Red Desert Violin Review – Works or Just a SCAM?

Do you want to learn the violin? Are you finding it hard while using the violin? Do you wish to master the violin and make money through your skill? If yes, then the Red Desert Violin program is for you.

Some people think that they need to be of a specific age to learn the violin, but that is not the case. You can learn and master the violin at any age with ease.

However, you only need to do some practice and follow the guidance given by the expert to become a great violinist. But is it that easy to become a violinist? Can anyone become a violinist?

Well, yes, it’s that easy, and everyone can become a violinist if you follow the right direction. Now you might be thinking that from where you can get that right path. You don’t have to grind to locate that right path because I’m here to help you guys.

I have got the Red Desert Violin that carries all the steps by following which you can become a guru in the field. But is it worth your money, or is it a scam like many others? In this Red Desert Violin review, you will get to know everything about the product.

What is the Red Desert Violin Program?

This program carries a systematic process of learning violin from the beginning level. You will get a rational series of videos that will help you in building a strong foundation in the violin field.

The program carries out a variety of books with the name Suzuki. In Suzuki book 1, you will get to know all the factors that a newcomer should know about before getting into the violin industry.

It is a seven-month course, which is quite long, but you are going to learn everything about the field within seven months.

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On the other hand, the Suzuki Book 2 features detailed instructions on different songs. It shows you the process of using a violin on a variety of music with ease.

This book is going to demand the next level skill set from you. Within the eight months, you can easily finish all the videos present in the second book. Apart from this, you are going to get a Suzuki Book 3, which helps in tone development and bow distribution.

You are also going to learn about vibrato, phrase shaping, shifting, and a lot of other things. To hike your skills set, Suzuki Book 4 comes into play. It will show you how you can perform well consistently.

About Loralyn Staples – The Creator

Loralyn Staples is behind this product. She has been playing the violin since her childhood. Her love for music and especially for the violin, make her an expert.

She used to apply traditional techniques that were not very much effective, but she did not stop. During her learning period, she came to know about the Suzuki method, which changed her life forever.

She came to know that only a very few people are contributing to the violin teaching industry. So after mastering the Suzuki technique, Loralyn decided to help other people who have the same violin learning desire. She launched her product that has helped thousands of violin lovers in the past.

Loralyn is different from other teachers, and the reason behind it is that she teaches everyone using the exact same technique as she does. Due to her incredible efforts, Loralyn has gained a master’s degree in a violin, which only a few people have.

Red Desert Violin

How Does the Red Desert Violin Program Work?

First, you have to reach the member’s area of this program. You can get to it by paying some charges. Once you access it,  you will get many classes and sessions involving a series of videos.

You will also get the Suzuki Book, which is for those people who are totally new to playing the violin. However, you need to take every session carefully so that you don’t miss anything.

It is a perfect violin program for the beginner as well as expert people. The program includes video-based sessions as well as a few ebooks that you need to look at.

You can either practice using an ebook or video sessions, but I would suggest you go with the videos because it’s easy, and you will learn practically through it.

To overcome all your confusion, the Red Desert Violin Program features a question and answer session. In addition to this, you will get piano enhancements MP3 covers of all the songs that you need to go through in the guide.

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What Comes with the Red Desert Violin Program?

There is a huge list of features that you will get through this program. Below are those listed features.

  • You will get access to a free membership area where you are going to get regular tips that will guide you on how to become the best in the field.
  • The program carries a guide that will support you in boosting your playing. It will help you to work on your tone, rhythm, and other essential music related things.
  • You will get a Red Desert Fiddle guide that carries 24 Irish and American tunes. By learning these tones, you are going to boost your skill. However, it is going to demand eight months of constant effort from your side.
  • If you only want to learn the tunes, then this program has some fantastic Tunes Tutorials for you. It is a kit that carries all the things that one needs to know to master a tune. You can locate these tune related videos via the tutorial library.
  • The program grants you some valuable vibrato lessons. However, you can buy these lessons separately or as a whole package with the product. You will also gain Suzuki courses with it.
  • It appears with an outstanding Wohlfahrt Opus guide in which you will be educated to use etudes with the help of timeless classics.


Benefits of Using Red Desert Violin Program

Learn Violin

Now learning violin has become so easy just because of this program. You only require the internet to obtain this course and a violin to start practicing. The program has made learning the violin an easy job.

By sitting at your place, you can master it. However, you need to put some effort into practice if you wish to become a professional violinist.

Easy Lessons

If you go to any physical violin class, then you might not get that many lessons as you are getting in this product. It comes with a huge collection of violin related videos.

You will also get an ebook and MP3 file with it. The lessons come with a practical and effective method that even a newcomer can apply. You are going to learn to read music via this program. Within ninety days, you will become fluent at note reading.

It includes an Introducing the Positions guide, which you need to look to know your exact position in the field. Apart from the ebook, you will get 75 videos with this program.

Valuable Content

Even if you are an expert violinist, I would still recommend you try this program because you will learn many new things through it.

It comes with some rare tips that can make you the best in violin playing. The tactics are so unusual that you might not find them anywhere else.


Frequently Asked Questions

Below is the FAQ section of this Red Desert Violin Program.

What is Suzuki in This Program?

Suzuki is nothing but the name of ebooks that you will get with this program. It is a series of books that contain four varieties. Each book is going to offer you different but valuable information.

The first Suzuki book is for beginners who don’t know even the basics of the field. This book will help you in understanding the basics. On the other hand, the other books are for experts and intermediate violinists.

How Can I Access the Free Membership Area?

If you want to get to the membership area, then you need to sign up on the official website. You need to put the name, email address, and a few other demanded information on the official page.

Once you do that, you will get access to the membership area. You are going to get regular valuable information in this membership area.

What Does It Cost?

This program comes with a monthly subscription. Each month you will have to pay $47. As you are going to gain a lot with this product, I think that this cost is valid.

You will receive many violin bonuses in just $47. However, if you want something other than bonuses, then you need to pay extra charges.



The Red Desert Violin program has made the use of a complicated instrument easier for everyone. It is an online course that suits all levels of users.

It will teach you all the essential things that will lead you toward becoming a professional violinist. In this fantastic tool, you will learn many violin techniques and methods that are rare.


• It is a virtual product, so everyone from anywhere can access it.
• You will become a professional violinist once you follow the whole program.
• It is easy, and for everyone who wants to make a career in music.
• The program includes videos, mp3 as well as an ebook.
• You can learn the violin by sitting at your home.
• The program will provide you with a free membership.


• The program duration is very long.
• It demands a lot of practice.

Summary: Red Desert Violin is a legal and recommended product for people who want to learn the violin. You will get a huge list of bonuses that works to make you a professional violinist. It will teach you how to make a career in the music industry after learning the violin.


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