How to Be a Good Girlfriend: 16 Ways to Make Him Desire You More!


The definition of a good girlfriend differs for every man. However, regardless of their varied tastes, all men agree that there are certain characteristics that they would like to see in their partners. But what are these characteristics?

If you are in a relationship or looking for one, knowing what a man looks for can help you establish a good relationship with someone. Learn what more you have to do and what less you ought to do. In this article, we have prepared a list of the most essential characteristics of a good girlfriend to make him desire you more!

16 Ways To Make Him Desire You More

1. Avoid Being Too Jealous.

We understand how love can make you want to have your man all for yourself. However, you should remember that expressing too much jealousy is a big turn-off for men. If you want to make your man desire you more, learn to trust him better.

2. Don’t Nag Him.

Men hate being nagged on. Hence, avoid turning into the cliche character of being a “nagging lady.”

3. Be A Woman Of Confidence.

Women who are confident are beautiful. Moreover, women who are sure of themselves and who know their own worth are far more attractive than those who wallow in self-doubt.

4. Show Appreciation.

Everybody wants to be acknowledged, and your partner wants just the same. So, make sure to let him be aware that, in your life, you respect and appreciate him. This will make him feel loved, and he will show you love and gratitude in return.Show Appreciation.

5. Avoid Flirting With Other Guys.

Would you like to see your man flirting with another woman? If you don’t, then don’t do the same. While you are free to be with whomever you want, you should note that everybody wants a loyal partner. Also, looking for someone else while being committed with someone is downright disrespectful. It also shows that you don’t love your partner enough to be contented with him.

6. Don’t Break His Trust.

Honesty is one of the keys to building a healthy relationship. So, avoid breaking his trust by not being honest with him.

7. Always Send Him Affectionate Messages.

Keep your text chemistry going by sending him sweet messages. It doesn’t matter if you have been in a relationship with him for a long time. You can keep the spark of your relationship by sending him short and quick messages that can brighten up his day. This will make him feel that you are thinking of him all day.

8. Settle Your Problems With Each Other Before The Day Ends.

Arguments are inevitable when it comes to relationships. However, if you want to keep your relationship, make sure to settle your misunderstandings as soon as possible. Don’t wait for a day or weeks; this may only cause a growing distance between you and your partner.

9. Avoid Taking Him For Granted.

Don’t take him for granted. Let him know that you appreciate all of his efforts, no matter how simple or grand they are. Make him feel that you want and value him so that he will do the same for you.

10. Don’t Make Him Change Himself.

Don’t ever make your man change into someone that suits your taste. You may try to inspire him into changing for the better, but don’t manipulate or force him to do so. The same can be said to you: don’t change yourself if he forces you to change. Wouldn’t it be better to be in a relationship where you both are yourselves, and not someone you force each other to be?

11. Don’t Invade Their Privacy By Reading Their Text Messages Behind Their Backs.

Show your love to your man by trusting him. Don’t read his text messages behind their backs and invade their privacy. Instead, you can ask for permission if you really would want to take a peek on his phone.

12. Let Him Spend Time With His Friends.

His time shouldn’t revolve on you alone. Let him hang out with his friends. You can also tag along with them from time to time to get to know his friends, as well. If you don’t cage your man by restricting him from meeting his friends, he will adore you more for being considerate.

13. Stop Dwelling On What Happened In The Past.

If you have been hurt in your relationship before, don’t compare your current man with the person from your past. Also, don’t bring this up everytime that you both have an argument. Moving on will let you have a stronger and healthier relationship. Don’t let your bond be constantly shaken up by things or people who should not matter anymore.

14. Support Him.

If your man is passionate about something, be there to support him instead of bringing him down. Also, encourage him to break through his limits. Be proud of his accomplishments. If you do, he will feel that you really value everything about him, including his dreams.

15. Be Transparent With Him.

If you are bothered by something, tell him. Don’t keep it all to yourself. Also, avoid expecting men to always know what you are thinking. People are not mind readers; there are times when we can be oblivious and insensitive, as well. So, if something upsets you, it’s better to tell your partner honestly instead of waiting for him to realize what he did wrong.

16. Turn Him On.

There’s no harm in playing coy every now and then. So, why not show him some sexy moves to surprise him? You don’t have to be a porn star for this. All you need to do is communicate with your partner about his and your sexual needs.Turn Him On


Relationships are not easy. However, while no relationship is perfect, it would still pay a lot if you exert more effort in becoming a better girlfriend for your partner. If you understand him better, appreciate him more, and treasure him and all the little things he does, you can build a better and healthier relationship with one another.

These were some tips on how to become a good girlfriend. By following this guide, you can better attract your partner into loving you more. Through this, make him realize that you’re the one for him!


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