How to Date an Asian Woman Review – Does It Really Work?

 Have you come across an Asian woman of late? If you have, we bet that you could not stop staring. Asian women have such stunning beauty that makes you want get into a serious relationship with them. They seem calm, but it is often difficult to approach them with the right words. You have been thinking of what to do, and luckily, you came across Jeff Becker’s book. 

Does it really work?

 You might be skeptical about reading this book. We know that most ‘how to’ books can be deceiving. Is ‘How to date an Asian woman’ any different? Read along, and you will find answers to this question. You will also get some tips on how to win that cute Asian woman’s heart, so let’s go.

Who is the Asian Woman?

 In the third part of Jeff’s book, he detailed the body of an Asian woman, from her eyes to her legs. Asian women love to for their bodies, and you need to learn too. While this book explains the Asian woman’s body, personality, and culture, it also speaks about romance with one. 

An Asian Woman’s Mystique

 An ideal Asian woman is slim, with soft and poreless skin. Asides from their slim body, they have lustrous black hair that sits pretty on their skin. Stylecraze describes Asians as women with impeccable and intriguing features. A section of this book lists ten stereotypes of Asian women who can be your potential matches. 

 There might be something special about sex with an Asian woman. Some men are obsessed with them because of sex. There is a myth that Asian women have a biological difference in their bodies. Because of this, most men fall in love after their first sex. 

Asian girls are not only Chinese or Japanese women. They include women from over 40 different cultures and nationalities in Asia. Now, each culture is unique, but one Asian lady could have the personality of two cultures. Why will such a personality not attract you?

What do Asian Women Want?

Different ladies have different interests in men. The guardian gave us an idea of what many women want in a man. They think that women place significant weight on age, education, intelligence, income, trust, and emotional connection. Jeff agrees to these in his book. 

 One thing this book assures you of is the fact that Asian ladies look out for you. They love western men, and in the second part of this book, you will find a list of features that they want in western men. The list ranges from being confident to being fashionable.

The first impression you might get from Asian single women is that they only love your money. Or they might be running from a fixed marriage. However, this is not always the case. Some ladies from Asia want you because you would be more supportive. They want a man who would nurture their ambitions and dreams. 

Where to find Asian Women.

 Where is the first place that comes to mind? Asia. You could go on a vacation to India, China, Japan, or any of the Asian countries. If you can not go all the way to Asia, you can go to western countries like the United States. According to Vox, The largest Asian American community by population is in New York City. There is a gender mix of Asian men and women in the US.’

Places Asian Women Visit

 This book gives you information about places you are likely to run into that Asian woman of your dreams. One of such places is colleges and universities. Perhaps you are interested in the Bookworm Asian lady, you will find them here. Other places include events like baseball games, tea shops, or trade shows. You will most likely find ladies who are interested in serious relationships with you.

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Online Dating Sites

 ‘There is a growing trend amongst Asian women looking for men online.’ There are lots of dating websites where you can find a cute Asian woman to date. Such a website is often mobile-friendly so that you can go online anywhere at any time. Dating sites include bravo date, eastern honey, and date Asian woman site. Bravo date is one of the best dating websites you would come across. The bravo date logo is welcoming to men over 40, just like it points out. You will find Asian women and women from other countries on this website.

Date Asian Woman

 Date Asian Woman is a popular dating website. Their website is user-friendly where you can navigate easily. The Date Asian Woman review by brides club gives an extensive explanation of the dating platform. The registration process is free. Here are other free features that Date Asian Woman offers:

  • Browsing Female Profiles
  • Search Feature
  • Browsing Public Photos
  • Completing your Profile

 From Jeff’s book, your online profile is a marketing tool. Firstly, you want to keep your chats and dating information secure, so you need a strong password when registering. Then you need to set up your profile properly. 

 You can also check the online status of female members with a free membership. After setting up your profile, you will only be able to say hi. You need to purchase a premium membership to chat or send an admirer mail. The premium features then allow you to chat with them, send a phone call, video call, or send a virtual gift. 

 You will need to choose from different payment options, we advise that you add your credit card Paypal details. Once you do this, you can then buy credits as a premium member. Credits are like currencies that you need to send messages to members on the website.  

Cute Asian Woman

 Cute Asian Woman is also a great site for men, especially those who have to marry Asian women as their goal. When you visit the site CuteAsianWoman, you are welcomed with cute photos of Asian women with many more loading. Then you will have to fill in your contact details before you can explore the site. Some of the features the site offers are similar to other dating sites. 

 We went through some reviews, and the cute Asian woman score is pretty high. There are free features, and there are premium features. The special features include sending flowers, video chat, and other cool stuff. The starting price for premium offers may vary, but you will need about $4 to purchase two credits.  

Setting Up Your Profile Online

Registering on online dating sites does not guarantee that you will end up with a beautiful Asian woman. You can register on multiple dating platforms and still not get the perfect girl. That is why you need to read this book. 

 It has lots of free tips that will help you. How to send the right messages, how to spot fake profiles, and every other tip single men might need. Your profile on any dating site needs to be spot on. The book will teach you how to set up a good profile, you certainly need good photos to create a good first impression. 

 After choosing your most preferred dating platform, setting up your profile, and purchasing some credits, you are ready to begin. You can go ahead to scroll to find someone whom you feel you will love. You can begin by saying hi, and if she replies, you can move on to the live chat. 

How to Chat With Your Dream Girl

 What kind of messages should you send? You do not want to begin by being extremely flirty, that is a major turn-off for some women. You need to have some communication features. Jeff’s book will teach you how to start communication the right way. 

 Next, you need to make several phone calls with your match. It is important that you get to know details about each other. If you get lucky you might bond so well that you would like to meet each other. When this happens you need to be sure of your safety.  

Safety Online

 A content writer for Elle Australia gives three tips to ensure safety on a first date: video call, inform someone about your location and keep your phone charged. You can request to take a picture with your date. You might need to send the picture to some friends if you feel unsafe. Also, ensure that you have your first date in a busy place. Silent dates can wait till later. 

Date Ideas 

As a western man, you need to make your first date memorable. This book gives you ideas about where to have your first date. It gives you ideas on how to dress and how to impress. You will also find tips on how to handle some situations that might arise while you’re having fun. And of course, after a successful first date, this book helps you to prepare for subsequent dates. 

What The Readers are Saying

 One thing the readers of this book love is the extensive information. In the end, there are sites you can visit to add more knowledge. A reader says that ‘How to Date An Asian Woman is truly an insightful book, not just to get a date in the first place but for how to understand Asian women, their culture, their desires, and to focus on being what they want instead of just focusing on my own wants of wanting to date them.’ 


How to date an Asian woman is a must-read. It will teach you all you need to know about Asian women. It will also inform you about what you need to do to win their hearts. Surely, you will get the value for every penny spent to purchase this book.

Frequently Asked Questions About “How to Date an Asian Woman”:

What is How to Date an Asian Woman all about?

How to date an Asian woman is all about helping you find the Asian woman of your dreams. It also prepares you to care for her the right way.

Who is the author of How to Date an Asian Woman?

Jeff Becker wrote this book to open your eyes to the dos and don'ts of dating. He is also the author of the secrets of sexual addiction.

Who is How to Date an Asian Woman for?

How to date a Woman is for men. It is for western men and men from any part of the world who have a special interest in Asian women.

Does How to Date an Asian Woman work?

It works. Some readers have shared their experiences about how this book changed their lives. It will take you from wishing to marrying an Asian woman.

What are customers saying about How to Date an Asian Woman?

How to Date an Asian woman is racking up positive reviews on all platforms. Amazon customers describe it as a very good and interesting book.

What comes with the How to Date an Asian Woman?

How to date an Asian woman comes with additional resources to further help your dating life. There is a link to dating secrets for Japan and Chinese women.

Is How to Date an Asian Woman under a money-back guarantee program?

You can purchase How to Date an Asian woman on online book stores like amazon. However, we do not guarantee a money-back program.


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Summary: This review will give you an overview of the book ‘How to date an Asian woman.’ We have highlighted the most important tips on dating Asian women. You only need to enjoy this review and go ahead to read the book.


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