The Chronic Kidney Disease Solution Review – What’s the Deal?

The Chronic Kidney Disease Solution is an online program that espouses a good diet and alternative ways to deal with symptoms of kidney disease. The program says that users can reverse the effects of chronic kidney disease. In the Chronic Kidney Disease Solution review, you will find answers to questions about the kidney disease solution.

The CDC states that one in seven adults (about 15% of the population OR 37 million people) suffer from CKD. In addition, 5 out of every 10 adults with CKD are not aware that they have it.

“Kidney Disease kills over 90,000 Americans every year; more than breast and prostate cancer combined”. Chronic Kidney Disease Solution is an amazing program to cure Kidney disease. So, let’s find out what makes the program stand out:

What is the Chronic Kidney Disease Solution?

The Chronic Kidney Disease Solution is an online program with information about a specialized diet. It proposes more than one way to deal with symptoms of kidney disease. The program says that users can reverse the effects of kidney disease.

The statistics are terrifying but, anyone can achieve excellent kidney health with this treatment plan. Shelley Manning, the provider of this information, divided the program into three phases. It helps those trying to heal their kidney diseases understand the program better.

The Chronic Kidney Disease Solution is 100% natural, with a money-back guarantee (60 days to test). One never has to worry about losing money if the treatment plan doesn’t work.

There are certain symptoms of Chronic Kidney Disease:

  1. Feeling more tired than usual and having less energy than usual.
  2. It becomes more difficult to concentrate.
  3. Your appetite will also become improper.
  4. It will also become more difficult to fall asleep.
  5. Muscle cramps will take place at night.
  6. Feet and ankles will swell up.
  7. Areas around the eyes will show puffiness, mostly in the morning.
  8. Skin will become dry and itchy.
  9. The need for urination will become more frequent, especially at night.

Apart from the symptoms, the chances of the disease are more likely in cases of people who are diabetic, people who have high blood pressure, people with a family history of kidney failure, older people, and people who belong to population groups that have high levels of diabetes or blood pressure.


  1. The program does not comprise anything artificial or harmful. It has everything natural and does not require any medication.
  2. The program provides solutions for all sorts of kidney-related diseases.
  3. The results of the program are long-lasting.
  4. The program’s diet recommendations will cure the kidneys as well as revitalize the whole body.
  5. The Chronic Kidney Disease Solution offers three-month email support. It will allow you to clear all your queries.
  6. The program also offers a sixty-day refund if you do not get the promised results.
  7. The solution is quite easy to follow.
  8. The program will help you save both money and time.


  1. You can only access the program through the internet.
  2. Without regularly following the program’s instructions, you will not get good results.
  3. The program is only available in a digital format.

Who is Shelly Manning?

Shelly Manning uses the title ‘Natural Health Researcher’ and is the author of the Chronic Kidney Disease Solution. The information offered by Shelly is focused on a diet that eliminates chronic kidney disease. If adopted as a lifestyle, the diet plans can mitigate, reverse or help manage one’s health.

Subsequently, this change in diet can help your kidneys function better. It is not clear what kind of education Shelly manning has since there is not much info on the site about her.

NOTE: There is a site with a comparably similar regimen of lifestyle changes offered by a man named Duncan Capicchiano. That treatment plan is not to be confused with Shelley Manning’s eBook, even though kidney issues are the subject in both.

About the Publisher

The publisher of the program is Blue Heron Health News. It is a health and wellness company headed by CEO and founder Christian Goodman. The company employs medical researchers like Shelly Manning to write books. The books target conditions like kidney disease, gout, arthritis, menopause, neck pain, and more.

The information is shared in the form of eBook releases. They address all sorts of chronic conditions using treatment plans that target the root cause to alleviate symptoms.

How Does the Chronic Kidney Disease Solution work?

To understand how the CKD solution works, we have to look at the three phases and what they entail. These phases guide you through what changes you need to make in your lifestyle. That way, you can manage the symptoms, improve kidney health and focus on other parts of your body, to enhance the results.

Things like blood sugars, creatinine levels, and the immune system are all connected to kidney ailments. Moreover, the Chronic Kidney Disease Solution book covers everything that directly impacts the kidneys to provide one with a roadmap of what changes to make to reverse the damage.

An Overview of the Phases in the Chronic Kidney Disease Solution

The information in the Chronic Kidney Disease Solution is divided into three phases. Each one helps you manage your symptoms, improve general health and reverse damage to your kidneys. The premise of this treatment plan focuses on things like gut health and how it is connected to your kidneys.

The three-phase plan presented in this book combines methods designed to help you enhance your mental, physical and emotional health. So, let’s break it down into the phases:

Phase 1 – Protection From Kidney Damage

Shelly’s information recommends that people change their diets and lifestyle to stop the damage in the first stage. Ordinarily, what we eat, affects the kidneys. They are the organs in charge of doing the heavy lifting on cleaning up the body.

That is how we get introduced to gut health. The best part about the eBook is that you are not required to count calories or control how much you eat. You just need to eat the right things. Shelly encourages people to eat more, following the system outlined in Phase 1.

Phase 2 – Restoration of Kidney Function

After going through all the various protections that you can implement to keep your kidney health at its peak, the program moves on to phase 2. This is where the restoration of kidney function begins. Think of this stage as a chance to clear blockages and make the kidneys’ job easy.

You will learn how to stabilize your blood sugars, which results in a lot more energy and allow the kidney to go back to its normal state. Some of the users of the program report that they slept better than they have in years after implementing the kidney disease solution and going through each stage.

Phase 3 – Repairs and Renewal of Kidney Tissue

By this point, your blood sugar is stable, and it is going to stay that way as long as you do not relapse back to old patterns and diets. Your blood pressure should be in the normal range, ensuring that you can reach the full potential of kidney health.

The book’s author says that at this point, you should have eliminated the symptoms of kidney disease. With Chronic Kidney Disease Solution, you can avoid doctor visits, prescription drugs, and other associated bills.

The Science Behind The Chronic Kidney Disease Solution

Shelly Manning is not a medical doctor, neuropathic doctor, or published/peer-reviewed scientist. She doesn’t cite any scientific evidence to verify the kidney disease solution. However, there is a lot of research showing that the changes outlined in the kidney diseases solution are valid in promoting better health.

To begin with, there is no cure for chronic kidney disease. It is called chronic for this very reason. The information given may not be mainstream, but it can help fix your kidneys. However, before you begin following any alternative treatments, you should always make sure to visit a nephrologist (kidney doctor.)

As we mentioned in the kidney health stats, a lot of Americans have chronic kidney disease but aren’t aware. Start with the doctor and then follow the information in this program.

What Do Actual Doctors Say About Chronic Kidney Problems?

“Kidney failure, also known as end-stage kidney disease, is a medical condition in which the kidneys are functioning at less than 15% of normal levels. If you talk to a doctor, they will recommend that you see a kidney specialist first. Moreover, the visit will enable you to assess what kind of damage there is and what kind of steps one can take to get back to a healthier state. The information in the program does not mention this. The medical community has a diet that it recommends to those trying to manage chronic kidney disease conditions. It is called the DASH (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension) solution and is not unlike the kidney disease solution in this program.

The source of the conclusions in the diet program uses the same information to promote better ways to alleviate problems like blood pressure. Moreover, the DASH diet is low in salt and rich in potassium and calcium, ensuring that high blood pressure can be reduced. There is some link between probiotics for gut health and kidney disease. The source of this information is a 2015 study published in Kidney International. It confirmed that probiotics could reduce uremic toxins and improve renal function.

NOTEThe researchers behind the study did espouse the benefits of gut health and how it is connected to renal and subsequently kidney functionality. However, they warned that the studies were low-quality or used small sample sizes. It would take more to conclusively say dietary changes are the name of the game.

You might be wondering, is there scientific evidence that the Chronic Kidney Disease Solution can reverse kidney damage? Researchers from The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center say that it is possible to reverse kidney damage. However, it is an embryonic cellular process that can reverse kidney disease by reversing the damage. It is neither cheap nor easy.

Can You Cure Chronic Kidney Disease With the Kidney Disease Solution Provided Here?

As Blue Heron Health News and Shelly Manning explain very carefully, one cannot take the Chronic Kidney Disease solution as a permanent cure for chronic kidney disease. At this moment, the available information from the medical community says that there is no way to cure chronic kidney disease. However, the therapies suggested by the author of the kidney disease solution helps with things like blood sugar levels which alleviates kidney stress.

One of the benefits of eating better is that you will not overwhelm your renal system. There is no reason why you should not be able to enjoy a healthier life and, at the very least, stop the damage before it becomes too dire.

Blue Heron Health News does not have an advertisement that says the kidney disease solution they provide is a cure. In the Chronic Kidney Disease solution review research, we find some claims made by users of the program about its efficacy on the program’s sales page. Moreover, the kidney disease solution reviews praise the power of the book and tout it as life-changing.

Is the Program Safe?

The program is 100% safe. Moreover, the great thing about it is that it doesn’t contain any medicines, pills, or supplements that can harm your health. You will also get several guides to determine your level of kidney disease and how to treat it without the help of a doctor.

The program contains ebooks that only guide you and don’t need you to take any medication. Moreover, they tell you what to eat and what to avoid because nutrition is the key to your health.

Some yoga and de-stress remedies may also help you get good overall health. However, there is no way you would experience any side effects.

The Testimony Behind The Chronic Kidney Disease Solution

Online, the kidney disease solution is provided by Blue Heron Health News. The solution cites the case of one man named Christopher Kenneth. Christopher claims to have reversed his chronic kidney disease, using the 100% natural solution in the eBook. He followed the Chronic Kidney Disease Solution after experiencing swollen ankles, fatigue, and frequent urination.

After the lessons and a studious following of what they teach, he was able to gain more energy, lose weight, and experienced more happiness. The changes are attributed as the result of following the kidney disease solution in this program.

Christopher got a chronic kidney disease diagnosis two years ago. The conventional plans offered by the hospital did not work for him and he even went so far as to say it made him worse. He then met a doctor friend who told him that CKD was not a death sentence. He then discussed and recommended the solutions in this eBook. Christopher adopted the methods and claims that the natural therapies and treatments worked, reversing his chronic kidney disease permanently.

Why do users like the program?

  • The treatment is 100% natural.
  • There is a 60-day money-back guarantee if it doesn’t work for you.
  • You will not have to see a doctor, get medicine, or go through dialysis for the methods to work.
  • The program is easily available for download online
  • There are no also side effects of this program.
  • Combined with exercise guidance, the results can be beneficial for many years.
  • The program is also simple, making it easy for anyone to follow.

What do we think could use some improvement?

It would be great to have this in audio files to listen to, but there is no audiobook version of it. In addition, there is no app one can use on the go.

The Refund Policy

The best part about the Chronic Kidney Disease Solution is that it has a refund policy. If this does not work for you, there is a 60-day money-back guarantee you can activate. The refund is 100% because the product you buy is entirely digital. There is virtually no risk to trying this out, which makes it easy for many new users to adopt the method and test it for themselves.

Chronic Kidney Disease Solution FAQS:

Here, we have gathered a list of the most commonly asked questions asked by the people about the program. So, let’s see them:

Q1. Do I have to take any exotic supplement in the program?

Ans. No, the program doesn’t contain exotic supplements or herbs. It does suggest some natural supplements, which you can buy from your local market or any online store like Amazon. However, these are just suggestions and are entirely optional.

Q2. Is a physical copy of the program available?

Ans. No, the program is digital-only. However, it is present in the form of a PDF eBook which you can download and print in hard copy if you like.

Q3. Does the program require me to do any workout or exercise?

Ans. No. In fact, according to the creator of the program, exercising is dangerous for Chronic Kidney Disease patients. The reason is that kidneys are responsible for fluid balance and exercising might put a strain on the kidneys. Thus, the program tells you about safer alternatives.

Q4. Are there any other programs that the author has created?

Ans. Yes, the author has created several other programs, like IronBound, The Bone Density Solution, and The End of Gout programs.

To Conclude

The Chronic Kidney Disease solution is an eBook from Blue Heron, intended to guide those looking for a kidney disease solution. The creation of a method that does not make it too hard for people to get healthier kidneys is a godsend for many who have struggled.

Anyone can adopt this program and improve their well-being. Being a fully digital program gives you the chance to take it anywhere with you on portable mobile devices. The sections are laid out in an easy-to-understand way that will enable you to follow along without getting lost. With the Chronic Kidney Disease Solution, many can find the respite needed to heal their bodies. You can begin today.


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