Torch Tactical Flashlight Review!

Suppose you are asleep in your bedroom when you hear something strange in the middle of the night. On the other hand, suppose you go out on a long drive with your family or friends. Suddenly in the middle of a wilderness at night, your car breaks down. Although these may sound like scenes of a horror movie, these situations may arise without any prior warning.

In such cases, you will require a powerful flashlight. It will not be a bad idea to own a tactical flashlight in this modern era. In fact, tactical flashlights have become a necessity rather than a luxury. You should have such a flashlight with you all the time in your bag, glove compartment, or pocket.

What Are Tactical Flashlights?

Tactical flashlights were mainly designed for those in the military sector and law enforcement. However, these flashlights are great for everyday uses. When you talk about a tactical flashlight, you basically refer to a flashlight that is used with any firearm to help with low-light target identification.

Sometimes, you may also mount these flashlights to a firearm along with a sighting laser. However, it is not necessary to use tactical flashlights with weapons all the time. You may also use such flashlights on your own without any weapon

Special Feature and Content That Makes a Tactical Flashlight Unique

Although tactical flashlights are normally used by a law enforcement officer with weapons, such a flashlight can also be used by an ordinary citizen. Most of you may wonder what differentiates a flashlight from a tactical light. There are several features that make a tactical flashlight unique. Some of these are discussed below.

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High Brightness Levels

One of the key factors in some of the best tactical flashlights is bright light. It is critical for you to remember that such a flashlight is specially made for a law enforcement officer. Thus, it is important for these light sources to have high brightness settings.

The bright light of such a flashlight will help a professional to see around clearly. It is also possible to temporarily blind an attacker for self-defense due to the brightness of tactical flashlights. When used with a firearm, these can help illuminate an area properly and see a target clearly.


It is important for a tactical flashlight to be easy to use for any user. Two distinct features that help in this matter include the lightweight design and the tail cap switch.

Tail Cap Switch

When you have an ordinary flashlight and a tactical flashlight with you, it is very simple to differentiate between the two. The latter will be equipped with a tail cap switch, which will be missing from the former. The tail switch is a button that helps you switch on and off the light easily and conveniently.

Thanks to the tail switch, you will be in a better position to direct the light in the direction you want. The tail switch is a rather convenient feature while you are in the dark or in any high-stress situation where you require light as soon as possible.

Lightweight Design

A tactical flashlight that is bulky is no tactical flashlight at all. It is imperative for such a flashlight to be lightweight and smaller in size. This will help the user operate the flashlight with one hand. A flashlight that falls under the category of tactical flashlight will be small enough to carry in your pocket.

However, it is crucial to remember that some of the best tactical flashlights do come in a bulky design. This does not mean that these do not have a place to stay with you. There are specially made carriers for these flashlights.


It is mandatory for a tactical flashlight to be switched on instantly and stay on as long as needed. Some of the best flashlights also allow you to keep the light on as long as you lightly press the button. The moment you release this button, it will switch off.

It is also important for such a flashlight to come with variable brightness settings. There are normally three settings to the brightness level: low, medium, and high. Some also come with strobe and SOS settings, which are required during an emergency situation.


As discussed above, the best tactical flashlight is normally used by government officials who enforce the law. Thus, it is important for such a flashlight to produce a bright light for a long duration. The best tactical flashlight will come with long battery life. Some of them will also come with a rechargeable battery.

Thanks to the rechargeable battery in such a flashlight, you can easily recharge it when the power goes down drastically. This way, you can use the flashlight for as long as you need and in any condition and situation.

Durable and Robust

It is important for a tactical flashlight to be durable and robust. Since these flashlights are specially made for professional use, it is important for these flashlights to withstand harsh conditions easily. Such a source of light should take a beating both from inclement weather and daily usage.

It is also imperative for a tactical flashlight to be water-resistant. If such a flashlight is not water-resistant, then using them in the rain or in any condition where water is involved may be difficult.

Uses as Per Tactical Flashlight Review

As discussed above, a tactical flashlight is small in size and can easily fit inside your pocket. However, such a source of light is also designed for various other purposes. The overall designing of this product is such that it produces maximum output to a user.

Although the primary motive of such a flashlight is to provide a sufficient amount of light to illuminate a place properly, these can also be used for other purposes. Some of these are discussed below.

Discourage Possible Attackers

It is a known fact that robbers and thieves take undue advantage of the darkness to do their business. They are so used to the darkness that they can easily do their job and practically vanish in thin air. They can steal things from your house even in the dark. However, with the help of a good LED flashlight, you can catch the thief off-guard.

It is often seen that attackers think twice before making their move if you have a good quality LED light. They will have to make additional efforts to do their job and avoid your powerful LED light. An experienced thief will never wish to take such risks. Thus, he will prefer somebody else to rob rather than getting caught in your hands.

Disorient an Attacker for the Time Being

It may possibly happen that you may get attacked while travelling alone in the middle of the night. In such a situation you will want to use your LED light and direct the beam on the assailant’s face. With the beam focus on the attacker’s face, it will confuse him for the time being and give you an opportunity to make a move.

If you have your own weapon, you can also grab it in the meanwhile and attack the assailant. The strobe mode on your tactical flashlight will be the best option in such a situation. Simply aim the flashlight on the attacker’s face and opt for the strobe mode. Using this mode of your flashlight in your self-defense will also alert any person.

It is often seen that strobe light is more effective to disorient a person than a steady beam of light. This is simply because people seldom expect anybody to use it. Your attacker will get surprised and take some time to understand the real situation.

The strobe light is also useful in scaring away wild animals. These animals are not accustomed to flashing lights. Thus, they get scared when they see any flashing lights. Campers also make sure that they purchase an EDC tactical flashlight with the strobe feature so that they can use the different light mode when needed.

Attack with the Blunt Side

If you look at some of the best tactical flashlights, you will notice that these come with a bezel end that can easily break glass. Although it may prove to be tough to break a window with the blunt side, you can definitely strike an assailant in his face.

Use the best tactical flashlight and hit your attacker when needed instead of using your fist and getting injured in the process.

Send Out an SOS Signal

Some of the best tactical flashlights come with the SOS feature. When you use the SOS feature, you will notice that the LED produces a slower strobe of light. When you talk about the SOS feature, it refers to a flashing light produced by the LED. You can start it by pushing the button several times.

When you are trapped in a tough situation or are injured, you can use the SOS feature of your LED flashlights. The flashing light will easily catch the attention of a person nearby. However, if you are in a city where you will find lights everywhere, using the SOS feature of your LED might not work all the time.

Tactical Flashlight – What Is It?

The Tactical Flashlight is a thing that everybody needs to carry. It comes with multiple light output and is one of the best EDC flashlights for self-defense. Considered as one of the most beneficial varieties of flashlights on the market, it is easy to use, brightest, and comes with a high output.

The light output level of this flashlight is a unique feature. The light output of this product is so much that it can easily illuminate football fields of any size. The maximum distance that the light can reach is five miles. You can also light up any dark space with the help of this flashlight.

Thanks to the several output modes of this flashlight, you can easily come out of any tight situation. If you are stuck in a dark spot with your assailant looking for you, the high output levels of the light can help blind a person easily. Thus, you will get sufficient time to run to safety.

One of the output modes of this product is the SOS feature. You can use the light output levels to send out a signal to anybody and get help on time. All you need to do is keep clicking on the tail switch. The Tactical Flashlight is available free of cost online. You just need to pay for the shipping charges.

This is one of the tactical flashlights that are good for everyday carry. You can take it along as an everyday carry when you go for camping trips, going on a long-distance drive, or whenever needed. There is a limited number of tactical flashlights, so you need to order your everyday carry flashlight as soon as possible.

What Makes This Tactical Flashlight Different?

When you are searching for the ultimate tactical flashlight with good light output and for everyday carry, you will get several such flashlights on the market. However, there are some video reviews that prove that amongst the various EDC lights. The Tactical Flashlight is the best. Here are some features that make it unique.

Small-Sized Dynamite

It is a known fact that tactical flashlights are generally small. But, what makes the Tactical Flashlight different from others? Small-sized flashlights tend to be delicate. These need to be used gently. However, this is not the case with this Tactical Flashlight.

The size of this light source is small so that you can keep it with you at all times. It is important for the flashlight to be small so that it can easily fit in your pocket or in the palm of your hand. This featured tactical light is just 5.31 inches in length. Thus, carrying it around is no trouble at all.

This product in question is one of the EDC flashlights that you may extend up to 6.18 inches once you focus the light. Although that is an inch longer than the actual size of the LED flashlight, it is still small enough to fit in easily in your palm.

Minimum 120 Lumens of Light Output

It is needless to say that for a source of light to be effective it needs to have a lumen output of minimum 120 lumens. However, if you need to use the light for self-defense, then it should be much higher. This tactical flashlight comes with 9 times what is needed to illuminate a dark spot.

The lumen output of this flashlight is 1000 lumens. This means that you can easily illuminate 300 square yards of pitch-black area. The maker of this source of light with a high lumen output has warned against directing the light to somebody’s eyes.

Easy To Use

It is needless to say that any flashlight will be extremely simple to use. However, apart from the ease of use, the top-quality EDC tactical flashlights will also come with several light modes. It should not be too difficult or challenging to operate an EDC flashlight. The different light modes can be operated by clicking the button in different manners.

This featured flashlight comes with 5 distinct output modes. These include low, medium, high, SOS, and strobe. With the help of a few clicks of the tail switch, you can easily cycle through these different output options.

You will also find it very simple to use the telescopic beam focus. Get a firm grip of the tail part of the flashlight and twist the top. Let the flashlight extend to the necessary length to reach the required zoom. It is necessary for you to know that the beam distance may range from 1x to 2000x.

As you try to illuminate more area, the brightness levels will decrease. It will not be a bad idea to maintain a high medium level of brightness. This will let the output be significant to illuminate a big area of space.

Withstands Elements Easily

Do you intend to use your flashlight as your EDC device everywhere you go? In that case, you need to choose a flashlight that can easily withstand any harsh conditions that you may encounter. The flashlight that you use should be durable and reliable irrespective of how and where you use it.

Resistant To Water

Rain is one of the biggest enemies of any tactical light. If you think that you will often encounter rain while using your flashlight, better use one that won’t get you worried about damaging the product. This featured flashlight is sealed in such a way that it can easily be dropped in a water puddle without damaging it in any way.

Several video reviews show that this flashlight works like a charm even after being kept underwater for a long time. This proves the usefulness of this high-quality EDC flashlight.


The featured flashlight is sealed against any type of dust particles making its way inside it. It is common sense to know that the smallest dust particle can hamper the wiring system of a flashlight. This feature helps you use it anywhere without worrying much about it.

Resistant To Pressure

Apart from being water and dustproof, this featured flashlight is also designed to withstand pressure. A wide variety of tests have proved that it can easily withstand a pressure of 2,200 pounds. Law enforcement people have to face tough and challenging situations all the time.

Using this light source will be a good idea as it is resistant to all forms of problems. You can easily take this features flashlight with you to the top of the mountain, underwater, and inside a deep cave. It is also aptly suited for rescuers and adventure seekers.

Sturdy Built

A person who has to use a tactical flashlight will invariably use it almost every day. These types of torches are built in such a way that a user may earn more time in a tough situation. If you think that you will have to use your flashlight in a rough situation all the time, then better to choose one that is built in a durable manner.

The best quality tactical flashlight will be made with hard-grade aluminum. A good quality high-grade aluminum will be extremely lightweight and durable at the same time. Even if it gets dropped from a good height, it will still work like always.

Use of LED Bulbs

You will often find people discussing amongst themselves whether to use a flashlight with LED bulbs or incandescent bulbs. Although there is not much difference between the two when it comes to the output, flashlights with LED bulbs tend to survive through thick and thin.

Apart from the durability of LED bulbs, it is also true that these consume very little power as compared to incandescent bulbs. Due to this fact, Led bulbs also provide a better and longer run time. In other words, the longer the run time, the longer the lifetime of the flashlight.

Incandescent bulbs also tend to burn out faster than LED bulbs. Thus, it is a pocket-friendly option to choose a flashlight that comes with LED bulbs.

Uses Rechargeable Batteries

The featured tactical flashlight comes with rechargeable batteries. In fact, some of the best flashlights in this category come with USB rechargeable features. All you need to do is attach your USB to the flashlight. You will find a port in the tail end where the USB will attach. This will automatically recharge the lithium-ion batteries.

However, this feature flashlight does not come with the USB rechargeable feature. It runs on a 18650 battery that is rechargeable. You need to use three AA batteries in this flashlight. Three AA batteries will enable this EDC device to produce a steady light for a long time.

It is critical for you to remember that rechargeable lithium-ion batteries are not included with the tactical flashlight. However, it is not difficult to find these batteries. You can easily find them in any convenience store.

Most of you may prefer to use tactical flashlights that come with the USB rechargeable feature. In such cases, you can easily attach it to your laptop or any other USB power source and get the flashlight charged. If you stick with the AA battery idea, then better carry along some spares just in case you might need them. However, chances of you using the spares might not be necessary since LED bulbs are energy efficient.

Is It A Good Idea To Buy This Product?

There are several tactical flashlights on the market. However, is it a good idea to invest your hard-earned money in this tactical flashlight? This is probably something that is haunting most of your minds. To keep the answer simple, it is a good idea to go for it. The reason is that this power-filled device is free.

It is true that EDC flashlights are not that costly. However, if you get one free of cost and packed with several power-filled features, it is definitely a good idea. Whether you are someone with a thirst for adventure or someone who loves to lead a standard lifestyle, this EDC device is a great buy.Torch Tactical Flashlight Testimonials Torch Tactical Flashlight Testimonials Torch Tactical Flashlight Testimonials


This is a high-rating standard-looking flashlight that has strong output. If you are looking for high-rating things like this, then this is the right time to buy as it is free of cost. It is strong, durable, and comes with several modes of light.

According to a recent review and report, this featured flashlight is one of the most powerful items in the market. If you intend to use items like these in your life, that produce powerful lights to illuminate dark zones, you need to opt for a high-rating flashlight with strong output. Those with weak optics will also find this high-rating flashlight useful due to its strong lights.

What is Torch Tactical Flashlight?

It is a compact flashlight with 5 modes of light: low, medium, high, strobe, and SOS. It uses rechargeable batteries that run for a long time and provide a steady beam of light.

How useful this product is?

This product is useful in any situation. You can use it during any emergencies, while out on a long drive, on any adventure trips, and so on. You can also use it to defend yourself against assailants.

How much is Torch Tactical Flashlight?

This product is absolutely free of cost. All you need to do is place your order and pay for the shipping charges. This is an offer by the manufacturer.

Where can I buy Torch Tactical Flashlight?

It is available on their official website. Type in your details, such as name address, phone number, and email address, and pay for the shipping.

What are the good reviews about the product?

Users have said that the flashlight is indeed extremely bright and you can easily illuminate a large dark area with the help of this small-sized device.

What is the special feature of Torch Tactical Flashlight?

This flashlight is the brightest and the most durable of all flashlights in this category. It comes with 5 modes of light and an adjustable zoom focus of up to 2000x.

Is this product durable?

This product is extremely durable and the strongest amongst all other tactical flashlights in this category. It has gone through several durability tests to prove this fact.


Durable and reliable


Too small for striking anyone
Does not generate heat
Does not come with a stand
Power is sourced from a different battery

Summary: There may be several instances in life wherein you may require to use a flashlight. Which task demands the use of high-rating flashlights in your life, you never know. Thus, it is always better to stay prepared and carry a tactical flashlight with you all the time.

This featured high-rating flashlight comes with rechargeable batteries. Although it is not a USB-charged battery pack, it is still useful as the battery can help the flashlight produce a steady beam of light for several hours. When you need to use a light source that comes with push-button features, you can rely on this product.

This one featured high-rating flashlight is extremely durable and can withstand any type of torture. Although a USB-recharged battery is not one of its features, this product with a useful push button gives out lights that can illuminate a big area easily.

Such high-rating flashlights are one of those products that can also be used to defend yourself from attackers. Apart from a powerful battery that produces strong lights, this standard-looking device can also be used in defending yourself. The output of this flashlight is strong enough to blind a person and it is small enough to keep in your pocket.


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