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Imagine you are on the beach, enjoying your vacation. You then remember a negative memory that has lingered for a long time in your mind. Such memory can ruin your mood, and this is where Erase Bad Memories comes in.

Should you buy Erase Bad Memories? This review will inform you about healthy memories. After a good read, you will be able to answer the question.

Good Memories

The reality is that there are bad memories and there are good memories. The good memories are those you read in your journal and smile. You remember the positive emotions that you felt in the past. How sweet it is to journal these long-term memories.

Bad Memories

On the opposite, bad events often leave you with traumatic memories. The trauma that comes with painful memories can affect brain activity. Some people go through post-traumatic stress disorder as a result of these memories.

Bad memory can be very disturbing. Sometimes we try so hard to ignore the past. But it takes a little trigger to recall information about an event that caused you pain.

Triggers of Traumatic Memories

‘Anything that reminds you of what happened before or during trauma is a potential trigger. Triggers do not make you sad. They only cause you to remember a bad memory. You might experience them in your everyday life.’

Trigger Forms

Triggers can be internal or external. Most times, the triggers are beyond your control. There is a feeling of fear and anxiety when you recall a bad memory.

Internal triggers include

  • Anger
  • Frustration
  • Pain
  • Loneliness

External triggers include:

  • Smell
  • Sound
  • Images
  • An anniversary

How do you deal with triggers?

Dealing with triggers is a critical step to erasing bad memories. One of the things you will learn from Erase Bad Memories is that you can deal with it. You can overcome that unwanted memory. Once you believe in yourself, you have unlimited ability.

Identify the Triggers

The first step to dealing with triggers is to identify them. Take some time to watch out for the intrusive thoughts that make you sad. It can be any of the triggers listed above.

Also, it can be some minimal things like the color of your doormat. Or subtle comments from your colleagues at work.

Replace the Triggers

Once you identify your triggers, you can then concentrate on dealing with them. Let’s take loneliness for example. When you want to deal with loneliness, you need to make conscious efforts to go out. Go out to have fun with friends and family.

You can get involved in some charity works after your job or school if you are still in school. Taking care of kids is fun. Or you can volunteer to take care of pets at the vet’s clinic.

Strong Emotions and Bad Memories

Bad memories could be past events of the previous day, or as far as ten years ago. Whether it occurs early or later in life, bad memories tend to stay longer. Researchers have done some studies to understand strong emotions.

Studies About Emotions and Memories

Researchers at Dartmouth College made some discoveries about good and bad memories. The study was titled  ‘A Neural Signature of Contextually Mediated Intentional Forgetting.’ The basis of the study was that good and bad memory has a context, which is in the brain.

It states that there is a way we organize events. And that we can intentionally retrieve the memories later. Jeremy Manning was the lead author of this study. He was an assistant professor at Dartmouth College. You can read the full article on the Psychonomic bulletin and review.

A study was conducted after the fall of the Berlin Wall in 2007. Participants were asked to describe what they felt about the event. The result of the research suggests that participants have more negative than positive memories.

Another group of scientists has found out that ‘our brains are more likely to store information that is attached to strong emotions. You are more likely to have specific memories of either negative or positive emotions than neutral memories.

Understanding Memories

Once again, you need to understand a problem, before you can solve it. Your genetic makeup, for instance, has been fixed since birth. But memories are not this way. Memories can be changed. ‘Erase Bad Memories’ will help you understand this. An MIT technology review explains this in detail.

When your brain stores a memory, it doesn’t store it as read-only. Such that whenever you recall a memory, you can change it. Seems easy, right? If you can alter memories, then memory-erasing should be effortless.

We are saying that you might not need drugs to overcome a traumatic experience. That doctors could help patients change the emotions that go with bad memories. Such that the next time you recall a bad memory, it doesn’t make you heartbroken.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

PTSD has become a popular term in recent times. You have PTSD when you feel sad, anxious, and helpless after a bad event. Many times, PTSD is a result of the loss of a close person or an accident. PTSD can affect a person’s performance in the workplace. It can raise some ethical concerns that you don’t want to be bothered about.

Let’s take a trip into the sciences world for a while. From peer-reviewed studies, we find out that there are three neural circuits associated with PTSD.

  • Fear learning/ threat detection circuit.
  • Emotion Regulatory Circuit.
  • Context Processing Circuit

In simpler terms, these circuits work to cause you to fear extinction in the future. They are responsible for depression, anxiety, and every other PTSD behavior.

Also, there is the brain-derived neurotrophic factor which handles learning and memory. It works partly to keep daily information, and even long-term memories.

Symptoms of PTSD

You will know that you might have PTSD when you begin to notice these things.

  • Fearful thoughts
  • Nightmares
  • Spending time alone
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Irritability

Please note that the symptoms are not limited to this. Also, you shouldn’t conclude from these symptoms that you have PTSD. It is important that you see a doctor when you notice these symptoms.

Risk Factors

PTSD does not occur to everybody. You can have two people go through the same event. While one person would come out stronger, another would be heartbroken. Why is there a difference?

Here are some reasons:

  • Lack of support after an event
  • History of drug or substance abuse
  • Poor physical health
  • History of abuse or harassment

Asides from these, people respond to stress in different ways. As a result, you should observe yourself. Develop a coping technique that will take you through difficult periods.

PTSD Treatment

There are different approaches to treating PTSD. You can choose the medications or the therapy approach. Therapy includes self-help, CPT, and exposure therapy. Such techniques ensure that you get out of PTSD in the safest way possible. In turn, you will experience less bad memory.

Cognitive Processing Therapy(CPT)

CPT is a form of PTSD treatment that doctors can apply, in place of drugs. It is an exciting form of therapy, you would enjoy it. This therapy entails assessing the trauma with your conscious mind.

It also helps you see the trauma from a different point of view. You would begin by writing things you remember about the trauma. Next, you will write about the impact the trauma has had on you and your relationship with others.

Then, you will answer some questions from your doctor. We can assure you that the doctor would go easy on you. These questions will make you see the trauma in a positive sense. in the end, you will be able to control your feelings optimally.

Exposure Therapy

Exposure Therapy is another safe way to overcome PTSD. In this form, you will be ‘facing your fears.’ The psychologist will take you through the things that you fear and avoid. They believe that when you see these fears for long, you will grow to not be scared of them.

There are four variations of exposure therapy. The first is the In vivo exposure. This strategy will have you your greatest fears directly. For example, Jane’s PTSD was because of a fire accident in her kitchen. The fire accident made her lose her left leg. And ever since, she stopped cooking. In exposure therapy, Jane would have to start cooking. She will do this until she can cook with all the joy in the world.

The second variation is the Imaginal exposure. You will need to imagine the events. You will do this until you are not sad when you remember.

The third is Virtual Reality exposure, and the fourth is interoceptive exposure. With interoceptive exposure, you will need to under a physical sensation similar to that which makes you scared. Over time, you will learn to let go of the pain.


We would recommend self-help only if you feel the symptoms are minimal. ‘Active coping is a key part of recovery.’ When you are involved and taking intentional steps to heal from PTSD, the process is more fun. Firstly, know what you are about to begin. Read far and wide about PTSD. Understand that it might take time, you just need to be patient.

Secondly, be kind to yourself. Of course, mistakes will occur. So you need to prepare yourself to make mistakes a part of the process. Thirdly, do not forget to involve someone in your process. Tell a friend or other humans you trust so they can support and cheer you on.

Then, get all the books, planners, and articles you will need to get through. You can get books that inspire hope, life, peace, and every good emotion. Journals are a good option too. There, you will write positive things about yourself and the things around you.

You can also enroll in gyming sessions or yoga classes. Erase bad Memories is a help program you can get along with other books. Remember, the ultimate goal is a happy life.


In case of severe PTSD, a patient might need to take some drugs. D cycloserine is a drug for anxiety disorders. Benzodiazepines are antidepressants. Note that you should not take these drugs without seeing a doctor.

Erase Bad Memories

Erase Bad Memories is like an online course. It is a four-module learning program that helps you get over unwanted memories. Dr. Steve conducts various studies as a physical hypnotherapist. He focuses on hypnosis, that is, sleep. Good sleeping habits, he believes, will help you forget bad memories. He also believes that shedding some pounds is a great help.

From his various researches, he has seen the effect of fearful memories on one’s mental health. As a result, he went into a new study and came out with this product. This digital product has the steps and proper guidance in your journey to find peace. A lot of people like you are now living happily, thanks to Dr. Steve.

Frequently Asked Questions About “Erase Bad Memories”

What is Erase Bad Memories all about?

Erase bad memories is all about helping you overcome trauma. It informs you about good and bad memories. Also, it tells you that you need to forget bad memories, to live a happy life.

How does Erase Bad Memories work?

Erase Bad Memories is like a manual or guide. It contains detailed information that you need to learn. After learning, you then follow the easy steps to achieve results.

Who is Erase Bad Memories for?

Erase Bad Memories is for people who are healing from traumatic events. Also, people who have constant bad memories, up to a point that it affects their performance at work need to get this product.

Where can I buy Erase Bad Memories?

You can only buy Erase Bad Memories online. You can go to their website to buy the digital product or the CD which will be delivered to your doorstep.

Who is the creator of Erase Bad Memories?

Dr. Steve G. Jones created Erase Bad Memories. He is a clinical hypnotherapist in Georgia. Asides from this product, he has co-created a dating website.

Is Erase Bad Memories worth buying for?

Erase Bad Memories is worth buying. It is a detailed and informative product. With patience, you will get the value for your money. and perhaps you don't see results, there is a money-back guarantee.

What are clients saying about Erase Bad Memories?

Erase Bad Memories has garnered a 4-star rating from its customers. Some customers stated that they saw results after a long period of commitment. Some others express disappointment that results take longer than promised


You will learn the truth about bad memories.
How to move on from traumatic events.
How to forget bad memories.
Detailed and easy to follow guide


Not everybody will get results from this product.
You might not get results within the promised eight weeks.

Summary: This review shows you a little of what to expect from Erase bad memories. It will help you understand memories better. It will also give you a few tips on forgetting bad memories, and replacing them with good memories. All the steps you need to take are in the digital product. After reading this review, go ahead to buy erase bad memories to have a complete outcome.


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