His Secret Obsession Review – Is It Really Worthy? Here is The Truth!

Is your relationship failing? Does the distance between you and your man seem to be growing with each day? Has he lost interest in you or made you feel abandoned, forgotten, and neglected?.

Do you wish to change all this and revive the thrill of your relationship as it once was when you two first met and began dating? If so, I hope my review of “His Secret Obsession” will give you clarity on how it worked for me. Hopefully, it will work for you too.

For most of us, relationships always start with fun, full of thrill, and energy. However, why is it that so many eventually end up becoming dull? Why do people in love grow apart until they eventually fall out and break up?

It is because, as time goes by, we start taking our partners for granted. We no longer seek to remind them how much we love and adore them. Soon enough, you lose interest in each other, and if you do nothing about it, then the whole relationship crumbles.

Ladies, just because your man seems to be losing interest in you, it doesn’t mean that you cannot win him back.

See, the good thing with men is that, regardless of what happened between you two, there is always a way to revive the love between you. What you need are expert guidance and skills to help you achieve this.

Any man you will come across of will have parts in his day, maybe not all, where he will fantasize to be with you. Or even spend time with you. Things like rejection or ghosting will reduce and will be part of your past.

Enter His Secret Obsession — the key to making him yours one more time.

What His Secret Obsession Is

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In essence, this is a fascinating book that is going to help you understand how the mind of men works. Then, you will learn how to trigger emotional responses to win him over.

And it not only seeks to awaken lost feelings, but it can also make your man fall deeper in love with you and show you more affection and love than he previously did.

And how exactly does it do this? The e-book teaches the use of advanced Neurolinguistic skills. With these, you can trigger emotions and ideas so that you gain his trust and commitment once more. Just remember, you have to follow through.

In simple terms, it is a guide that will teach how men desire to be treated and loved, how to give him that, and make it work both ways. And it focuses on achieving this by improving the communication between partners in a relationship.

Poor communication turns a relationship cold. It creates a gap that cannot be filled by anything else. But when partners start opening to each other, they become more intimate and begin understanding each other even better.

This way, you solve issues between you two and appreciate each other more.two lovers wanting to kiss

The Man Behind His Secret Obsession

James Bauer is the creative mind that came up with this program. He is an expert in the field of dating.

James has coached many couples for more than ten years and helped them light up the spark that was once lost. He has also authored other books aside from His Secret Obsession, such as ‘What Men Secretly Want.

James believes in the power of communication in any relationship. With this idea, he designed His Secret Obsession to help us girls, who feel like we’re losing our man, find a way to use communication to bring him back to us.

Again, this is a little like NLP. So, it’s science-based. Therefore, he is sure that the techniques that he has provided in his book are going to work and make him love you again.

An Overview of the E-book

His Secret Obsession is divided into two parts. Each one consists of a total of seventeen modules. Part 1 consists of eleven modules, and Part 2, of six modules.

Phase 1: The Working of the Hero Instincts

  • The Secret Longing of Every Man.
  • The Unspoken Desire He’ll Never Admit.
  • Make Him See the Light.
  • The Fascination Trigger.
  • Why Men Say, “I’m Just Not Ready.”
  • How Your Desires Can Fascinate Him.
  • The Secret Currency of Happy Relationship.
  • Rocket Fuel: How to Build Relationship Momentum Fast.
  • How to Become His Secret Obsession.
  • Get Deeper Intimacy by Revealing More.
  • Three Things That Can Go Wrong and How You Can Fix Them.

Phase 2: Making Use of the Signals

  • ‘The Private Island’ Signal.
  • ‘X-ray Question.’
  • Glimpse Phrase.
  • Secret ‘Currency’ of Happy Relationships.
  • ‘I Owe You’ Signal.
  • ‘Damsel in Distress Signal.’

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What Are You Going to Learn from These Modules?

  • You are going to learn how you can make a man see you as ‘The One.’
  • The guide also elaborates on how men think so that you will understand them better.
  • Men like to be viewed as tough and secure. Keep in mind; they also have emotions. Here, you will learn more about this and how you can detect hidden emotions and make him feel loved and wanted.
  • Learn how you can get him to chase you and make him commit to a relationship.
  • There is this ‘Hero Instinct’ that is a part of all men. Here, you’ll learn how to make him feel like a hero, without compromising your independence.
  • Find out why he may be losing interest in you, whether you might be the reason he is drifting away, and if it’s worth pursuing.

This is just a mere fraction of all there is in the e-book.

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Where you can buy His Secret Obsession?

His Secret Obsession is available on the official website, https://hissecretobsession.com.

Word Of Caution: Not Your Typical Review

Before I finish, let me tell a little about my story. In a nutshell, I didn’t get the guy back, but it wasn’t because the guide didn’t work- oh, it did! However, it worked so well; I was able to realize I could do so much better.

For most of us, when we’ve been in a relationship for years, we WANT to make it work. We ask around, and if you are a normal girl like I am, you’ll get advice from your friends who think basically like you. So, you end up doing what everyone does.

Which, in turn, gives you the same results that most people get. What are those? Heartache and unnecessary drama.

How I Decided To Look For Help

Well, after three years with a boyfriend, in my mid-twenties, one day, he decided to end it. He was blunt; he was clear, which meant that he had made up his mind.

Now, after reading this guide and learning, I can say that calmly. Back then, I was devastated. It was a really dark time.

I couldn’t get out of bed; my friends had to ask him to block me from social media because I wasn’t well. He also blocked me from his phone, etc. I was SAD.

Our relationship was far from perfect, but it was not violent and abusive. It just worked differently, but we were OK.

I knew there had to be something I could do about it.

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Asking For Help

Well, my friends, God bless them, they love me so much, they didn’t want to see me hurt again. So, I knew I couldn’t come to them since they had done so much to get me back on my feet.

I decided to look online and see what could I find.

For the most part, some girls go to wild, useless, extents to get the guy back. Listen, I get it if you lose weight, dress better, or get a degree. However, witchcraft or the likes? That’s far from helpful, and a scam!

With this, I realized I had to look for help away from those crazy people, and ask for help where to solve the root of the problem.

It Takes Courage To Accept

For me, the first step was to realize that we had horrible communication. There were many things I felt like I couldn’t tell him, and I clearly never realized he wanted to break up. I swear, it was almost out of the blue. So, that made it clear, I was disconnected and had to find a way to reconnect.

At first, I looked into regular communication advice. Sit down and talk, share, ask, and all of that. While those dynamics are useful, they had no space with us.

We were not that type of people. I mean, I can do that, but he couldn’t be bothered. With that out of the way, I started to look for alternative ways of communication. That’s when I got to a review of “His Secret Obsession.”

“Sexual fantasies are an essential part of any sexual relationship.”

His Secret Obsession

In a nutshell, this is a great program based on psychological and neuronal communication that helps girls to understand the brain of a guy. Moreover, you also learn how their subconscious works. With these skills, you can have better verbal and emotional communication.

However, I have to give you a word of caution. So, I got to this system because I wanted to get my ex back. I practiced, used it, follow the advice, and, little by little, he started reaching out again.

Well, once we got back together, I had gained so much confidence from this program. I had learned a lot about my strengths. Also, it worked to improve my relationship with every guy in my life. It’s not only about love; it’s about knowing how to relate to men.

So, in the end, I wasn’t really into my ex anymore.

couple romantic secret obsession

The Next Best Thing

After some months, I had calmed down my anxiety, understood that I did love him, but I didn’t want him in my life anymore. So, one day, I broke up with him, which he took as a surprise.

For me, it wasn’t pretty, but I felt free and better. From then on, I started making more friends, landed a promotion, and just improved in all of my social endeavors.

After almost a year, I met a gorgeous guy. Six feet, funny, smart, great in every way, and I managed to get his attention and make him stay.

This is not about manipulation. This is about bringing the best of you into your relationships with men.

Concluding Thoughts

I have read quite a few similar guides, and among them, none comes close to His Secret Obsession. It is well detailed and very entertaining. It is also available in PDF and audio format. You can opt to read it online or download it as a PDF. Its content, when compared to the pricing, is almost as if you were stealing gold. You have to try it.

His Secret Obsession

Frequently Asked Questions About “His Secret Obsession”:

What is His Secret Obsession all about?

This book was written with a vision and that vision is to reignite the spark with your man. All relationships start with a high. Then, just like a roller coaster, it nosedives. If that’s the case, this is the book for such a woman in such a relationship.

Who Is His Secret Obsession for?

It is for the woman who lacks game. It is for the lady who feels like they are being neglected. And that one person doesn’t care anymore about them. This book has counterintuitive tactics to leave hooks on your man.

Who created the His Secret Obsession?

It was created by Jack Bauer. Not really sure if it’s the movie icon or some other guy. What I do know is that he stands for the power of communication and how it stands out to be the best recipe for girls out there.

How does His Secret Obsession Work?

It works in mysterious ways! But this mystery works since you will be tapping into invisible forces that you’ve never fathomed. You will learn how to talk to a man. This means that the way you communicate should be aligned with the way a man should be.

What is the cost of His Secret Obsession?

His Secret Obsession surely cuts the budget of your month. It costs $47 with a 60-day money-back guarantee. That means that if you are not satisfied with the product, then you can send it back to us.

Where can I buy His Secret Obsession?

This product is available only on our official website. Any other sources will result in the loss of your hard-earned money. There are multiple trying to make money off Jack’s hard work. So, stick to this link. https://www.regionvavid.org/get/his-secret-obsession

What are Clients saying about His Secret Obsession?

They are as follows: • Very informative and powerful • Has some humor in it • Recommend this book to boring women • Helpful book • Well versed in the dating world • Opened my eyes to see things that I’ve never learned and known about men. • Gives you anticipation techniques.


• The e-book is very captivating and engaging. You will not want to let go of it till the end.

• Audio modules in mp3 format have been provided for all the modules so that you can listen to them if you do not have the time to read down and read the e-book. This makes the guide convenient even for those who have little time to spare since they can listen to these audios while engaged in other activities such as travelling or working out.

• It doesn’t matter where your relationship status has got to. This book can transform any relationship into a better more intimate one.

• The book will help alleviate all your worries that your man is probably going to leave you someday. Feeling secure about a relationship gives you peace of mind and makes you less stressed.

• The guide is going to help you reconnect with your partner and make your relationship more stable.


• The techniques discussed in this guide are can only be used on men and not the other way around.

• The program takes time for results to show. Be patient.

Summary: His Secret Obsession is an amazing e-book that completely details how you can use communication and phrases to win the heart of any man. It is not a scam (as seen from the reviews of its users) and has been written by an expert who is committed to helping people mend their relationships. There is no better deal out there that beats this product. Stop sitting around and doing nothing as your man walks away. Start getting him back by buying this guide today.


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