, limiting economic activity. Companies need to reduce their workforce by 50% with no hope that things will return to normal. People are going through a serious money problem.

The product you need to search for to solve your money problem is called “Urgent Money Miracle.” In this Urgent Money Miracle review, we will talk about a program that can help you get rid of the money problem. If you want to ensure financial security as quickly as possible, the information in this Urgent Money Miracle review can be a great help. Urgent Money Miracle can fill your life with financial blessings.

What is the Urgent Money Miracle Program?

The Urgent Money Miracle is a digital product that teaches you how to grow your income and make more money. It consists of 37 prayers for immediate financial blessings. During this crisis, you definitely need to think about what would be best to do and get money.

You can’t get the ideas in this e-book elsewhere. The money prayers presented in this program help people to make more money and live more comfortably in just two days. Prayer should be from the heart filled with absolute faith. It is also important that prayers be spoken from a happy heart without negative emotions.

In this Urgent Money Miracle review, we want you to search the 37 prayers for immediate financial blessings, and you can go to a state of life where no money problems exist. This product provides you a solution to fix your money problem. This allows you to renew your bank account. It gives you hope and makes your life comfortable.

Author of this Book?

The real name of the author of Urgent Money Miracle is not revealed yet. According to their official website, the book came with a pen name Abbey Fuentes. However, the site contains cookies for a better user experience.

She is the first one who experienced the miracle of this book the first time. She said she shared the story through an Urgent Money Miracle review.

The Story of Abby Fuentes

When the Covid-19 pandemic hit the world economy, Abby was fired from her job. She was working as a restaurant waitress. When the whole world went into lockdown, the restaurant closed decided to close down. For this reason, Abby went into deep trouble. She had no rent for the house, no health insurance, no food at home, and not enough cash in her bank account. She was smoking in the park, in search of a solution.

One day, a woman came to Abby in search of smoke. Abby thought the lady was rich from the beginning of her life. But she was wrong. Unfortunately, Abby realized that she was a toilet cleaner and experienced more difficult times than Abby. But her life turned when she discovered the book “Urgent Money Miracle” while cleaning the presidential suit. The book completely changed her life. Now she can enjoy her life without any limit, provided she reads 37 prayers in her morning prayer for immediate financial blessings.

After a long conversation, the woman gave the book to Abbey. She reminded Abby should ensure that she is in a state of bliss before reciting the prayer. Abby looked at the book and read the title Urgent Money Miracle: 37 Morning Prayers for Immediate Financial Blessings. In the morning prayer, she recites every 37 prayers expecting a change immediately. But the prayers would not work if she were not in a state of bliss. So Abby made herself quiet and peaceful and recited those prayers again.

In a sudden search, Abby found that she received a bank transfer of $1,732 in her account. Hence, she decided to hire the best hypnotherapist to create a state of bliss audio that accompanies the book to put the reader in a happy position to perform prayers for immediate financial miracles.

What’s Included in this Program?

Abby found that the prayers worked well when a sweet melody was playing in the background. The song could evoke beautiful memories, free the mind, and create good hormones that made people calm.

Faith and happiness are important when reading prayers every morning. There are some exceptional features you can search for in this program. The primary features are included here:

A State of Bliss Audio

State of Bliss Audio is made by Abby Fuentes and the best hypnotherapist in the country. A voice is presented before the prayers to give you a feeling of happiness so that you are ready to express your immediate financial blessings. Remember, the voice helps you quickly achieve a steady state of mind, a free mind without distractions, and more quickly manifest the blessings of money in your life.

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused uncertainty, anxiety, and discontent. You might search where to find your next meal or even how to get money for your bills. Your mind is wandering everywhere, and you have probably lost your concentration. This is why State of Bliss Audio works best to bring your mind back to reality. It is also mandatory to listen to the voice before reciting your money prayer. You can resume playing the sound when you say an urgent money prayer or turn it off.

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The Power Of Self-Acceptance

This is a bonus audio track included in the Urgent Money Miracle program. This audio track tested by a hypnotherapist helps you to know yourself. For example, you may end up with friends, co-workers, and even strangers who may not understand what you are going through.

Sometimes these people try to make you inferior or useless, which lowers your self-confidence. Therefore, the power of self-awareness comes as a bonus to remind you who you are and to focus on yourself.

37 Prayers for Immediate Financial Blessings

You can say it is the brain of the “Urgent Money Miracle” program. The program contains 37 prayers that one can recite each morning before doing anything. You have to download the bliss audio, choose a prayer to pray, and gain a happy state. Then you can close your eyes and say the prayer to your heart.

“The world was made partly that there may be prayer; partly that our prayers might be answered.” – C.S. Lewis

Meaning every word, and you will receive your result in the shortest time. Remember praying that prayer when you have a low-frequency tremor can make you less perfect and weaker. However, the creator does not want this for you, so the program includes a sound above. Whether you choose the first prayer over the last prayer, always decide to accept your blessings, and more money will continue to flow into your hands.

Urgent Money Miracle Review -How does it work?

First of all, prayer needs peace. Without a focused brain, a peaceful soul, and a peaceful atmosphere, prayers work against you. For example, on the first day of the book, Abby received a call from Geico Auto Insurance for a failed $293 payment instead of financial solutions.

This means that before you pray, first make peace with yourself. What does it mean? Maybe you were wondering if the program works for me? Will it find financial solutions? The answer is yes, it is suitable for everybody. The painful truth, however, is that the program only works for elected officials. Therefore, you are chosen to receive a financial blessing as soon as you give your brain a happy state. And then how does prayer work?

“Prayer does not fit us for the greater work; prayer is the greater work.” –
Oswald Chambers

According to several articles, Urgent money plants are a combination of meditation and assurance designed to give you spiritual clarity, focus, and hope. Promoting each prayer according to what the program gives you is a guarantee to bring money freedoms into your life. Why meditation and insurance? There are two readers; those who believe in spiritual, economic gifts and those who want to experience them through scientific evidence.

Spiritually, there is no doubt that prayer will bring you closer to your Creator. Conversation with the Creator opens the door to your opportunity not only financially but also for jobs, marriage, and everything you put your hands on. Whether you’re fired like Abby, or you’re just on the worst side of your money, praying for money opens your door every morning, and you start to experience a wonderful cash flow in your hands.

Urgent Money Miracle Review Clients Testimonials

Who Should Buy the Urgent Money Miracle Program?

According to the Urgent Money miracle review, the one who gets kicked from a job and in search of businesses or any other way to make cash should try this urgent money miracle program. People are struggling to access daily necessities like order food, order clothes, and buy houses.

Everybody should try this service through their website or Facebook page. Miracles don’t happen daily. This urgent money miracle review gives hope. It will make you strong in times of sorrow. These kinds of products help to search for the right step.

Urgent Money Miracle- Is it Legit?

Urgent money miracle with a state of bliss audio works when read with a cheerful attitude. There are a lot of articles on Urgent Money Miracle available on Facebook and other websites.

You can also find a video on Youtube, Facebook, and TV about it. However, the website uses cookies to track the user experience. According to the Urgent money miracle review, we can say that it is absolutely legit.

Will the Urgent Money Miracle Work for you?

According to Abby Fuentes, the program depends on what you aspire to be or your goals. Since COVID-19 has struck the world, everyone has seen the essence of making hay while the sun shines. They fight debts, due rents, food scarcity, medical bills, pending bills, and many more for the vast majority. Undoubtedly, you will fall in any categories mentioned above of people who want to settle their financial problems. As a result, the program will work for you, and soon you will agree with the creator that the universe has chosen you to:

Manifest more wealth than 90 percent of people you know

Attract additional financial blessings during this period than you have done in the past year.

Put an end to those financial worries and curse the unrightfully planted tree in your life.

Stay in the fortunate financial position to enable those close to love with ease.

Stand-alone without relying on the govt for financial support

Put an end to dirty clothes and welcome new life with a wardrobe full of designer clothes

Start ordering fresh organic food to your doorstep instead of having barely enough food in your home.

How Can You Order Urgent Money Miracle?

In this Urgent Money Miracle review, we recommend you to order this program from their official website. They have an official Facebook page also. If you have a Facebook account, you also can order this program from the page through any browser.

The owner offers a money-back guarantee for all products. Everybody should order these products from the official website with cookies so that they get the offers with the products such as a money-back guarantee.


In this Urgent Money Miracle review, we can say this program reduces your money curses. It’s one of the best wealth activator code products in the market. It’s not only a reason for money magnetism. The program is also good for humanity.

There are some other products like Manifestation Millionaire are available in the market, but in our view, Urgent Money Miracle is the best program that everybody loves.

Frequently Asked Questions About “Urgent Money Miracle”:

What is Urgent Money Miracle?

The Urgent Money Miracle offers you a lifetime opportunity on how to make or grow your income to the desired level. It features about 37 prayers that will give you immediate financial blessings.

Who is the author of the Urgent Money Miracle program?

This program was created by Abby Fuentes, who came across the book via a woman she met. As soon as she got value from the book, she created the bliss audio program.

How does the Urgent Money Miracle program work?

This program focuses on a peaceful soul, a focused brain, and a happy state to help you achieve your desires. All you need is to make peace with yourself and observe the 37 prayers.

Does the Urgent Money Miracle program really work?

Urgent Money Miracle is a program that is legit and has been used by the creator. While it’s absolutely legit, many people have tried it out, and they have testified to its efficacy.

How can I access the Urgent Money Miracle program?

To access or purchase the Urgent Money Miracle, all you need is to visit their official website. In addition, they have an official Facebook page where you can order for the program too.

Who is the Urgent Money Miracle program for?

The Urgent Money Miracle program is for anyone who loses their job and is searching for businesses or any other means of making money.

What is included in the Urgent Money Miracle program?

The Urgent Money Miracle is an effective program to help make more money if you follow it religiously. It comes with a state of bliss audio, and bonus audio named the power of self-acceptance.


Products like Urgent Money Miracle help us to search for the best step to make a huge amount of money. According to Urgent Money Miracle review some pros:
1) Low price more features. Book is free with A state of bliss audio.
2) Easy access, hence, you don’t have to follow a tough step to get the access.
3) It increases positive vibration frequency, self-acceptance, and financial solutions.
4) Available in both audio and pdf.
5) Very easy to use. It’s too easy to use that everybody can access very easily.
6) The owner of this program offers a 60 days money back guarantee.
7) The after sell service is too good.


During our search for the best product to make money, we found some disadvantages. Here are some disadvantages of this product:
1) It’s only available in digital format. You can’t access it without the internet.
2) Non-believers aren’t encouraged to order this program.
3) Many times the result varies.
4) The site might use cookies.

Summary: The Urgent Money Miracle is a digital product to teach people to make more money. With 37 prayers for immediate financial blessings, the money problem suddenly disappears after using this product in a state of bliss. The story of this product is based on Abby Fuentes, who found the prayers worked well for her. The program is based on some great features. But without a focus prayers won’t work. This program can be ordered from their official website. We recommend this program since Urgent Money Miracle is the best program among other similar products.


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