Unleashing a New You – Does It Really Work? In-Depth Review

Do you know who you are as a person, as a friend, in social media, or within a group of friends or people? The truth is, our lifestyle tells a lot about us as a person; how we live life is how we face real-life problems. However, if you are unaware of your personality and potential in unleashing a new you, you can take the Dr Enneagram personality test to enlighten facts about your life and self.

We take a lot of personality tests to read a certain page in our life story for fun yet, we take everything in detail seriously. This kind of personality test does not serve wholesome truth or facts about our life and the world. However, there is one personality test that you can trust every detail in unleashing a new you—the Dr Enneagram personality test. And this is an Unleashing A New You Review to know if it really works in unleashing your potential.

The Enneagram Personality Test

Unleashing a New You Enneagram Personality Test

Enneagram is not just another kind of personality test. It is a revolutionary method of automatically bringing you to your utmost potential to manifest the lifestyle you want – unleashing a new you.

The Enneagram is a collection of 9 roles. Also, understanding which type you are can help you make better life choices. By Enneagram, you can have a better outlook in life by understanding the best job and partner, also taking into account your better understanding of your own spirituality, as well as having money effortlessly flowing towards you.

What is Enneagram?

The word “enneagram” might be novel to you. This word originated from the Greek terms “ennea”, which is nine, and “grammos”, a written symbol.

The Enneagram is a powerful tool for personal and collective transformation. The nine-pointed Enneagram symbol represents nine distinct strategies relating to the self, others, and the world.

Each Enneagram type has a different system of thinking, feeling, and acting that arises from a deeper inner motivation or view of the world. Further said, it’s been said to be one of the effective method for self-understanding and self-development, unleashing a new you.

Behind The Content

The Enneagram’s content was studied and developed into a system by Dr. Helen Okoye. She is an experienced professional Doctor of Medicine and named as one of the Top 100 Women in Personal Development.

She spent a number of years of studying the course of psychology. After all the researches, she found a way for people to awaken the potential within them. Afterward, from being one of the students, Dr. Okoye now has hundreds of clients.

The Enneagram Personality Type

Unleashing a New You Which Personality

Enneagram is the collection of 9 roles, therefore having 9 different personality types. Here are the possible personality types people can be categorized according to the Enneagram personality test in unleashing a new version of you.

The Achiever

People with this personality type are always goal-oriented. They are those who work all the way towards their goals, practical, and at the meantime, adaptive, driven, excelling, and image-conscious.

The Challenger

People with this personality type share a highly powerful aura. They are ultimately confident, confrontational, decisive, and as well as full of will.

The Enthusiast

The truth about enthusiasts is that they are fun-loving. An enthusiast is often busy all the time> However, an enthusiast is also versatile, spontaneous, and scattered. These are some facts about enthusiasts.

The Helper

People who belong to this category of personality type are generous, demonstrative, possessive, and people-pleasing. This is an intrapersonal kind of person and a caring type as well.

The Individualist

One truth about people with this personality type is, they are highly sensitive. They are the withdrawn type but at the same time, dramatic, expressive, self-absorbed, and temperamental.

The Investigator

If you are one highly intense type of person, then you belong to this category of personality type. You are intelligent, having an isolated, innovative, perceptive, and secretive personality.

The Loyalist

You are considered a loyalist if you are a completely security-oriented type. You are committed, engaging, responsive, and suspicious, yet anxious as well.

The Peacemaker

Those who share this personality type of personality are self-effecting. They are agreeable, easy-going, highly reassuring type, receptive, and self-approving.

The Reformer

People with this personality type are rational and idealistic. They are perfectionists, purposeful, principled, and having self-control.

How The Enneagram Test Operates

Unleashing a New You Operates

Wondering how the Enneagram personality works? I’ll make everything easy for you in this review.

At first, when I clicked the link of its official website, a question and four choices sprung up right into my face. After a question came to a question, page after page. I was completely dumbfounded like a learner by the sudden Q&A, however, I made sure I read it all right.

After finishing answering all those questions, the result came up. They requested my email so that they can send me the result and in order to access the organization. It said that I am a ‘Level 2’ Performer which I don’t understand at first. But then they share reviews of all the questions I answered.

I found out I am an enthusiast. They shared a lot of details, which is nice because it really answers the questions I had in mind. And to my surprise, it was accurately right based on my personality.

Scrolling down after I read that information, details about the 3 Levels of Alignment to my enneagram result was shown. (I’m at my level 2.) It says in level 1 that people who are at that level are not aligned with their enneagram. It says that life may not work according to their way. Making money will be a mess and they worry about money all the moment.

Persons who are at Level 2 are partially aligned. Not as bad as level 1, but, might have a hard time unleashing a new you. In my review, I probably need more training to unleash my potential. The stars may not align with the jobs I’ve applied for or the job I have currently in a certain company for they cannot offer things I needed in life.

Level 3 people, however, are lucky gals. Because the stars have aligned for them. It’s like all doors are subsequently opening for the – job offer from a company or organization and money. They have access to unleash the potential that is training within them.

It Also Shared…

The course also shared things in life that could offer me once I get every star at the right place. Which are:

  • Energy
  • Wealth Creation Ability
  • Competency
  • Self-Assuredness
  • Ambition

And they also shared the possible pros in life once I unleashed all my potential as an enthusiast which made me want things to go on course. These are:

  • Opportunities for more income manifesting out of the blue
  • Chances for adventure/travel opening up where they were never been before.
  • Deeply loving, satisfying soul mate connections
  • Promotions and fascinating new careers manifesting
  • Soul mate encounters happening by complete surprise.

They also shared a review of truth and facts about being an enthusiast that has unleashed her own potential in life. The report also shared what compatible matches are in course with me.

Enneagram has been wildly promoted in both business management and spiritual contexts through seminars, conferences, magazines, DVDs, and book that is available in Amazon.

Unleashing A New You

Unleashing a New You Quickest and Easiest

After the long course of truth, facts, and pros, I won’t deny it was a good read just like the books I’ve read before in my life. Unleashing your full potential will be made more easy and convenient with Unleashing A New You. We should not forget the fact that this is an Unleashing A New You review rather than Enneagram review.

Unleashing A New You is a book (available in Amazon) and is the quickest and easiest way to align you Enneagram result and start manifesting an amazing life for yourself of financial freedom. Not just a book, but, Unleashing A New You comes in various topic as books and different price ranges especially when you purchase it from other websites like Amazon. And in this Unleashing A New You review, we will disclose each of the good read.

Secret Achiever Formula And Other Contrarian Success Secrets

This book shares reviews about success, life, failure, business like running a company, and marketing systems. This is perfect for those Performer who are aligned and exploring new lucrative projects in the world. Its price can vary if you buy it outside their website, such as in Amazon.

The Master Key

For a cheap price, you will get twenty-four lesson program that will be training you when to follow the course to get tremendous results. This serves as a guide to unleash the potential in your life like a Law of Attraction. You will be amazed at how a book does a good job after you read this. You can get this at their website or in other website like Amazon.

The Science of Getting Rich

A review on Amazon of this book is a good read for those who wants to learn facts on how riches, wealth, money, and the acquirement of such a material wealth is gained. Once you get in the same course with this book, you can accelerate your success and wealth accumulation in life.

Think and Grow Rich

This book serves as a review of the wisdom of the philanthropist Andrew Carnegie. As said by a review on Amazon, it is certainly worth its price. This book will get the ratings of your company achieve its utmost potential when it comes to wealth and get in the same course with success.

As A Man Thinketh

This review is also a rating on how a good read this book is, on how to to use simple thought to manifest the kind of life you are going after right now. For a reasonable in their website (the price may vary in Amazon), it will teach you how to apply the right kind of thought to deal with any difficulty in life.

It is up to you to pay the individual price of a book or price it all up on one payment, though I think the price can vary in online shops like in Amazon. I am telling, it is worth the price for it is definitely doing a good job in both providing me a good read and guiding me in unleashing my potential to its limit.

Why You Should Use It?

Unleashing a New You Dr. Helen Okoye

What hinders the access towards your goals? Reality.

Due to the mixture of problems and experiences brought by the real-life, we cannot live life like the one in our fantasy. It seems as if impossible to run all the way towards your dream job or jobs, get to the place you want to have peace and do meditation, and have the money run towards you instead.

Some people end up not achieving their dream job and instead work on multiple jobs. There are also those who take part in an organization or company they don’t desire because they have to be practical. Even though some are proficient or even speak various languages, taking their dream course as students can be hard because the price for education is quite high. The real world can really be a harsh place for us.

Hence, we often wonder: how are people in social media, like Facebook, able to achieve their own dreams? Don’t we all belong in the same location and place, under the same stars?

“Find the real signs of strength with a personality test

Here’s how you may change your life.

If your goal is unleashing a new you this year, you might as well consider Enneagram. Various reviews in their official page and reviews written in the website or Amazon by users share the same content of truth and facts about the efficiency of the Enneagram personality type. You can also check the ratings and stars that were given by the certified users in Amazon.

Using Enneagram will get you to your destined location and help unleash your potential. But with purchasing a good read book like Unleashing A New You, that garners numerous not just ratings but ratings in various social media platforms like Amazon and Facebook app, you’ll be certainly standing the in right location while unleashing your full potential.

However, remember that there is no review or reviews that are eligible in rating your personal development just like in Amazon. And no images in the Facebook app having numerous comments, ratings, reviews or reviews should define you as a person and question your potential in life.

How To Acquire Potential Personal Development?

Unleashing a New You Clickable Image

In this Unleashing A New You Review, we’ll make everything convenient for you. We’ll walk you through how you can acquire the said service for your personal development and unleashing your full potential.

You could have clicked to other reviews or reviews but you are here. Hence, it is my job to provide you with a good read of an Unleashing A New You review.

You may know what your personality is in the Enneagram through their official website only. If you are planning to purchase the said books from this review, you can see it at the bottom part of your result or you can search it up online like Amazon.

It’s only available in English.

Unfortunately, it is not available in a wide range of languages, it is only available in English. You can also buy those books in Amazon, be sure to review and check the rating. You can also check some in Facebook, there is no ratings available but you can look up some reviews in the Facebook app, too.

The prices can vary from Amazon or Facebook and sometimes the prices can differ tenfold. So I suggest you lookup for a review or reviews to be sure on where is a more convenient way of buying.

Yet if you purchase on their official website, you can get a 60-day money-back guarantee and free shipping if you are within the United States. However, apart from the United States, they do not offer international shipping.


Unleashing A New You is made up of 2 vital parts. You can get your life aligned and manifest the wealth and success you deserve. Here are what you will be getting once you purchase the Unleashing A New You in any platform like Amazon:

  • An In-Depth Performer Enneagram Reading

This is a more detailed Enneagram reading than what is offered on the page. It will give you insights into your character and hidden talents you never thought possible for yourself. You’ll be diving deep and discover secrets about the potential within you.

Along with those, this will also review your weaknesses so that you are not at mercy of them. You will also discover how to use your strength to manage your weaknesses to attract success and wealth in your life.

  • The Performer Action Plan

This will provide you with steps you’ll need to take in order to be fully aligned and start manifesting the kind of life you want. This will show you your top 5 strengths and practical steps on how to align them to create the life that you want.

What Else Is Included?

This will also review the top 2 professions you should consider to fully come into alignment with and express your performer skills. Along with those are the two types of organizations that are crying out for someone with your performer skills so you can develop and grow your income rapidly with minimum effort.

Five specific activities will also be given so you can start to align yourself with your performer and make sure you stay aligned. This also includes a weird life-changing exercise you should be doing once a month to stay aligned and so much more.

Is Dr. Enneagram the right choice for you?

Dr. Enneagram’s personality test is useful for any person who likes to understand his inner workings and inner self. Those who rely on the spiritual context can choose Unleashing A New. Moreover, companies that are trying to help employees can take advantage of the program..

Take the test and get benefited from it, as you will understand your potentials. After identifying your identity, you will be able to unleash your hidden traits. You will have better performance in the future.


  • The test is valuable to analyze the type of personality.
  • There are several ways to evaluate your personality type. However, Dr. Enneagram’s test will introduce the best ones for you.
  • The test is intended for understanding your identity. Today, the test is applicable from a spiritual perspective.
  • It enables employees to tap into their inner potentials


  • No complaint found

Thus, you can start analyzing yourself with the Dr. Enneagram test. You will have no negative outcome from the test. There are 9 unique types of personalities, and one of them belongs to you. You have a dominant personality that opens the path for new potentials.

Unleashing A New you Review: Conclusion

Unleashing our full potential is challenging, especially for most people. Self-doubts and considering the opinion of people are some of the reasons why most persons don’t get to unleash their own potential. If you are doubting your self-worth, I’m telling you to don’t. And if it can make you feel any better, try taking the Enneagram personality test to tell you the untapped potentials within you.

Life is like Amazon; people will come and go, give you a rating, and leave a review. That is totally normal, but, what is not normal is that you take it seriously to the point you let it ruin your life. Learn more about yourself and what you are capable of as the person you are today by taking the Enneagram personality test, along with purchasing the Unleashing A New You bundle in Amazon to get you off the hook. This Unleashing A New You review tells you how effective it is to help you with your personal development.

Unleashing A New You


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