Speechelo Review – Legit or Scam? Here Is the Answer!

The use of text-to-speech Artificial Intelligence (AI) and other voice software is on the rise. And the era of digital marketing has only highlighted this increase. However, many people are still skeptical about using it. Some are afraid their voiceovers would end up sounding robotic. In a bid to tackle these doubts, many technology companies have made improvements to their text-to-speech software.

Speechelo is legit. Hence, one of such software improved to offer you an authentic conversion of all your texts to human-sounding voiceovers.

The Speechelo review will tell you all its outstanding features, what it offers, and what you stand to gain by choosing it. Hence, will show you why we think it’s legit.

What is Speechelo?

It is a powerful AI software that can transform your texts into a hundred percent Human-sounding Voiceover in just a few clicks. All you need to do is copy and paste your texts. Then, you can choose from the numerous voiceover options in any language of your choice. Also, it only takes 10 seconds to generate a voiceover; then, you can download and use it for whatever you want.

One of these text-to-speech software’s unique features is that you can add pausing and breathing effects to your voiceovers to increase their authenticity.

Additionally, it converts all your texts into authentic speeches just like a professional voiceover would and in less time. Now, you will be getting your money’s worth in not more than 10 seconds. Interestingly, it’s a cloud-based solution where everything is hosted on their servers with nothing to install or download. You can use this software on any device, including smartphones, desktop PC, laptops, Apple and tablets. In addition, there is a school of thought that Speechelo can help kids or anyone improve their reading skills.

Why does this software matter?

You are most likely a business owner or a video creator who wants to create excellent voiceovers for your videos if you are here. It means you already know that your videos won’t receive the kind of traffic you want if it doesn’t have a quality voiceover. Needless to say that it won’t get good sales and conversion if it lacks an attention-grabbing voiceover.

“Your brand is the single most important investment you can make in your business.” – Steve Forbes

On the other hand, with a good voiceover, your video stands a chance to produce the desired results.

One of the secrets of selling your products is telling stories that can produce an emotional response in your viewers. Hence, great storytelling is responsible for the success of Hollywood today.

“A brand is a voice and a product is a souvenir.” – Lisa Gansky

However, the problem with producing a good voiceover is that not everyone has a great voice like Morgan Freeman. And you will be hard-pressed to find a professional voiceover who will offer you your money’s worth when you need it.

You might be like one of those people who:

Hate the sound of their voice recordings or voiceovers

English is not good enough to make a voiceover.

Don’t have a quality microphone or the required equipment to produce quality voiceovers.

Interestingly, you can adjust voice pitch, tone, and speed, and other features it offers. Lastly, generate your voiceover with a click of a button in just a few seconds. Your voiceover in a natural human voice can be downloaded or added to your video or projects.

Most times, people who fall into any of the three categories above have no choice but to do the following.


Sadly, doing this means that you have to find the right voiceover artist, and when you do, you will spend hundreds of dollars hoping to get the results you want.

Use robotic text-to-speech software

Many viewers hate the sound of robotic voices. Hence, using automated speech software is also unprofessional. Speechelo helps you to avoid these scenarios and can transform your text into quality human-sounding voiceovers.

How Speechelo works

You can convert all your texts to voiceovers by following the steps:

Copy and paste your text

Please copy the text you want to convert and paste it on Speechelo’s online editor. The AI engine on the site will run a check and put in all the necessary punctuation marks. This way, your text sounds more natural when you convert it.

Pick a language and voice.

This software provides you with 23 languages to pick from. They include: English, Danish, Arabic, Mandarin, French, German, Italian, Icelandic, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Romanian, Polish, Russian, Swedish, Spanish Turkish, Welsh, Norwegian, and much more.

It also offers the following voice options:

US English: Billy(Male)

US English: Rosie(Female)

British English: Beatrix(Female)

US English: Owen – Kid(Male)

US English: Henry(Male)

British English: Arthur(Male)

Australian English: Allison

Spanish: Priscilla(Female)

Spanish Albano(Male)

Indian English: Mirai(Female)

Spanish Mexican: Lalita(Female)

Spanish Mexican: Leticia

Hindi: Viti(Female)

Spanish US: Fiore(Female)

Spanish: Olimpia(Female)

Thani: Chinda(Female)

Spanish: Fiore(Female)

French: Thiery(Male)

French: Magalie(Female)

Portuguese: Júlia(Female)

Portuguese: Catarina(Female)

Finnish: Lotta(Female)

Portuguese Brazil Leila(Female)

Portuguese Brazil: Rafinha

German: Anke(Female)

German: Lina(Female)

Tamil: Gurnam(Male)

German: Martin(Male)

Italian: Roberto(Male)

Hebrew: Omar(Male)

Italian: Delinda(Female)

Italian: Valentina(Female)

Greek: Georgios (Male)

Telugu: Laban(Male)

Indonesian: Arief(Male)

Hungarian: Lajos (Male)

Japanese: Takewaki(Female)

Korean: Yebin(Female)

Norwegian: Erle(Female)

Norwegian: Nora(Female)

Malaysia: Soleh(Male)

Polish: Marzena(Female)

Polish: Zuzanna(Female)

Romanian: Dana(Female)

Arabic: Mirah(Female)

Saudi Arabia: Ayasha (Female)

Mandarin: Genji(Female)

Turkish: Miray(Female)

Turkish: Hande(Female)

Russian: Pimen(Male)

Russian: Svetlana(Female)

Slovak: Peter(Male)

Slovenia: Vincenc(Male)

Icelandic: Esjar(Male)

Danish: Simonsen(Male)

Swedish: Rakel(Female)

Dutch: Carola(Female)

Bulgarian: Grozdan(Male)

Cantonese: Xinyou (Female)

Mandarin: WangJing (Female)

Taiwanese: Tíngtíng(Female)

Vietnamese: Thong(Male)

Croatian: Marko(Male)

Czech: Jan(Male)

Danish: Norma(Female)

After choosing, you can preview how it sounds to see which one is the best fix. Here, you can add breathing sounds and increase the time between pauses. You can also choose the tune of your voiceovers. In addition, You can make it joyful, serious, or neutral.

Convert and download

The text will be converted to a voiceover in less than 10 seconds. Also, you can directly play the speech on the site to see if you like it or pick a different voice.

When that is done, you can download the voiceover and use it for whatever you want.

Benefits of Using Speechelo

Speechelo comes with varieties of benefits, including:

  1. It is user-friendly with a well-organized interface; even a child can operate the software seamlessly.
  2. Speechelo features 100% human and natural clear voice sound, which is important for the output
  3. Speechelo offers over 30 human-sounding voices you can select from.
  4. With Speachelo, you can control everything in your content from gender to tone, speed, pitch, breathing, pauses, and many more.
  5. Its usage is not bound by limit, meaning you can generate varieties of voiceovers as you want.
  6. It comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee, which shows they are 100% confident of its effectiveness
  7. Also, it comes with full training, free updates, and free support
  8. It is compatible with any software for video creation, including iMovie, Premiere Pro, Audacity, and many more.


This AI software has some great features that set it apart from other text-to-speech software. Below is a summary of its major features

It can convert any text into quality human-sounding voiceovers.

It has both male and female voices.

Features only text-to-speech engine that includes inflections in your converted voiceovers.

It has English and 23 other languages.

It also has more than 30 options of human-sounding voice.

Comes with a voice tone feature. You can make the voiceover sound neutral or joyful.

You can use it with any video creation software such as iMovie, Audacity, Adobe Premiere, Camtasia, and more. All you have to do is covert your text, download it, and import it into your video software.

98% of people won’t even guess your voiceover is AI-generated. Every voice on it has elements that make it sound more authentic and natural.

It has an AI engine that adds all the necessary punctuation marks to make your speech sound more natural.

You can customize your voiceover to add longer pauses and breathing sounds. Also, you can leave the breathing pauses and breathing sounds to the AI to decide if you prefer.

You have full control over adjusting the speed and pitch of your voiceovers.

Cost and pricing

This text-to-speech software offers you mouth-watering pricing. You don’t have to pay for monthly subscriptions; you can pay a one-time annual registration fee.

Interestingly, it is currently offering customers a 53% discount. So instead of the average of $100, you pay only $47. However, the AI Company hasn’t announced when the discount promo will be over.

Frequently asked questions

Is Speechelo a cloud-based software?

Yes, it is a cloud-based software. You don’t need to install anything as everything is hosted on Speechelo’s servers. You can use it on almost any device with internet access, such as your PC, smartphone, or Apple device.

Do I receive free updates?

Yes, all updates are automatic, and they are free. You get instant upgrades whenever a new update is out since everything is on the cloud. You don’t have to check manually for updates.

Does the software have multiple languages?

Yes, it does. It has English, and 23 other languages include:

English, Danish, Arabic, Mandarin, French, German, Italian, Icelandic, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Romanian, Polish, Russian, Swedish, Spanish Turkish, Welsh, Norwegian, and more.

Can I test with a free trial of the demo before signing up for it?

Currently, it has no demo mode or free trial. However, before registering, it provides some examples of voiceovers that you can play to test how they sound.

Frequently Asked Questions About “Speechelo”:

What is Speechelo?

Speechelo is a new text-to-speech converter AI software designed by Blastersuit Company. The main function of this software is to convert any written text into a speech or voiceover.

How can I use Speechelo?

To use Speechelo, simply paste your text into Speechelo's text editor. The software runs through your text to add punctuation and insert notations to ensure you generate a natural-sounding speech. Next is to choose from the over 30 different unique voices and 23 languages for your voiceover.

Where can I use Speechelo?

You can use this Speechelo on any device, including smartphones, desktop PC, laptops, Apple, and tablets. It is also compatible with any software for video creation, including iMovie, Premiere Pro, Audacity, and many more.

What are the special features of the product?

Speechelo has lots of features that make it more beneficial. Speechelo includes male and female voices, voiceovers in 23 languages, voice tones features, longer pauses and breathing sounds, pitch control, to mention but a few.

What are the benefits of using Speechelo?

Speechelo comes with varieties of benefits, 100% human and natural clear voice sound, which is important for the output, over 30 human-sounding voices you can select from, and many more.

Can anyone use Speechelo?

Speechelo is created for video content creators such as YouTubers who want to create promotional videos for their products or content creators that publish sales videos, training videos, entertainment videos, educational videos, and many more.

Why was Speechelo created?

Speechelo was created for a business owner or video content creator who desires to develop excellent voiceovers. It’s perfect for creating quality videos with quality that will receive the kind of traffic you want.



You can generate your voiceovers yourself without the need for expensive and sometimes unreliable freelancers.
A good video plus a good voiceover equals more sales. You can easily test multiple scripts to get the best one that works for your video.
With a good voice over, you can attract more viewers and keep them glued to your contents.
A good video with a quality voiceover is more likely to encourage your audience. And with time, they may end up waiting for more of your content. This way, your contents stand a chance of receiving more views, transforming into more sales.
You can save more money since you no longer need the services of a professional freelancer.
You get to save more time—no need to wait for freelancers to deliver your voiceovers.


It is relatively new software without the popularity of other text-to-speech software.

Summary: You will be hard-pressed to find a text-to-speech software that offers you the value Speechelo does.

You can easily make voiceover with the software without the need to have any editing experience. All you need is to copy and paste your script.

From my experience so far, Speechelo is among the best voiceover software. And with everything it offers, it isn’t a scam.


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