Evatac Assault Bag Review – Pros, Cons & My Honest Thoughts!

A backup is the best partner of the travelers or the survivalists. Whether you love traveling, hiking, or going for adventurous journeys, you should be having an ideal bag in which you can store all necessary items easily. While visiting the online or the local market, you will find a vast variety of bags. Well, not every bag could be suitable for you. If you are in search of a perfect backpack, so now you are at the right place.

Being a traveling lover, the hardest part for me was the selection of the bag. I tried backpacks of different categories, but every time I was disappointed. After wasting a lot of money on useless bags, finally, I found a dream bag- Evatac assault. In this article, I am going to share an honest Evatac assault bag review. You will find every single detail about this product on this page, such as its dimensions, weight, etc. I will also let you know how to order this product by using a browser. So, let’s start the review!

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American Gunner has designed Evatac assault bag. American Gunner is well-known for tactical, defense, pepping, and survival. There are hundreds of American Gunner products on their official website.

You can also purchase American Gunner products from the affiliate websites. In the coming sections of this bag review, I will discuss the features of this bag. Later, I will also share details that you should know before giving the order of this product.

Evatac Assult Bag Benefits


Everyone needs a bag with big space and enough pockets to fit tools in it. But usually, bags after one year or some months becomes weaker. It starts damaging, and zippers start flying, or shoulder straps start breaking.

So, we all need a bag that can last for a long time. In this section of Evatac assault bag review, I will tell you about EVATAC assault bag features. I will also let you know about the material used for making this product, its weight, and a lot of other things. If you want to know more about this bag then the following are some features of it.

Evatac Assault Bag Review - Pros, Cons & My Honest Thoughts!

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This product is made of high-quality 600D polyester, which is quite durable. It is water-resistant and tear-resistant. It is lightweight durable, and has heavy-duty zippers, which are strong enough than local bag zippers to pack small items.

The chest strap and shoulder straps of Evatac Assault bag will provide you with extra comfort. Even there is also an expandable Molle system and protective waterproof lining in Evatac assault bag. Keeping in view the quality of this product, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that this 600D polyester backpack is one of the best tactical backpacks.

Easy to carry

You might face problems while performing activities on your trips if your backpack is heavy. But, if you are having Evatac assault bag, you will never get tired of carrying it.


It has very lightweight. Not only it is a lightweight backpack, but it is also large enough to carry all your “Gear.” Moreover, this backpack is also perfect for hunting trips as its chest strap and shoulder straps are so strong that provide you with extra grip.

Passed all tests

I have performed several different stress tests on this bag while performing outdoor activities like hiking, rock climbing, camps, and motorbike riding. This amazing and unique tactical backpack passed all these tests. It is stylish and very comfortable to carry anywhere. So, now you don’t need a plan B for carrying your goods while traveling.

Evatac Assault Bag Product Image

Exterior design

This backup by an American gunner has an attractive design. It is only available in black color. The black color gives it an amazing look at the combat bag. The exterior of the bag consists of webbing.  Backpack webbing is done on many parts of this product, like on the front, sides, chest strap, and shoulder straps.

Easy to organize

As I mentioned before, there are various carry compartments of the bag.  I like the compartments of this backpack, and the reason for it is accessibility and organization. I put those things in the compartments that I use the most so I can avoid digging through the whole bag.

Ideal size

One of the best things I noticed about Evatac assault bag is its ideal size. The Evatac assault bag measures in 19’’x 12.5”8.5.” Other than the size, there are many more things that will make you fall in love with this backpack. If I talk about its storage capacity it is 10.6 gals or 40 L.

Best for everyday use

You can also use this bag for every day use. It has several different pockets where you can store your tools. The tools could be a knife/knives, coin purse, etc. Even I would highly recommend Evatac assault bag if you are going for the defense training. In the coming section, you will get to know how this product is different from other types of bags.

“Pack your backpack- Keep your gear safe”

Customer reviews

On purchasing this product, you will get all essentials guide and accessory clips. I also noticed that Evatac assault bag review is positive everywhere. Even many travelers shared their interesting journey stories with Evatac assault bag on their pages and blogs. While searching for the Evatac assault bag review, I found that not only the travelers but people doing wild scavenger training or practicing survival skills also prefer this bag.

My personal review

I personally would like to give a 5-star review to Evatac assault bag by American Gunner. There are many reasons for it. Firstly, it is lightweight and comfortable, due to which you can easily carry gear. More than this, it has a lot of compartments, so I never dug inside the bag to find a specific item. The heavy-duty zippers are awesome. The back panel inside the backpack is my favorite. I can easily store sensitive items in the back panel. Order your backup today before it runs out of stock.

Do you want to know how to order this product? In the next section, you will find details to order this product.

Product return policy

In case you notice any fault in Evatac assault bag while performing outdoor activities you can easily return it. The company offers a 60-day money back guarantee. You can order this product from the official website of the American Gunner, any other website following an affiliate advertising program, or Ape survival store. Don’t forget to check out their terms and conditions and other details.

Use feedback form

If you take proper care of this product, it will surely stay with you for a lifetime. There is a feedback form available on the official website. You can use that form to provide your feedback. You can easily access the platform from the browser of your device. You should have the latest browser to run the American Gunner platform smoothly.

Evatac Assault Bag Testimonial


Before ending this Evatac assault bag review, let’s overview the whole page. Here I discussed the features of the bag. It is made up of the finest material and also has ideal dimensions. The impressive thing about this product was its storage system. You can easily pack your items in this backpack because it has a lot of space. There is a demo video available for this bag. You can check that video to learn the usage of this product. That video can be found on the official website that can be searched easily through an updated browser. Even the features of this product are also explained in that video.

The design of this product is outstanding. There is also a money return offer. If the product doesn’t meet your expectations, you can return it. Overall, the product is a good choice for everyone. More than this, you can also try the video to learn how easily you can pack your items. Simply visit the official website of American Gunner through your browser and order your Evatac assault bag today.

Frequently Asked Questions About “Evatac Assault Bag”:

What is Evatac Assault Bag?

The Assault Backpack is a high-quality tactical bag with a spacious design. Hikers and other travelers can invest in this backpack. This backpack can be the best choice when you go out of your house for outdoor activities.

Is Evatac Assault Bag expensive?

The Evatac Assault Bag is a budget-friendly backpack, and you can buy it at $79.95. However, tactical backpacks of other brands are costlier.

Where can I buy Evatac Assault Bag?

You can buy the backpack from the official website of Evatac. However, other third-party websites also sell this branded backpack.

What are the materials used for Evatac Assault Bag?

Evatac Assault backpackis designed with high-density water-resistant and durable nylon with a thickness of about 600D. The bag has heavy-duty zippers and clips.

Where can I use the Evatac Assault Bag?

Evatac Assault Bag is useful for hikers, law enforcement officials, and military personnel. You may also use the backpack during the high-activity ventures. The bag has advanced features to help you in carrying the survival kit.

Is Evatac Assault Bag ideal for hiking and other outdoor activities?

TheEvatac Assault Bag is highly sturdy and is best for any outdoor adventurers. The harsh weather elements and regular use of the bag will not cause an adverse effect.

Can I return the Evatac Assault Bag in case it gets damaged?

According to the refund policy of Evatac, you can claim return and refund within 60 days of your purchase. Make sure that the product has original packaging.

How is Evatac Assault Bag different from other bags?

Evatac has created a unique bag design with more than 15 separate compartments. There is also a secret back-panel compartment. You can find a special compartment for laptop. Small pockets are also waterproof.


Has plenty of compartments
A good size
Waterproof compartments
Zippers are large and do not jam up


Shoulder straps feel rough
Adjusting straps do not hold as well as they should
Only one color available
Does not have a waist strap

Summary: The kit contains several useful items. Overall, it’s not bad in general. You’d probably want to see better descriptions of the products within to know exactly what you are buying. The kit’s design is surely a smart, small, and convenient way to carry survival products covertly.


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