Get Her Back Action Plan Review – Works or Just a SCAM?

Product Name: Get Her Back Action Plan
Author/Creator: Chris Canwell
Price: $47.00
Money Back Guarantee: 60 Days
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Tired of looking for ways to get your ex back?

Is she kind of interested but then walks away?

Getting an ex back is difficult because you’re dealing with a person you love, but also, there’s a lot of shame around it.

However, Get Her Back -Action Plan deserves this review because it helps without shaming anyone.

This worked for a friend… I’m serious; it wasn’t me. I helped him whenever he asked for it, and he finally got the girl back.

For some people, when the girl walks away, the reasons are quite obvious:

  • Fights
  • Cheating
  • Being cheap
  • Jealousy

Although the reasons are endless, they are almost always the same. However, sometimes, girls can walk away without an apparent cause. So, that was the case with my friend.

We were all worried about him; he was devastated. Honestly, we didn’t want him to back with his ex because of how bad he took it. However, as friends, we had to help.

Now, I know that not everyone has cool friends like us. But, let me tell you if you follow this book’s instructions, you won’t need any.

The only real thing you’ll need to figure out is if she’s actually worth the trouble. Which, if you’re here, I think she is.

What is the Get Her Back Action Plan by Chris Canwell All About?

Chris Canwell, the author, created this book to help guys gain back their exes, but…

Without getting back to old trouble.

Why is that important?

Well, what’s the point of getting your ex back if you’re not serious? And, why would you want her back if you’ll break up over the same shit again after a while?

This program is different because it’s serious. Other programs are kind of a scam because they just tell you how to get her back. But, they profit from your constant romance fails.

The Get Her Back Action Plan is focused on improving your relationship and making it long-term.

  • Identify real problems
  • Know what you’re really willing to compromise
  • Learn to negotiate in relationships (this is not a business deal)
  • Get a step-by-step guide to getting her back and happy
  • Learn how to work this in the long-run

In my opinion, this is good because you can learn what’s the real problem. If you find out that it’s something you really don’t want to change, then you can move on! Find someone who will really love you and not make you feel crap for who you are.

However, if the problem is something you want to improve in yourself, then here’s a great way to start.

To me, the program is all about getting you in the right relationship. Most likely, you already had it, but something went wrong, and it can be solved.

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How Does The Get Her Back Action Plan by Chris Canwell Work?

First, you’ll get access to your PDF e-book immediately.

At first, the book focuses on everyday, real-life scenarios, so you can identify which one comes close to your relationship.

Because even though you might think your relationship is unique and different, most likely it isn’t. Romantic relationships tend to be pretty predictable. Of course, people are different, and they have different values. However, most of the expectations and interactions are quite the same.

Well, after you identify that, you’ll be taken into the detailed plan.

As I mentioned before, the book helps you identify things that you could be doing wrong. Then, you’ll learn how to improve them if you want.

But you’re not alone…

Also, you’ll learn things that she could be doing wrong. With that, you will know if the problem is really you or the relationship, and not her just not loving you. In this case, you have to let go.

Finally, Chris walks you through the right steps to get a woman back. Although one thing I found interesting was his explanation of things that people do wrong while trying. It was hilarious.

My friend was doing everything wrong.

As it turns out, getting her back is quite easy, but it’s not as most people think.

First, being predictable doesn’t help. If your girlfriend left you and she really loves you, most likely it’ll take more than balloons and stuffed animals to get her back. Or, it may work, but you’ll break up again.

Anyway, the program helps you get her back, with the right method, once you know what went wrong.

Get Her Back Action Plan Authors

The Steps That You Will Take in Get Her Back Action Plan by Chris Canwell

So, the book acts progressively and covers everything you need. I’ll explain things in two parts to make it easier.

The first half of the book is focused on finding out what when wrong and getting her to talk about it.


Because she won’t want to get back with you if she feels it’ll all be the same.

  • Step One- the real truth about how she thinks will be exposed here.
    • Learn what she wants and expects
    • See if you were giving her that or if you can give that to her now
    • Learn how to tell her your intentions
  • Step Two- How to react when she pulls away from you.
    • You’re trying, but if you lose it because she doesn’t give you credit, you’re out
    • Learn to gain her trust again
    • Make the best out of her silence
  • Step Three- What to do when she doesn’t respond.
    • Get her attention back without being creepy
    • What to say or ask to make her react
    • Make her feel like she’s giving the first step
  • Step Four- How to get her interested in you again.
    • Make every word, every text, count
    • Keep her attention without suffocating her
    • Take the chance to tell her your intentions

So, as you see, in this first part, it’s all about navigating the rough beginnings.

If your girl left mad, you have a huge chance of everything flowing according to plan. However, if she left disappointed, there will be a lot of silence and rough patches. It can be frustrating, but you can make it…

In this part, you’ll learn how to do it.

Get Her Back Action Plan Products

Part 2: Getting Her Back

  • Step Five- Become the most attractive man she knows.
    • Looks? You can fix that fast!
    • Make her want to be with you for other reasons
    • Let her know you’re the best around
  • Step Six- The best way to text her back.
    • She’s shown interest, make the best out of it
    • Get the conversation going without forcing it
    • Use the right phrases to wake her interest
  • Step Seven- How to give your girlfriend what she wants and needs.
    • Know exactly what she wants: she’ll tell you
    • Learn to offer her exactly that
    • Show her you understand why
  • Step Eight- Get your girlfriend to want you again in activating her emotions and make her fall in love with you.
    • Learn phrases and actions that will stimulate her emotions
    • Work with her feelings, not only her reason
    • Seal the deal and get her back forever

This approach has been successful all over the world (to my surprise). At first, when my friend got the book, I was a little skeptical.

However, as we saw things progressing, it all made sense.

Also, it turned out, she wasn’t that bad, and he wasn’t evil. They were just annoying, and someone had to get over himself…Get Her Back Action Plan Testimonials Get Her Back Action Plan Testimonials


Where you can buy Get Her Back Action Plan?

Get Her Back Action Plan is available on the official website,

Final Verdict

Getting your ex back doesn’t have to be more painful than what it already is.

This program covers everything you need to know to get her back and make it better. Yes, you’ll be taking the first step, but it works on both of you in the long run.

Know yourself and the good things you can offer. Also, know the things that she might not like that you can’t change and be honest about it.

Although, to be honest, I think this book would be great even if you don’t want to change. However, I wouldn’t recommend that.

In the end, relationships don’t have to be that difficult.

With this book, you get exactly the help you need to get your girl back. It delivers!


• Best strategy
– The book has been written in a way that you get the concept without struggling too much, and you will find it quite useful if you can follow everything.

• Real-life examples
– They are perfect as they depict real-life situations as we see them. They factor in the awkwardness, the difficulty and they strive to answer questions

• Excellent management
– When you are in that kind of situation trying to get back an ex who is on shaky ground, you need to have some management skills that will help you.

• 60 Day Money Back Guarantee
– This one will enable you to take the program risk-free because you will have time to test it and get the money back if it fails.

• Best Reviews
– a lot of people have found this book to be very effective, and that is how they have reviewed it. You will find that the reviews have only good stuff to say.


• You’ll need self-control
Most people tend to forget about the emotions and the ways that you can rein them in, and they forget to follow the tips in the book.

• This can’t fix the unfixable
Some relationships are beyond repair. The book does not guarantee that you will succeed, which is not what we want to hear.

Summary: If you lost your girl because of some differences that are within the “normal” range, this book will give you the best tools to get her back.
Learn everything from improving yourself to neurolinguistic programming to motivate her to be with you.
The program covers everything so you can make it right and get her back if you’re serious.


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