Fight 4 Family Review – Read Before You Buy!

The role that love plays in ensuring happiness and unity within a family setup is great. Would I be wrong if I were to say this? Without a doubt this is very true.

In the current world in which we are living, at times getting physical and standing up for your family could be what bonds you even closer. Maintaining a close bond between you and your family.

What if unforeseen eventualities do occur at any random time to your family? Where do you turn to? You for sure are going to need the help of the program I am reviewing below…Fight 4 Family.

If you have come across this program by John Hartman, you might have been thoughtful…wondering whether the defense system is ideal for you.

Well this is why its reviews are there. More so this particular unbiased one, clearing all your speculation on the product.

In the following review, I am going to explain the things you are to expect to find upon buying the book. At the end of it all, you will be left at a much better position to make your own judgment on the product. Whether to buy it or not…whether scam or worth giving a try.

Let us beginning by knowing what it really is…

About Fight 4 Family by John Hartman

This survival course was designed to teach people strategies of self-defense. Strategies that would prove essential in protecting their families as well as themselves from any form of attacks. From kidnappings, to home invasions, to assaults, and not forgetting muggings.

With the program you are going to come across learning materials. These are including secret moves and special techniques that could be helpful to you. They play a great role in making you a private security for your as well as your family’s protection.

Defend your family and yourself from all dangerous circumstances involving attack.

If the concern you are having is on the protection of yourself along with your loved ones from criminal elements, I have something for you…Fight 4 Family. The course was designed to teach you how this can be done.

Revealed in it, are secret techniques of self-defense. The techniques present you with the ability of disarming and bringing down any person that attacks you. Their physical size and their aggressive behavior will matter less.

Also worth noting, is that the techniques do not include the use of any weapon. Neither are you required to be a strong being for you to employ the techniques. Learning and practicing of the moves is possible to even children let alone women and men.

In the program, you are going to be taught essential biological knowledge concerning the weaknesses of a human body. Taking advantage of the weaknesses in a quick and safe way is also learnt. This is for you to be able to offer protection to yourself as well as your loved ones in life-threatening circumstances.

The Man behind the Program; John Hartman

You might be wondering who John is. Well, he is a retired member of the U.S army. Also, he is a certified survival and disaster expert of the belief that common martial arts cannot be applied in real life.

This is because such do not naturally come out. The martial arts being made reference to here are the likes of judo, kickboxing and taekwondo.

In this course, he is going to teach you lethal yet simple tactics together with blueprints that are friendly to you as the user. You can utilize them in making of powerful home-made weapons for your family’s, your properties’ as well as your own protection.

In the program, he emphasizes on techniques that are closely guarded that are going to be helpful to you in bringing down your opponent. As I mentioned earlier, aggressiveness, size or strength of the attacker does not matter.

Lessons in the Program

Some of the things taught by the author in this program of his can be simplified as follows;

  • The 6 secret techniques to be used in situations whereby your life is on the line.
  • The reason you never should engage in a fist fight with the person attacking you and should be done instead.
  • Fighting fit guide. This includes 22 videos that are going to help you in becoming strong physically and also fast.
  • Weapons that are most destructive carried by people always, that you need to know about.
  • A brutal yet simple technique of defending yourself. This technique guarantees without any doubt you will knock out your attacker.
  • What should never be done when you realize that someone is following you in the streets?
  • The correct usage of the best technique you have that is the primal move.
  • The guide to underground weapons that is going to demonstrate to you how 5 weapons can be built from scratch. Not just weapons, but 5 dangerous weapons to be precise.
  • The Plan B survival guide to be used as the last resort given that everything else fails.


On top of the main training guide that John Hartman presents you with, it is important that you note that 3 bonuses are available. These he presents to you at no extra cost in the package of Fight 4 Family.

The bonuses are the following;

Bonus #1 The “Fighting Fit” Training

Included in it are 53 minutes worth of training that is live. This is together with 22 videos on training. The author says the creation of this training was aimed at aiding you become quicker and stronger physically. These will play a great role in enabling you to fend away most of violent assailants you are likely to encounter with ease.

Bonus #2An “Underground Weapons” Guide

It will show you how 5 powerful weapons can be built wholly from scratch with materials easily found at the local hardware store near you. These 5 weapons are: collapsible steel baton, slingshot, and pepper spray, bow and thermite grenade.

Bonus #3The “Plan B Survival” Guide

From the name, we get that this is to act as the last resort. It is the plan you are going to use in the event neutralizing your opponent(s) is not within you with the help of all other techniques.

Where you can buy Fight 4 Family?

Fight 4 Family is available on the official website,

Final Verdict

The self-defense system is tailored for a great majority of people. It does not sideline people on the basis of gender, age, skills, physical fitness or even martial arts knowledge. It presents you with simple techniques to protect yourself as well as your loved ones at times of attack.


• It is a quick way of properly learning techniques of self-defense. You do not have to spend months or even years in training to master all the techniques taught in the program.

• It is better than use of a gun. Some situations are there whereby pulling out a gun and shooting is just not possible. The program will prove much better than using the gun in your closet for defense.

• Techniques taught are effective yet simple. They can also be used by you as a person without any background in martial arts. Whether old or young or even female.

• Quite affordable. The price at which the program is offered is reasonable. It is a one-time cost making it an affordable option in comparison to studio classes.

• A 60-day money back guarantee. In case you have thoughts of it being a scam, you can return it for a refund on confirming your fears. Reviews however tell of its effectiveness.


• Only available in digital format. The product is only available in the PDF format that you download. For a hard copy of the eBook, you may have to print it out.

Summary: Fight 4 Family is a course that is comprehensive. A course that is taught through detailed and high quality videos making the learning experience even easier. You are not required to go through loads of text pages and diagrams reading in order to get the information. Instead, you are going to see each and every technique demonstrated clearly through the videos.


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