Fat Loss Activation Complete Review – Is It Really Worth It?

The fat loss activation program by Ryan Faehnle follows a simple approach to weight loss. The idea is to showcase weight loss management in a flexible manner that does not involve strict caloric counting. According to Mr. Ryan, the plan is embedded with varied nutritional guidelines so that cravings and treats are not left out. Therefore, the Fat loss activation program allows moderate treats, short but intense home workouts, and special appetite hormone management.

Credible fat loss activation reviews support the claim that the program is compact. Furthermore, people agree that it is completely natural and easy to follow. For a detailed analysis of the Fat loss activation program, keep reading this review.

Who is the Fat loss activation program for?

This fat loss plan is for everyone; men and women of all ages. It is particularly ideal for;

  • People working long hours
  • Individuals with busy schedules that cause them to lead a sedentary lifestyle
  • People looking for a healthy weight loss program.

The workout schedule that comes in the manual is short. As a result, workouts can be done at home with basic gears. Furthermore, the nutritional guidelines in the weight loss program are moderate. Therefore, the fat loss activation plan is ideal for; office workers, students, stay-at-home moms, people working shifts, and ultimately anyone on a fat loss journey.

Fat Loss Activation Complete Benefits

Details about the Fat loss Activation plan

According to Information from the author and people who have been in the program, the fat loss activation plan is in phases. It is essentially a 3-point strategy to burn fat. Therefore, it allegedly controls the appetite hormone and gets you lean and fit 15 minutes a day.

To this end, the fat loss activation plan is not exclusively a simple diet plan. However, it is a simple diet plan and a minimalist approach. The 15 minutes a day schedule fits into people’s daily activities and is easy to employ by busy individuals.

Hunger and Ghrelin

Fat loss activation revolves around hunger management, muscle activation, and nutritional flexibility. The pioneer is called the Ghrelin guy, possibly because Ryan Faehnle believes hunger is key in your fat loss journey. According to him, to achieve a sustainable physique, hunger is a major culprit.

When you feel hunger, the ghrelin and leptin hormones are at work. While Leptin kicks a full stomach to suppress hunger, ghrelin performs an opposite function on an empty stomach. It increases hunger.

Fat Loss Activation Complete Review - Is It Really Worth It?

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More on Ghrelin

Since ghrelin works on an empty stomach, it does not encourage workouts or weight loss—the suppression function of Leptin and the hunger-creating characteristic of ghrelin work in a cohort. However, when ghrelin reaches an overdrive and overpowers Leptin, it takes over your appetite. Thus, ghrelin encourages you to overeat when Leptin should be performing all its functions.

According to the program, this happens when you attempt exercises and follow a restrictive meal plan. Unfortunately, the more you restrict your food intake, the more ghrelin is produced, ultimately resulting in over-eating.

It could get worse

What could make it worse is that a constant state of hunger kicks the body into a survival mode. That slows down metabolism and keeps bodily fat intact.

Here’s a scenario; Ghrelin is found on the stomach’s lining, and it kicks in when the stomach is empty. But, exercises cause the body’s caloric needs to rise when you work out in that state. So then, the body secretes more hunger hormones that motivate you to eat more.

A potential solution is reaching a balance. Why? When you follow restrictive meal plans alongside a workout routine, overeating is inevitable. As a result, you neither shed fat nor get results.

The bottom line here is that Ghrelin and Leptin have their function in the fat loss activation plan. Nonetheless, this mechanism is thoroughly discussed in the program such that the author offers scientific references.

Scientific Information from the Fat loss activation plan

The scientific perspective is that for progressive results, a moderate caloric deficit is ideal. But, on the other hand, that shows that an extreme diet regimen potentially slows down metabolism and causes rebounds.

With or without the hormone, keeping your metabolic rate at reasonable levels takes away the risk of muscle depletion. The guide then gives practical tips on how to keep the hunger hormone and appetite under control.

Keeping Ghrelin levels and the appetite in check

  • Eat protein for breakfast- the training manual notes that proteins in the diet follow longer breakdown processes. You’re more likely to feel hunger later than when you eat a carb-based breakfast.
  • More fibers- A diet that contains broccoli, apples, veggies, fruits, and fiber-rich elements. Thus slowing down the synthesis of the hunger hormone.
  • Sleep more- According to science, the growth hormone is activated during sleep. In addition to this, when you get more sleep, it lowers cortisol levels while fostering nervous system function.

Muscle Activation

Now, we know that exercises have myriad benefits, especially when complemented with a good diet. In the same way, this fat loss plan has a training regimen for people leading a sedentary life. Since they have less time to work out, let alone visit the gym, the workout charts have a full impact within the 15 minutes frame.

These workout programs produce results and are even easier to perform. Ideally, the 15 minutes mark is a warm-up time for gym users. However, the plan uses an exercise commitment approach that reaches all. Therefore, some of these workout schemes are adaptations of rehabilitation and physical therapy. As a result, they are ideal for muscle activation, especially when the muscle mass has been inactive for a period.


Inactivity produces a long-term effect, something similar to what injured athletes experience. This group of workouts is what the author calls “activation exercises.” Based on exercise definitions, they work to correct muscle stiffness, restore strength, improve coordination and flexibility.

The author has reportedly used some of these on pro athletes and regular people. Results proved that it improves performance in no time.

Food Craving Management

The fat loss activation guide follows a comprehensive plan that includes food craving management. Ryan Faehnle describes this as a practical and psychological method. The psychology behind fat loss programs is that they are too restrictive. When people consider that they must cut off cookies and other treats, there could be a failure.

A rationale behind this belief is that restrictive programs force you to adapt to dramatic changes. The Fat loss activation solution does not cut off your treats. Instead, the program helps you to manage these habits. Ultimately, you need no put up with radical change. The program suggests that occasional treats could be a reward for your workout performance. Hence, helping you stick to the plan.

Fat Loss Activation Complete Product

How Fat Activation differs from other plans

The program does not support intense work in the gym. Rather, it follows an actionable and practical pattern that helps people manage their diet.

It doesn’t provide diet routines but shows you how to eat less without unrealistic restrictions. Also, the program prioritizes time efficiency such that it doesn’t need workout equipment. Above all, it is educates the body on a sustainable routine that works for the body shape, body weight, muscles, and fat.

“Dear Far, Prepare to Die. Sincerely, me.”

About the Author- Ryan Faehnle

Ryan Faehnle, aka The Ghrelin guy, is a top-level NCAA Division Strength and Conditioning Specialist. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science and has a wealth of experience. As a result, he has trained athletes in different sports- from professional NFL Super Bowl Champions to high school guys.

Presently, he is the author of the Fat loss Activation Plan, which makes him an industry leader in fat loss and performance exercises. He worked with the Poliquin Group in conjunction with the legend, Charles Poliquin.

He has coached, mentored, and consulted for athletes in about twenty-one sports and their institutions. In addition to this, he is a consultant for top-level physique competitors.

His quest for recovery, nutrition, and exercise modalities has taken him around the world. He has built a reputation from results, experiences, and Information. This Fat loss activation sheds light on losing weight, intensifier techniques, and more.

High Points of the Product

The program consists of several topics that could assist everyone on the quest to lose weight. It contains;

  • How to activate body cells for a lean muscular torso
  • The ideal time to make your body adapt and get in shape like a fat-burning machine
  • Fat loss movements
  • Exercise outlines and pictures that teach you how each movement works for the body.

The program does not involve giving up your favorite foods. Instead, it guides you in managing appetite and craving. You learn to;

  • Work on the stubborn body fat(for example, lower belly fat)
  • Be stronger and healthier
  • Obtain results

What is in the program manual?

First of all, the program is electronic and is accessible to anyone. It is available in a downloadable PDF format. However, you can get it from a private Facebook group with the author. The program manual has two components and some bonuses.

Main Program

Fat Activation Training Manual and Workout Charts- the concept of this program is 5-day a week. This includes theory work and Information on resistance, repetition range, physical therapy techniques, adaptation, and more. They work in a way that boosts strength, especially with the intensifier technique type. Also, all methods have picture explanations.

Fat Loss Activation Complete Author


Eat to activate- a manual that gives extensive facts and Information about the hunger hormone. In addition, it has detailed explanations on nutrition, meal schedule, and how to control hunger.

FLA Life Awesomeness Stack- optimizes bodily nutrients and helps change your body composition.

FLA Metabolism Stack- metabolism boost that helps lose weight, boost thyroid output.

Supplement Stacks – this part of the manual is something you can consider optional. You could work on your body without it. However, the author gives a list. Some are worth your investment, while others are a waste of resources and time.

FLA Snooze sTACK- a blend of supplements that do not alter body weight adversely. Instead, it encourages fatty acid release.

FLA Testosterone Stack- balances cortisol and testosterone levels so that there are changes in your body composition.

User’s Experience- Facebook reviews

Based on a fat loss activation review, you do not make weight loss in a hurry. Therefore, you can expect one thing – power in your muscles by fat burning and consistent work.

First and foremost, you want to determine your goals. What do you need? Lose weight? Reduce fat? etc. How will you reach your goals? When you have answered these questions, you’re more inclined to settle on a program that works best for you. Then, rest assured of something for your body composition.

The program is available on the official website, and it’s safer to purchase from there. So that’s how you get the 60-day money-back guarantee.

Final Verdict: Does the Fat Loss Scheme work?

It is good to note that this is not a “lose weight fast” scheme. The author is currently involved in one-on-one training with clients. Therefore, the product features some of the things that have worked for him in his practice. The complete program seeks to guide users in terms of workouts, supplements, and food. Unlike other popular schemes in the market, there is no form of restriction of the diet. As a result, you don’t have to sacrifice your favorites to learn control.

Nevertheless, it would be best if you stay committed, although the timing is very minimal. Considering that FLA employs practicality, you can follow the manual in your free time. In addition to this, the nutritional guidelines focus on flexibility, control, and common sense. Overall, it is not a quick fix as it proposes a 90-day default period of commitment. Fortunately, if you want to hasten the process, you can decide to commit more time to the program. It is an easy-to-follow program, as long as you put in the work.

Frequently Asked Questions About “Fat Loss Activation Program”:

What is Fat Loss Activation program?

The Fat Loss Activation program is an easy approach to managing weight loss. It provides a flexible plan that has various nutritional guidelines that help the user manage their cravings and generally work towards attaining their goal weight.

Is the Fat Loss Activation Program Specifically for Losing Weight?

Not really, the program can also be used in managing weight. The program includes small intense homework outs and hormone management. The program is split into three 30 day phases with a 5 day per week schedule.

What Are the Features of the Fat Loss Activation Program?

The program is an online program available on a PDF manual. There are two main components and two bonuses. Main program; The Fat loss activation training manual and workout charts. This is a 5 day a week short workout program. Bonuses: Eat to activate manual. The manual is based on Ghrelin. Supplement Stacks Manual.

How is Fat Loss Activation Different from other programs?

The program is created in a practical way that has shown to be effective in a number of users. The program provides effective ways which can use to improve their diet lose weight.

How Much Does the Fat Loss Activation Program Cost?

The program cost on $10.00. You can download the materials from the official Fat Loss Activation website.

What Are the Reviews About the Fat Loss Activation Program?

Users claim to have enjoyed the program and seen improvements in their weight. The program is also completely natural and can even use later, the user does not need to use any products or supplements.

Is The Fat Loss Activation Program Effective?

Yes. Users claim to have had immense changes in their weight loss after incorporating it into their routine. The program is realistic and has helped so many people reach their goals.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of The Fat Loss Activation Program?

Pros It is simple and realistic It is affordable There are no reported side effects from its usage Cons It is an online program


Easy-to-follow plan and time-efficient
Diversity of programs encourages users
Fosters hunger management
Helps you learn to control and commitment
Generally considered affordable with a money-Back guarantee


There are presently no known side effects

Summary: According to Information from the author and people who have been in the program, the fat loss activation plan is in phases. It is essentially a 3-point strategy to burn fat. Therefore, it allegedly controls the appetite hormone and gets you lean and fit 15 minutes a day.

To this end, the fat loss activation plan is not exclusively a simple diet plan. However, it is a simple diet plan and a minimalist approach. The 15 minutes a day schedule fits into people’s daily activities and is easy to employ by busy individuals.


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